Friday, January 28, 2011

I dream....

I dream that someday I'll have a very organized home. It is a huge challenge for me and so little by little I try to do better. Today I devoted to organizing my sewing/craft room. While still in the works I feel good about what I accomplished. So come in and visit my improved room.

Sewing table

Cutting table....still doing my sorting there

Cotton Stash...note the colored boxes

My green/yellow fat quarters

My Red......and there is a couple more for blue and neutrals
It's a start and with anything that's what you have to do. I also organized my card making things and I'm excited now to use these materials. I have a cool quilt that I plan to start very very soon, and some cards to plan. I know that most of you young people are far better organized and my hat goes off to you. It does make for more enjoyment all ways round. Teach your kids early to appreciate the good feeling of an organized home, and try to purge often. WOW do things ever collect after 35 years of marriage. Bill holds on to way more than I do!!
I did fit in my swim today and it was sweet. No grand reflections from the pool however.....just did some planning in my head. I also made it back on the stationary bike and got to 12 K today......I hope that my body adjusts to it sooner than later.
All in all a good day and I'm heading to bed with a smile on my face.

Thursday, January 27, 2011



I guess that that is a strange way to open my blog but while I was swimming today, this was the topic of my reflection. I just couldn't get it off my mind. You know we all have many moments in our lives when we express anger. I guess it's the delivery of that anger that becomes the Temper. So as I swam and I reflected on several situations where anger...temper...has been displayed...I thought to myself ...there must be a solution to this...and guess what...
I found one!!!

The next time that you feel frustrated, ticked off, disturbed, angry, and the TEMPER starts to emerge...STOP...EXCUSE YOURSELF....head to the bathroom.....put down the toilet seat...breathe slowly and even close your eyes for 1-2 minutes..THEN ( and this is important)
Bite on a bar of soap...that's right...a bar of soap. If you do this a few times, I feel that you will gain some better control over your temper....remember.....NO ONE WANTS IT.
This thought was not directed at anyone in particular, but feel free to spread the idea!!

I would also add here...that if everyone were to focus on the life of the Savior....and pick Him as their example....well you wouldn't need the soap.

Count your blessings folks....

Anger doesn't solve anything, it builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

Now that was my pool reflection. This is also my day at WW and I said that I would be blogging this journey too. So I lost 0.6 lbs. today, and that could make me angry after I worked so hard all week. However, it is a loss, and I feel better in general. I am making better choices, and I am weekly examining how I can improve. So Hooray for me!!

Lastly, today was a snow day in the city. I used to love those when I was teaching, but it's funny how they affect you when you're retired. I pretty much ignored the weather and went about the busyness of the day...WW, then shopping for Aunt May, quick lunch and off to Dartmouth to Nanny my kiddies while Kathy went to the dentist with Sarah, back to meet Laura and have a shopping outing with her...snow day??? They just aren't what they used to be.

Got to run and do some and go find the soap!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Could it be any Better!!

Just checked and the winner wasn't me.....but hey the teacher is all mine so I'll have to have a mini lesson!!! Congrats to Terri and Suzie!!

I am feeling like a winner

....had a great swim already today

....gassed up the car

.....purged some more things from the house

....changed the bed. laundry ready to go

....and it's only 9:30

....I almost feel like the following picture....just don't quite have the flexibility!!

She can get them all the way to her mouth....I just couldn't snap fast enough!!

Life is grand on this Sunny blue sky wintry day!!

Could it get any better???

Monday, January 24, 2011

First things first

Okay....first things my children, please make sure that you read my entry> the Reflecting Pool. There were no comments ( and I'm not asking for them) but I do hope that you've read it. ( I thought one of you would I need to do a give-away???)

Second, I've already got slow at writing on my blog and I was determined to since I got my first book. Nothing tooo startling or exciting to actually write...except that I've had a lovely visit here with Mike, Keah and the girls. Laura blogged about their eating and she hit it right on the mark.

Loving the food!!

All so cute!!!

Ready for church!!
Me too! Me too!!
(I even tried to copy and paste her remarks but it didn't work.) They are such sweet little individuals!! One of my favorite moments was watching Emmy grab Finleys soother from Finleys mouth, and then Finley reached up and picked up Emmy's soother....both looked quite satisfied with their trophies.
Third, as I've read back over my new blog book I have certainly proved to myself what things matter most in my life. No surprise that I constantly write about my family, and my second topic has been the Temple. In many ways they are one and the same, as they both lead to eternal happiness. So grateful for both experiences in my humble life!!! I will add here that Saturday didn't disappoint, as I come home from my Temple service so spiritually rejuvenated I in list mode or what!!! I want to document another journey that I am now taking. I returned to Weight Watchers, somewhat under own pressure. What that means is that I really didn't want to go back because I don't like paying someone to weigh me...BUT and the BUT is important. I don't feel good with the weight that I'm carrying around. I know that I'm not had to do something and I know that WW does work. So what is my problem....I'm not just cheap...I'm stubborn. So I'm back. I've been there two weeks and I'm 4.2 lbs lighter. There is yet another new program ( yes some sarcasm) but I feel better, I'm not binging, I'm actually not even hungry a lot of the time. When I get there I know that I will be glad that I went. I hope to keep documenting this journey and share the learning that I know is happening. All for now.. Love and Peace

Friday, January 21, 2011

It came

No, this is not me copying Laura's latest pages.....this is me with my own blog book!!! It came today and I'm so excited. It inspires me to be ever so much more diligent in writing. I hadn't written as much as many of my with Laura's great help there are lots of photos in my first book...2009-2010. Like

when I didn't write a lot in October....

or Christmas.....

This is the front cover with my SUPER family!!

Inside's so cool.....

and this has nothing to do with my book.....just a cute photo from a visit with Miss G and her little brother Cooper. The rest of the gang had gone to see Harry Potter so we had a fun visit together.

Life has been good this week. I'm having success with W.W....I've been swimming lots, I did more sewing ( sleepsacks). Bill and I saw 'The King's Speech'...a great movie and a nice time with my husband.

I also got some new books from Amazon...the Elm Creek Quilting series ( thanks Bill)

Bill Haas had his surgery and all went well. It was good to be able to help my sister ( she's always so good to me...and such a powerful example to me)

I went to the Temple with Joan and Lynn..followed by some VTing with Joan. She is such a choice lady and a dear friend.

Grateful, grateful, grateful!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A reflecting Pool

My mind is racing with thoughts this morning. Sometimes I wish that I had a little secretary in there to take notes. I actually rolled over and turned off the alarm clock this morning and talked myself out of going to the pool. Then that other little angel that sleeps on my shoulder pushed me to the floor and said get moving!! Thank you little angel. The floor is a good place to start the day. ( no Bill didn't push me out!!)

The pool and the Temple are two of my favorite spots for the same reason. In both places I find peace, and escape from the rush of the daily thing that await us each day. Today the pool was just that. I was greeted by a variety of swimming friends ( just like at the Temple) and then I dove into my own little world. As I swam back and forth, I reflected on so many things ( here's where a swimming secretary would be nice) Somehow or other I always find that I think about my mom a lot when I swim. ( I do at the Temple too)

I remember doing something just weeks before she died. As I daily sat by her very sick shell of a body, I madly started to write down many of the special memories that I had made with her. I was afraid that I would forget them ( I know myself well) and I'm glad that I did. ( I plan to post them someday soon) This got me of course thinking about my role of motherhood, and what memories I have made with my children and grandchildren. I wondered what memories are special to them of me...and also of their grandmother.

I do fret a lot about my lack of memory..which I understood that whole physiology!! Thankfully I have many photos of my days with my children...but here are a few that came back to my brain this morning as I swam ( and yes I drove all the way home and still remembered)

Michael....your beautiful birth....the back pain before., a little boy in white at the Washington Temple, sitting on a cherry pie,lego times, the bad Christmas present ( I am so sorry!!), lots of basketball games ( soccer too..but I loved the basketball best), the neon shorts, broken leg at the corn boil, embarrassing picture taking before your Jr.high prom, finding you asleep behind the couch, winning the foul shooting contest, passing the Sacrament,seminary, fainting on Temple Square, tears at the MTC, reunion in France, my own special letter from the mission field, your beautiful daughters arrival....your introduction to fatherhood, your face holding precious Finley at 2 weeks, your vigil next to Emmy ( what amazing strength)and lots lots more.

Kathy......always giggling, your very lady like nightgown when you could just walk, your painfully slow growing hair, your mischievous smiles ( your kiddies come by it honestly) , soccer days...'the boot' sure could kick, lots of friends, interest in cooking, cross stitch days, the Back Street Boys, video days on the front lawn,Spice girls, seminary, the dead cat, driving behind buses, late nights at McDonalds, girls camp ( I wish that I had been always loved it so much but didn't want me there),picture taking, wedding planning with Jeff, your fun many people, with so much great dancing, the birth of your children...such a gift to be were amazing, talks, struggles, hugs, piano, Primary President, card making in club,so many thoughts through my mind.

Karen.....on the soccer field when just an infant ( in your carriage), my blondie, such a happy baby, barbie dolls, summer fun club, so creative, so patient with children, your gorgeous smile, clothes, best friends, sleepovers, Dad's team of girls, BOCA, shopping, ROOTS,photos, seminary....scripture mastery, boy friends
( long relationships), prom dresses, singing at the Jr. High ceremony, card making long before everyone else, wall photos, so organized, so neat, middle child
( someone had to do that job and you excelled), coordinated wedding, such a beautiful bride, wonderful auntie, so friendly to others...even cards to Marguerite, RS President,books, thoughtful messages......and so much more

Laura.....One more sister for Mike, baby buried in the bears, bump on your head, heart murmur, only one to use a soother, cute hats, sports, sports, sports,...injuries, St.Pats Alexander, race cars on the ceiling, sport road trips, hot tub visits, driving friends home, ginger cookies, meeting at the stairs, surgeries,braces, blogging, photos, Waikiki, RS President, drives to school, seminary, great listener, adventuresome, parties, Lawtons, boyfriends, traditions, organizing my house, great music, board games, cooking lessons,lost blankets, QEHS closing, and much much more.

I know that these are just things that have danced through my head many grateful for photo albums.Wonder what their special memories with me would be.

Every time I go to finish a sentence another memory pops in. I may be editing this post often.

Thanks for the memories kiddos!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The eyes

I love my grandchildren....they are ALL so precious....these pictures are on Kathy's blog but I just love the eyes in them ( the rest of the kiddo too!!!)

What a grateful grandma!!
PS...I wrote two posts today....check out the other one two!

How's Yours ??

Yesterday, Sunday, was a great day. This was recorded in my Sunday post. Today I was able to receive a copy of one of the talks that so impressed me. Thank you to Lis Drage. I want to remember I am posting most of it right here for me and anyone who cares to read it. Our world can easily pull us down....but the suggestions in this talk will certainly lift you higher. I hope someone reads it...and you are impressed as I was...I loved it so much that I'm posting the whole thing....but note the part in bold type....

Building Spiritual Strength
Today I was asked to talk on Building Spiritual Strength. When Br. Whalen gave me this talk I kind of laughed...actually I complained bitterly at first... I told him...that's not what I want to talk on...and he said, that’s what we need you to talk on. It's not that I don't agree on the importance of spiritual strength, but when I started looking up scriptures and talks about building spiritual strength, it pretty much said, fast, pray, read your scriptures, and keep the commandments.... How do I make a 10 minute talk on something so basic....Fast, pray, read and keep the commandments folks....done...My first talk in church when I was 17 years old, was on the progression of Peter from fisherman to disciple to apostle to leader of the church! Great challenge, lots of research , long talk.... But this? fast, pray, read and keep the commandments.

So since I knew I couldn't sit down after 30 seconds, I figured I better find another angle to talk about.
So here it goes.
Why do we need spiritual strength, why do we have to be building it?... After a large earthquake in Peru, a family who had lost everything they owned expressed their happiness for having their whole family survive. Elder D. Todd Christofferson said this "This tender demonstration of faith and spiritual strength is repeated in the lives of Saints across the world in many different settings. It is a simple illustration of a profound power that is much needed in our day and that will become increasingly crucial in days ahead. We need strong Christians who can persevere against hardship, who can sustain hope through tragedy, who can lift others by their example and their compassion, and who can consistently overcome temptations. We need strong Christians who can make important things happen by their faith and who can defend the truth of Jesus Christ against moral relativism and militant atheism."
Elder Kent D Watson of the Seventy said "With increased spiritual strength, we are able to develop self-mastery and to live with moderation. We learn to control our temper, our anger, vanity, and pride. With increased spiritual strength, we can protect ourselves from the dangerous excesses and destructive addictions of today's world."
Throughout the scriptures, there are examples from the early old testament continuing on to this dispensation of how God has tested his people with trials and tribulations, the purpose of which was to weed out the spiritually strong from the weak. Which side do you fall on?

Building anything means taking what you have making it bigger, better, or stronger. None of us are the same, nor is our spiritual strength the same IF it was actually measurable. But every one of us is capable of taking our current spiritual strength and building , or growing it more. That's what the gospel is all about, progression... doing a little better and continually working on different aspects of our lives so that slowly,.... slowly but surely, we are turning ourselves into something better. One of the worst things we can do in any aspect of our lives is stall our growth because we begin to think we are doing well...therefore, we stop trying to do better. We get comfortable,... confident that our current efforts are enough.
In a book titled "I challenge you..." Paul H Dunn wrote "Good is the enemy of best; and the thing that most do not realize is that it is not much harder to achieve the second than the first. Rather, it is a question of which you expect of yourself." I had and elementary teacher who used to chant to us often...”Good better best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better’s, best”
So how do we become spiritually stronger. First you need to honestly assess yourself and recognize where you are in each aspect of the gospel.... what needs improving?
I have seen more than enough teen magazines in my lifetime from having 3 daughters. A common favorite article in many of these magazines are the self quizzes you take to measure how social you are, what personality type you are, what skin type you have, how kissable you are. You assess yourself and honestly answer the questions to come to a conclusion about yourself..... SO, I have decided to make a self quiz for you....each multiple choice question covers some aspect of the gospel by which you can gain spiritual strength. Answer the questions to yourself.... do NOT raise your hands, be honest, and take note of where you might need improvement. The questions are NOT meant to judge, they are meant to make you assess yourself.... no one knows your answers but you.

1. Fasting, which closest describes you?
a. Oops, is it the first Sunday of the month already?...forgot again
b. I haven't eaten since last night, I'm hungry, cranky, and I am planning out a 5 course meal in my mind. Don't talk to me, I may bite.
c. I started my fast with a purpose but soon after I get home from church I plea low blood sugar and eat lunch....I'll try again next month.
d. I started my fast with a prayer for a specific cause, I pray often throughout the day pleading with God for answers to my prayer, I end my fast in thanksgiving before enjoying my meal. I also realize, I DO NOT have to wait until fast Sunday to fast.

2. Prayer, which category do you fall into.
a. Start my day with my alarm ringing, rushing into the day forgetting to pray. End my day dropping into bed, asleep when I hit the pillow. Surely God knows I'm thankful for what I have and he must know what I am in need of.
b. I remember to pray only when things are going bad
c. I say a prayer in the morning and at night. I do have a habit of saying the same words or phrases, and as soon as I say amen, I am either off and running in the morning or jumping into bed into bed at night.
d. I plan a time for prayer in the morning, I pray, thinking about what I want to say, about what is relevant at that time, I take time to listen after I pray, waiting for promptings from the spirit to answer my prayers. I pray often through the day, sometimes for assistance, sometimes just to say thank you, I always pray at the end of the day repenting of my sins, and again, I take time to listen for whatever the Lord would want to communicate to me

3. Reading my Scriptures : which best describes you?
a. I think I own scriptures....where did I put those??
b. I have every intent of reading the book of Mormon...I think I've read 1st Nephi chapter 1 more than anyone else in this room...but after a few days or even weeks, i slack off, and forget....only to start over again another time.
c. I read my scriptures daily, one chapter a day, that's my goal. I miss a day here or there, but I'm fairly consistant.
d. I pray before I read my scriptures. I read my scriptures for an allotted time at a certain time each day. Sometimes I read a chapter or two, sometimes just a few verses, but I read thoughtfully, checking cross references, and making sure I understand. I ask questions, and take notes. I read from all the standard works.

4. During the administration of the sacrament...
a. I think to myself, Ug, I didn't eat breakfast in the rush to be late for church. That little piece of bread is going to do nothing for my growling stomach
b. I focus on the sacrament prayer, but then my mind wanders to other things , like lunch, or upcoming weekly events, or the kid who is kicking my seat behind me
c. I listen to the sacrament prayers, say a quiet prayer of thanks for the Saviour’s sacrifice, I remember my promises I made to follow him . I recognize my shortcomings of the week before and think of ways to improve myself in the coming week. If sacrament is still not over, I read my scriptures or a sacrament hymn

5. Service to others. Which is you?
a. Please don't ask me, please don't ask me, please don't ask me
b. I really don't have time for this, I'm using my gas money, our food, my time, for someone who isn't even grateful. No one does this kind of stuff for me !
c. I do whatever is asked of me, and then continue on with my life
d. I pray often for opportunities to serve others. I LOOK for opportunities to serve. I am happy to serve others. It helps me focus on something other than my own problems

6. Sharing the Gospel....What do you think?
a. That's the missionary’s job
b. If someone asks me a question, I answer it the best I can and then change the subject. I am really not comfortable with discussing gospel related subjects.
c. I look for opportunities in conversation to bring up my beliefs, not to challenge others, but to share the gospel
d. I pray for missionary opportunities. I carry an extra book of Mormon with me to give to someone I meet through the day. I bear my testimony whenever possible and appropriate. I am not afraid or embarrassed to stand up for what I believe.
7.Home and Visiting Teaching..... Which best describes you?
a. I don’t want to talk about it
b. It’s hit and miss.... I’m really busy....insert one of hundreds excuses here as to why I can’t get it done.
c. HA 100%... again...perfect record...yes it’s the 30th of the month....doesn’t matter, it’s done!
d. I visit my families/sisters and invest an interest in them. I get to know their kids’s names, their birthdays, their story. I show my interest so they can learn to trust me, to share their needs. I want to serve them and look out for them. I call them if they are not at church. I pray for them.
These are just a few aspects of the gospel,..... each one a way to build spiritual strength. I do not have a scale to rate how you did . I CAN tell you that if you answered all A’s, you have lots to chose from to improve....If you answered all D’s, don’t get a big head, you are doing well in these areas at this point in your life, there are plenty of other things to improve upon. And like physical strength, spiritual strength can deteriorate if not worked on daily.

Hopefully you recognize some areas needing improvement. We are all human and we are all able to improve and grow , but we need to make the conscious decision and a conscious effort to do better. Never be satisfied with where you are. Be careful not to become complacent or lazy. Pick something, anything, and do a little better at it than you have been doing. The rewards and blessings will be yours. You will feel and recognize your spiritual strength increasing .

That's it...just the spark that I needed to reflect on my state of is yours ?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SUNDAY I love Sunday

For the most part it has been a perfect Sunday. The talks today in Sacrament meeting were exceptional.....Chelsey gave a great beginning, Lis was a wonderful main dish and Greg was the best dessert ever!! No it wasn't about food....but it certainly Spiritually fed us. The theme was Building our lives Spiritually. As Lis so sweetly put it this revolves around fasting, pray,service and obedience.( paraphrasing) But being the Mom of teenagers she put it in a perfect slant when she gave us a quiz...kind of like in those teen magazines. I'm hoping that she sends me it because everyone should take the quiz. Greg gave such an inspiring talk and you knew that he was speaking from his heart and soul. He is such a good man, and he radiates his testimony.
The rest of the meetings were good too. Glad that I got to Brandon's lesson in Sunday School, and I always enjoy Maryann's spin on lessons in Relief Society. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful church program, and to be surrounded by such great friends.
This afternoon has been slow and peaceful. I've enjoyed a glowing fire, and a good book. Bill cooked most of our dinner, and it was good! I had one phone call that stressed me, but it's too personal to mention.
A thought on my mind is that of trials. We all have them, but so often it seems like some people get more than their share. I believe that we all are only given what we can handle, and I'm thankful for my small trials. I'm also glad that I've recognized how to learn from my trials, and generally look for the lessons while the trial is ongoing. I also try to look back at situations and see the growth that has occurred because of the trial. I'm not always on the ball being so wise. but I do have a belief that this is important to do.
Hope that you've had a grand Sunday.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick note

Just wanted to share two of my retirement interests.....I'm trying hard to become a quilter and this is my latest project. It is a two sided table runner...still needs to be binded...but I am pretty pumped about it so far....

Christmas Side

Thanksgiving side...there are harvest images in the print

Up close
My other interest has been card making with the girls....we meet once a month and it's always so much fun. Last night I captured a few moments on the camera.

Eileen preparing some snack.....I put the photos in the wrong order....

Snacks at the end of the evening

We had Cooper with us last night...and he had his own party!!

Working on one card project

Very focused

Couldn't leave out this ray of sunshine

Visiting together....girls night fun!

Kathy...our leader,demonstrator and organizer
She does a great job!!!!
So that;s just a quick note about things that I'm playing with...never too old to learn!!!! Glad to have the wonderful friends and family that I learn together with!! More to follow, I hope!!!

My Man

Bloggers note before I write much....thank you to Laura for inspiring me more this week to write. She helped create my first blog book which I will state hers to have after I leave this world. But that's another is today's 'remembering'.
Second note...I've changed my blog's name to 'REMEMBERING' because that's what this whole exercise is all about. That word is also very important to me.....But that's another story too!
TODAY, as I enjoyed my drive to the Temple, the city was beginning to wake up, and I had some time to reflect. Today I feel that I want to tell you my thoughts about the man of my life, and my husband for 35 years.

One of my favorite pictures of the two of us.

Where to begin? I think it's important to say that he wasn't the kind of guy that I got all dreamy eyed about when I first met him. He was majorly shy,very thin, had never dated, did I say majorly shy....and he didn't dance. Now I don't want to paint toooo wild a picture but I was fairly outgoing, had dated lots, and I loved to dance. But we were meant to be together...... and after a separation of over 4000 miles ( I tried to escape him), some dance lessons, some group dating, and a night at the movies ( We saw the Sting). We started to date. We really became good friends, and I felt like a queen when I was with him. Bill was so thoughtful, and easy to get along with. He was still very shy!!!! ( I showed him how to kiss....I was his first....and I'm the only one that he's kissed...other than the children!!!)

I got to know his family ( they scared me a bit), and then he decided to go and serve a mission. He was called to the Swiss Geneva Mission and I supported his decision wholeheartedly.He headed away and letter writing began. Just a note here...Bill and I were both fairly new converts to the church. For him the experience away became overwhelming and some doubts in 'self' crept in. So his mission was cut short and home he came. That was tough decision for him and one that has haunted him for many years. Nonetheless he came home, and we continued on our friendship. By Christmas of that year (1974), a lot happened....Bill moved into his own apartment, I was teaching full time, and on Christmas Eve ( with his mother in the room....remember she scared me) he presented me with a little box...and a sweet diamond ring....and of course the big question. NO he didn't get on his knee. I was ready for the Big question....and obviously said yes.

Plans were made for a wedding the following Sept.. I really don't remember why we picked that time...the summer would have been better. August brought a serious illness to my Dad, and the wedding was postponed, and postponed, and postponed....Fri.Dec 5th we were married before a small gathering of family and friends....very small. My father was still in hospital, and my mother cried as we made our wedding vows. I later learned that the tears were because Dad was having surgery early the next morning that he might not pull through but it had been kept a secret from I wouldn't postpone. Dad didn't want me to wait any longer.

I didn't plan to go into all of that story....there was lots more to follow grandmother died in Feb., I miscarried our first child in March, and dad came home from the hospital in April. A rough start....but it brought us closer together. Bill was my strength then, and on many many more occasions I would see what a great support he would be. (Especially in later years as both of my parents, aged got ill and died)

What I really wanted to say is that I love this man. He and I have aged together and like many aged things we have our scars to show it. We have raised four wonderful children, welcomed seven amazing grandchildren, adopted two son-in-laws, and a delightful daughter-in-law. We have had three different homes, the last one for over 25 years. We have had many joyful times...he was amazing at the birth of each of our children. We have worked hard together to provide many things for our family. We have travelled favorite being Hawaii...his Disneyworld!! We have fought and cried together ( well I'm the crier). We have not always been deliriously happy. Many couples would have called it quits if they had lived with us....but we have worked through these trying times. We have learned patience, compromise, patience, and unconditional love. We have learned that marriage is hard work, but I can say without a has been worth it.
Would I have backed out of this if I had seen the rough patches ahead....maybe.....but I knew that I was meant to be with Bill and because I knew that..... I don't think that I would have looked elsewhere.

I felt that I needed to state these things today because life can be tough ....and sometimes we have to step back and understand the trial to get past the problem. Life certainly isn't perfect for me.....but I am married to a man who does love me, who provides for me and our family, who sacrifices, who will protect me, who will always be there for me. He annoys me in many things but I'm sure he could make a list about me too!!

As we get older together I will continue to be thankful for our marriage, our family, our tests and our trials. I will continue to be prayerful for a greater eternal union and I will be patient. I have much to be thankful for and when I focus on this long list, the shorter annoying things seem pretty unimportant. I have faith in our union....our earthly one, and our eternal one.

We may never live in a castle ( too much cleaning anyway) but we will have a life together that is overflowing with many many many happy things. We have grown older together and I think the best is yet to come.

Me and Grumpy ( His favorite dwarf)
REMEMBER won't always be easy, if you want the best you have to work for it.
and I KNOW this is true!

A great 'Poppy' and the man that I love.
If you haven't told your man yet today that you love him...what are you waiting for.!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where did it go??

WOW...what a crazy busy day.....where did it go? At some point in the day I had a thought that I said to myself,'I must blog that'. You know what's coming next....I just can't remember!!
I planned to get up early and hit the pool but I had a strange night sleep and when I saw 7am I rolled over. (Not smart) So at 8:45 I headed off to weight watchers to beat the rush of people that were there last week. I checked in and gratefully heard that I had shed 2.8lbs. (Wonder where it is laying around) I enjoyed the class and also visiting with a few friends who attend. I then headed over to see my adopted daughter Jessica. I had a fun visit with her, and her sweet children. Jessica is my friend that I wish I had had when I was a young mom. She is such a gentle soul with her children, and it shows in their secure happy faces. I love how she teaches them. We just had some much needed chat time and then I headed off to the pool.
I'm very use to going early for my swims so you never know what you'll get later on. It was very quiet at first and then another swimmer jumped in my lane. At first she annoyed me a bit, but after ignoring her interruption to my routine, and then chatting and learning that she was trying hard not to get in my way......I'm glad that I kept my mouth shut. Short lesson or reminder to me to not let the little things ruin the good times. My swim was a good time!!!
After a brief stop to sweet Aunt May's to solve yet another dilemma for her, I met up with Laura for our trip to meet the dental surgeon,Dr.Precious. He was indeed a precious man and the visit went well. Laura should have all this behind her come July or August!!!
So I'm finally home and I still can't remember what the inspiring thought was that I had earlier today! DRAT ! Such is the life of the absent-minded blogger in Jackie's Corner!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



R and R... I wish!!

Time for some Blogging Rand R..............REMEMBERING and REFLECTING !! I actually have been writing this in my head over the past 24 hours. I just got back from Bridgewater and a fun visit with Mike and Keah. Wow, have the little ones been growing!! Emmy is developing the gift of gab...and she expresses herself like it should all make sense to us!! Finley is becoming much more mobile....and oh she loves her breakfast cereal!! She demands seconds!!! Here are a few photos before I add some other thoughts

Hanging out on their new playmat that daddy put together for them. Looks like a photo shoot from Disney....they'll be after Pop before you know it!!!

Good morning smiles from Emmy, patiently waiting her breakfast...Little Miss Sunshine!!

Couldn't catch a smile from Miss Finley...she's very serious about the breakfast wait-time...and oh she wanted seconds today!!!

Now back to my thoughts. It takes just about an hour to get to Mike' an hour both ways gives me lots of time to think. I do enjoy that time of peace and reflection.
One thought that I want to record and remember happened on the way home. I was heading back to Hfx. early because of an impending snowstorm ( it has arrived). The one thing that I did notice as I drove was that the wind was really changing. Then I remembered a talk given by Elder Uchtdorf, back in our last General Conference ( I think). I plan to look it up and learn how to add links. Anyway, being the experienced pilot that he is talked about how less experienced pilots, when caught in turbulence would sometimes speed up to get through, and that was exactly what we shouldn't do. I, of course, in thinking this slowed down, and had a much smoother drive. Besides the effect on my driving it made me think about how similar this is to what we do when things get tough. We want to speed right through and get it over with. However sometimes if we slow down, look more deeply at our challenges, we gain the control we need to make it through them and we see what the experience is teaching us. I'm also grateful for our church leadership and the inspired wisdom that they share to help guide our lives.

Second thought.....babies. I sometimes wish that I had the wisdom (that I feel I have now) when I was a new mom. Really, I'm no great expert.....but here's where I'm going with this. Today, before I headed home I took time to hold both of the girls(individually) and rock with them. ( I love being able to do I wish they lived closer by) It was a sweet time for me, and obviously for them as they drifted into a peaceful sleep. As this happened I thought about how often we are in a hurry to just get through one task, or stage of life with our children and we often miss the sweet moments. ( The cuddles, story times, conversations, play times and just plain time together) What must it feel like to be a helpless little one, not yet able to talk or express feelings, and yes you've been fed, and your diaper is dry....... then someone takes you in their arms and lets you feel love. How secure this must be!! I know mother's days are pretty full, and I'm not writing this to criticize anyone....just want to say...
if you can do it....DO IT. Cuddle your children to sleep, let them feel your love tightly around them. Talk to the older ones, and be there for them as much as you can. I wish that I had done this better. They will grow up faster than you can imagine, and they won't always want these snuggles.

Just my thoughts.... oh and one last thing.....thanks to my grandkiddies for being the cutest, and cuddliest!!! I had such a fun weekend with Georgia and Cooper, then overnight with Finley and Emmy. How I love their precious little souls. They bring me such joy ( as do Jessica, Sarah, and Jacob) and MY OWN KIDDIES. Love them all so much.

Good morning Nanny!!!

Is there room in this bed for me???

My littlest little man.......and he cuddles as good as his big brother!!

So that's all for with you again soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Marvelous Monday

I feel good today about my Monday. I started the day finishing my weekend sleepover with two of the cutest grandchildren a grandma could ask for. They are just the cutest. They sure were excited to see their mother, especially Cooper. I think that he thought she would never come for him!!!

I then headed off for a good swim ( after putting more laundry in). I swam for a half hour, then did some water running. After a quick trip to the mall, for stickers and a few other things I came home to change the laundry.....I know you're thinking...this is marvelous????

Well, it really wasn't anything spectacular....I just felt good, more energy for a change, and my head feels do I say it....less stressed. Not really sure what made this so but I'll take it. I did some organizing, cleaning,watched some TV, chatted with Bill and Laura, and oh yes...had some fun with E-Tools on the WW site...

Sorry if I got you really was just an ok Monday. I'm all packed for Tues.....swimming, quilting and then to Bwater......sounds like a terrific Tuesday!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


So sleepovers......... We all have fond memories of them ( maybe) and it was always the joke about why they weren't called wakeovers!! Well, we had a fun one here last night, as mentioned in my Saturday post. I know that I DO have wonderful grandchildren....but this further added to the evidence....they know how to sleep. Georgia did have one dream about wolves, but it was just a momentary break in her sleep. She took Pop's space in my bed and told him he could have the floor. First thing that she did when she woke up was to check the floor, and innocently ask where Pop was!!! She's so cute and unpredictable!! We went off to church and both children were so good....made me very proud that they are learning church etiquette, and they were happy to attend their classes. Our first snow storm of the year sent us home early, and after a warm lunch...Cooper toddled off for a nap. Georgia had some Laura time, and then headed to play in the basement.....the last the icing on the cake to real sleepovers!!! Scroll down...

First to sleep...without a peep!!

After a few stories......

Where's Pop....he's not on the floor!!!

Sunshine on a snowy Sunday!!!

Georgia headed to the basement to play. It seemed awfully quiet down there and when I checked I couldn't find Georgia. I checked upstairs and everywhere. Then I went all the way downstairs and this is what I found on the far side of the futon......just like POP.
Hopefully tonight will be just as good. The snow continues to fall so they are having a snowbound sleepover!!!
Hope that your day is wonderful.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Saturday

It has been a nice Saturday. Up early and off to the temple. Sadly, it was a quiet day at the Temple.....I love it when we're too busy to breath!!! Anyway...quiet or not it was a wonderful place to be. I love so many of the people that I work there with. Karen Morrison, we must have been related somewhere along the line...we think so much alike!!! Love you

Following the Temple, I headed to check on my Nelson family and came away with the two did that happen??? Hope Jeff starts to feel a bit better....still looks pretty uncomfortable. So home I come with the darling Georgia, and busy Cooper. We had a fun evening, animated dinner....splashy bath time....then off to bed for Cooper. Georgia and I had fun doing her nails, then I introduced her to the math concept of patterning with unifix cubes. She didn't want to stop and she was sooooo quick...just one more Nanny!!! Bedtime story next...who would have guessed that it would be Cinderella. I so want to be with this little princess when she meets the real Cinderella. She is so real in Georgia's mind. So wonderful to be free to imagine.

Off to bed went Georgia ( that was pleasantly easy) then I did some laundry stuff, dishes.... and settled in to watch a great movie. 'Change of Plans' Starring Brooke White ( Ray)...she was fabulous in her first movie, and such a warm, feel good movie. We need more of them.....time for more Leave it to Beavers, and Father Knows Best!!!! Neat to have a connection to Brooke through her Maritime family....they must be very proud of her!!! Hope this becomes a TV show!!

So Saturday has passed almost...Georgia talking in her sleep, Bill's on the floor....not really...the couch....and yes it was a good day. Special thanks to Mr. Buckley. It may taste bad, but it works!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

hello folks

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm not feeling so good tonight. I've had a long day with the grand kiddies, and I have a cold that just is bringing me down. Tonight is one of those many nights that I am truly missing you. How I'd love to be in your TV room, rocking in a chair beside you, maybe watching a game show on TV, or just chatting. Tonight as I've missed you I am crying those tears that just never seem to leave my heart when I think of you. I know that I really never thanked you enough for all that you did for me. I appreciate the safe home that I lived in and the many happy gatherings that we had there. I love that you trusted me in many of the decisions that I made, and that you were there for me when the decisions weren't the best. You were always one of my best cheerleaders, always interested in what I was doing but you also respected my privacy. You gave me a home that my friends enjoyed coming to, and I was glad to share with them. Mom, you always had such great dinners, and I don't think that I appreciated them until I had to do it myself. I know that I didn't offer to clean dishes like I should have. You must have been frustrated with me so often but I really don't remember you expressing that very much. You had great friends who all speak of you still, and miss you too. Your home was always open to them, and I enjoyed it when you had company. There were always good leftovers.
Your life wasn't very easy. Dad ,you worked very hard to support us and let Mom be at home to raise us. I didn't like it when you drank, or lost your temper....but that doesn't change the love that I still have for you. As you aged we became much better friends, and I will cherish many of the times we spent together , talking and sharing. I still remember the day that you came here and chatted with your brother in BC on MSN on the computer. How I wish that you'd lived long enough to see some of the crazy technology that we have now! ( maybe not!!) were always a saint to me. Even though things were tough between you and dad, or one of my siblings...all I remember is how patient you were. You seemed to see beyond the immediate problems and knew that things would work out. Your example has always been important to me. I loved all of the things that we did together, especially after dad was gone. I am so grateful that I lived so close to you. I am grateful too that my children loved you and knew you as they did. How I wish that you had met your great grandchildren. They are so awesome, and such a blessing in my life. I often feel that you did meet them before they came to this earth. I sometimes sing a familiar Newfie jig to them when they are just babies and their eyes light up. I felt your strength when we received our fragile little Finley and Emmy.
It's late and I am getting up early to attend the Temple in the morning. I often feel your spirit there too...I can almost see you sitting there all in white.
I miss you and I wish that I had appreciated you more. I guess that most of us feel that way when the opportunities pass. Thank you again for being the wonderful parents that you were, and for giving me the many happy memories that I treasure. Know that I will never forget you, and I look forward to being a forever family, with you someday.

Love your daughter, and proud to be ....Jackie

PS....I wish you could write back!!!
PPS......anyone who reads this...if you can, hug your parents the next chance that you have and even if they aren't perfect, or they drive you a little crazy.....remember that they loved you first!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Empty or full

So what do you write when you just can't think of anything grand??? Empty or full
How about this....
I swam today
I walked and I biked
I returned to Weight Watchers
I learned all about the new looks good.
I walked my bike to the bike shop, pumped up the tires and rode it back home.
I walked to physio and had a work out for one hour .
I visited Aunt May and put away her Christmas.
I walked back home and made a delicious dinner ( if i say so myself)
I talked to some special friends on the phone.
I worked really hard to track all of my food.
I watched Big Bang with Bill and now I`m watching Greys with Laura, Sarah and Stephen.
They made nachos and cheese.....I only had a few.
It`s been a great day...nothing grand but good. I feel motivated and on the way to some good things.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On a Roll

I do think that this blogging stuff has some merit. Great place to express, and since I wrote about motherhood yesterday I have to add a postscript. I hurt when my children hurt. I cry too easily, and I wish people were more thoughtful.

I also read a quote that I love today...

"Life without God is like an unsharpened has no Point."

I don't know how some people get along without God in their life. I also read an interesting article this morning, emailed from a friend of mine. It was so good that I'm cutting and pasting it for everyone to read....or those who read my blog....who are you??? ( Just kidding...I love comments)
It's a bit long...but so worth the read..........

The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary.

My confession:

I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees, Christmas trees... I don't feel threatened.. I don't feel discriminated against.. That's what they are, Christmas trees.

It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, 'Merry Christmas' to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu .. If people want a creche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away.

I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew, and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians. I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period. I have no idea where the concept came from, that America is an explicitly atheist country. I can't find it in the Constitution and I don't like it being shoved down my throat.

Or maybe I can put it another way: where did the idea come from that we should worship celebrities and we aren't allowed to worship God as we understand Him? I guess that's a sign that I'm getting old, too. But there are a lot of us who are wondering where these celebrities came from and where the America we knew went to.

In light of the many jokes we send to one another for a laugh, this is a little different: This is not intended to be a joke; it's not funny, it's intended to get you thinking.

Billy Graham's daughter was interviewed on the Early Show and Jane Clayson asked her 'How could God let something like this happen?' (regarding Hurricane Katrina).. Anne Graham gave an extremely profound and insightful response.. She said, 'I believe God is deeply saddened by this, just as we are, but for years we've been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives. And being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out. How can we expect God to give us His blessing and His protection if we demand He leave us alone?'

In light of recent events... terrorists attack, school shootings, etc.. I think it started when Madeleine Murray O'Hare (she was murdered, her body found a few years ago) complained she didn't want prayer in our schools, and we said OK. Then someone said you better not read the Bible in school. The Bible says thou shalt not kill; thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbor as yourself. And we said OK.

Then Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave, because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem (Dr. Spock's son committed suicide). We said an expert should know what he's talking about.. And we said okay..

Now we're asking ourselves why our children have no conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, and themselves.

Probably, if we think about it long and hard enough, we can figure it out. I think it has a great deal to do with 'WE REAP WHAT WE SOW.'

Funny how simple it is for people to trash God and then wonder why the world's going to hell. Funny how we believe what the newspapers say, but question what the Bible says. Funny how you can send 'jokes' through e-mail and they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think twice about sharing. Funny how lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene articles pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion of God is suppressed in the school and workplace.

Are you laughing yet?

I was very touched by this article and it is something that I do think about a lot....this world is pulling away from righteousness, and we accept way too many things that are evil.
That's what I feel and I'm sticking to it.
Make sure that your pencil is sharpened and hug your kids today!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I often have random thoughts go through my little head regarding the grand calling of motherhood. So tonight I thought that I would record some of no particular order.

*It's an eternal job thank goodness!!! Families are forever!!
*It was such amazing feeling to hold my new baby (each time), and know that they are all mine.
* I forgot all of the pain of delivery very quickly.
* I became very protective.
* I saw my own mother in a different light, and I apologized to her on many random occasions.
* I made so many wonderful memories along the way, and I can't get over how quickly time passes.
* I hurt with them when they hurt and I want to fix them.
* I can't always fix them, and that hurts so much more.
* I want them to find the perfect spouse, and have a happy marriage...forever.
* No one is good enough for my children....although I do have some great -son/daughter in laws!!!
* I love seeing them become parents....payback time!!! sometimes!!
* I love watching them be the parent, and it's hard to not want to be the parent with them.
* I love it when they appreciate you as their mother.

I'm sure that I could go on and on.....I do love being a mother. I often feel that I've fallen short in many aspects of this great calling, But I do continue to try to give it my best..especially in the grandma stage of my life.

I had the best mother. I remember sitting with her through the last months of her life. She was very ill and not able to speak very much. I sat one day and wrote in my journal as many memories as I could think of with her. They went on and on, and I'm so grateful that I did this. She always was there for me, and she never criticized me. She loved me no matter what trouble I got into, and she was always so proud of me. She was an amazing grandmother to my children, and I so wish that she had lived to know her greatgrandchildren...oh how they would love her.

I am thankful to be a mother.

PS...if you look at my blog, some photos are bigger than others, and I really don't know how to change doesn't mean that anyone is more special than anyone else.....if you can help me...let me know.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Attempt #2

This blogging takes a lot of planning...especially if you want to post pictures in any particular order...lots to'll see....favorite photos

Girls in their Christmas smocked dresses..Finley is wearing the dress that I smocked for Jessica...nine years ago...

Love this photo of my big girls and their babies....such beautiful girls

Promised picture of on.... it will
make sense

Cooper working on a puzzle the hard way!!!

Lost my little sleepover buddy....what's this peeking out of my fridge

Hi nanny.....caught me!!!

When I tried to talk to him about fridge etiquette ......

Well all that I can takes practice...getting the order in your photos...but here are a few more favorite moments

Generations....note my mom on the piano...and yes we should have had Bill in the picture
( my beautiful new love love it)

The GRAND children...oh how I love them

Oldest girls with the youngest

My adorable boys....and yes I have to add a photo of my gorgeous Georgia!!
( I did it's at the beginning of the blog!!!!)

Cooper sleeps over....what a delightful little man.
That's all folks.............keep blogging!!!