Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giggle giggle giggle is 5:38am on the clock, and I know this because somehow I am sleeping on the edge of the bed right next to the clock. Why sleep so close to the edge???? BECAUSE there are three giggly girls in my bed. ROAR...I did not want to wake up at now Cooper is standing in his crib and wanting out. This is not when we start the day. After getting Cooper a bottle, and giving the girls their exit papers I crawled back in bed....knock's Miss G......the big girls won't let her come in with please can she come back. Thankfully she was as tired as I was and we fall back to sleep. Now 7:00 am worked a lot better!! Got to love the Nelson girlies. By the way I asked sleepy Jacob how come he didn't come in. He looks at me and says I was there first but Georgia kicked him out!!! Smart man...he got the best sleep.

I've come to realize something else today. I always wondered how come Kathy was on the computer so early in the day when she has a thousand things to do. Simple....her computer is in her laundry room/office ( and a beautiful room at that...wish my room was as nice!!!) I'm on my laundry break.

Last thought for this morning....tomorrow Karen and Brandon graduate from the Mount. I want them both to know that I'm very proud of them and all of the hard work that they have done to reach this point. They both have many talents that will make them SUPER teachers!! Looking forward to their big day!!!!!

Last last thought...I miss seeing our Emmy and Finley...I can't imagine how Michael makes it through the week. It is exciting to get news about them everyday....We are so blessed to have these precious little girls.

Love and Peace

Back to break is over.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WOW it's Wednesday

So where is this week going??? Funny how time can seem to move so slowly sometimes, then vanish at other times. Today was a good day and I must apologize for any negative vibes from Tuesday. ( Kathy make sure that you read my comment)

This morning went well. I didn't rush anybody and when all of a sudden it was 8:12 the girls went in panic mode...and rushed ol' Jacob. We made it to school in plenty of time. Georgia enjoys the playground time and Cooper gets such sweet attention from all of the kiddies and that wonderful morning fresh air. Back home we started the kitchen cleanup and Cooper had some playtime with Georgia. I have to say I wasn't feeling overly motived to any particular it turned into a more relaxing morning. Cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, sorted clothes, read stories to Georgia, knitted while watching Treehouse....and then all of a sudden it was lunch time.

I went with a breakfast/bacon and egg lunch and the kiddies enjoyed it. They also have a great love for pear halves and we had a great lunch and chat time....they were almost late again at lunch...time flying again. Georgia and I didn't opt for a playground run at noon but stayed put and puttered until Jake and Sarah returned. Then we organized to head off to piano once Jessica was dismissed. Following piano, and some great outdoor time in Caroline's backyard we headed to Hfx. for pizza with Pop. I had a RS meeting so Pop came over to do bedtime. I returned home to all in bed....and once again another day has flown away.

Sorry that I can't add pictures yet....I don't know how to download to this computer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Report from the front line

So was your day....mine was very full,productive,frustrating,rewarding,fun,sunshiny,long,reflective,and name a few adjectives. I had the whole day with Cooper and Georgia, as the school kiddies had skipping club.
I didn't really plan it but once Cooper went down for a nap I hit Jess and Sarah's room. I was really in an organizing mood and Georgia played along with me and we had a very productive morning. After lunch and a visit with Poppy we hit the road, and of course the playground. Once all of the kiddies were dismissed we headed home, had a surprise visit from my sweet sister Julie ( she came to give me a break...even tho' she had been working all day herself!!! what a girl) All of a sudden I realized that the girls' brownie activity was sooner than I thought. I ran into overdrive....heated a nice baked bean dinner that Charlotte had brought over and tried to get every one moving. It was like five new kids arrived and no one would cooperate. It had nothing to do with the menu, as they all loved the delicious beans...they just wouldn't stop talk talking and carrying-on......I threatened to cancel the brownie outing to Build -a-Bear and even that didn't seem to work....I know I should have started to pray!! With some patience which must have come from on high...we made it through it and into the van. Jake and georgia had a fun visit with Nanny Logan ( Gr.Grandma and energy bunny!!) and I headed to the mall with the brownies and Cooper. Dropping of the girls, I had a whole hour to myself, with Cooper. He decided to try to lay sideways in the stroller and no matter what I did he'd laugh and reposition himself....what a character..I then returned to BAB and the girls were glowing with excitement. Not only did they have their new creations...a bear and a frog...but they received an additional $5.00 gift card each for selling the most brownie cookies. With a dip in Nanny's purse they of course bought two cute little dresses and we headed home. After a quick stop to get J and G, and some swings on Nanny's swing set we made it home. Bedtime snack, and scripture time then up to bed. But then the phone rang and it was Kathy wanting to skype the kiddies.........did that settle them for the night?? They were cute. After signing off Miss G. started to cry because she hadn't said good bye to Mommy.....thank goodness that I'm so computer quick!!! hahha...but I did actually get her and all ended well. I was going to colapse and watch some TV...but the computer called, and I'm also challenged by the Tv set there you have it...does my cup better believe it. I missed seeing Emmy and Finley today.

and so the sun sets on another day away from home.

Monday, May 17, 2010

What a joke

What was I thinking....I'd have to be thirty years younger to mind five children and still blog!!!! I'm just sneaking a few minutes...I gave in and turned on the TV for Georgia while I get a break!!! Not bad tho' I must say since I've been here since Thursday ( and it's Monday) and we've hardly had the TV or computers on. The kiddies may dislike me lots by the end of this adventure. We have kept busy though....visiting several playgrounds, doing our church things, playing at the homestead, reading lots of books and oh yes....changing many poopy diapers. I had to add that detail because whoooo I don't remember having so many in such a short time!!! I did get over to see Emmy and Finley and they just get cuter every day. ( had to get to a sweeter subject...sorry about the diaper thoughts!!!)

I know that I will say this many times....but motherhood is a full time job, with way too much overtime. My hats off to you ladies. Your kiddies are so lucky to have you. Keep up the great work...hold to the rod...and keep your priorities right. Got to run and have lunch ready.

Love my fabulous grandchildren and especially love my own fabulous four!!!!! So proud of each of you!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grandma'sTen Day adventure

I really do wish that I was better at getting to this here goes...I'm at Kathy and Jeff's for the next ten days and I'm going to blog each day!!! So here goes today. I actually began the day in Halifax. I skipped my swim ( which I hate to miss) but opted for some extra sleep!! Then I went to the church to run off the bulletin...and I kept on running. Next stop was the hospital to have a few minutes with Emmy and Finley. Keah had them out together and they were precious. Trish, one of our wonderful nurses had them snuggled up together...and they loved it. Trish also convinced Keah to head home for the night...and she finally agreed. I think that it will do her a world of good.

Then I headed to the Nelsons, and after a teary good bye ( Kathy crying) the party began. We all sat down in the living room and chatted about what each of the kiddies want to do while Nanny was here.....playground, visit to Dalplex, maybe a Hfx sleepover, and then sweet Georgia says...are you going to be my pretend Mom!!!! I love her. I said 'no' I'm your Nanny but I can be your pretend Mom too!!!

After a fun taco dinner, and kitchen cleanup we headed to the playground. I stayed as long as I could push swings, then we headed home. We had a dog encounter on the way down the hill and anyone who knows Jessica and Sarah know that that wasn't pretty!!! After I got the owner to take his dog in, we made it home. Then we had scripture story and learn a verse time. Next on the list...clean bedrooms...that will be an ongoing tale for the week...but boy do these guys love to vaccum!!! I had to find extra places for everyone to get a turn. The two little ones had a bath, and then after a bedtime bagel , and family prayer that part of my day ended. Kathy called to check in and all sounds well with them!!!

I'm really glad that she gets this break and I hope that it is everything that she needs. She's a terrific Mom and she has the greatest kids. I will be taking photos each day...and they will follow later.

Writing this reminds me of what a very lucky Mom I am. It is so rewarding to see your own children as parents....and to have the joy of grandchildren. Stay tuned and I'll hopefully share again tomorrow. Better head to bed soon....I know tomorrow will be fun!!