Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DECEMBER 31st...Good Bye

Farewell to 2013....It's been a wonderful year.
 I just read  Laura's blog and she summarized each month so well.  My approach will be a little different.

Our Family....this note that went out with our Christmas card.
Merry Christmas....While Mom and dad were 'horsing' around

Michael has started his masters degree, joined the league of referees, soccer and basketball, and with his beautiful wife Keah, enjoys watching their daughters (Emmy and Finley) grow into fun Disney princesses and gymnasts. We loved visiting Disney World with them in August. Such a wonderful memory made with them.

Kathy has grown an amazing green thumb, or become a Sask. farmer…harvesting a great bounty and then canning lots. She coaches girl’s soccer, inspires us all to make cards, crochets and with her dashing husband Jeff, keep their fab five busy, growing, and happy!! The two oldest girls, Jess and Sarah can now babysit,….Jacob is still our gentle big brother and marvellous with the family pets, Scout and Polly….Georgia loves school, Sparks, and the Sask. Rough Riders…and Cooper just gets cuter and cuter…we miss them dearly. Loved our visit with them in July.
Karen has become a full time/term teacher and is learning a whole new side to teaching!!! She has also become an avid hat maker/crocheter and does an amazing job!! With hardworking Brandon they are charmed by their blonde little (almost) two year old (Dec24) Olivia. She melts all of our hearts with her giggles, dances, chatter, and love of mermaids! She tries to keep me young. ( Guess she doesn’t know that I nap when she naps!!!)

Laura, farthest away from home, is often closest through her blog, texts, face time, phone calls, and best of all visits. She continues to work hard at Foothills hospital, teaches Primary at church, visits the Temple often, runs runs runs….reaching monthly 5km goals, cooks some great dishes, and is learning to crochet. With her darling husband Jeremy, they have done lots of travel…..back to Maritimes and an extra special visit to Francois NL, honeymoon/1st Anniversary to Disney with a cruise thrown in, Washington and Utah for Conference. (Loved being included in some of these adventures).

Theme of the year....travel...I sure did lots !! Calgary (twice), Saskatchewan, Utah, Disney World, Maine, Newfoundland.....did I forget any?? Loved the many places that I went to, but more especially the people that I visited. I miss my western daughters and their families beyond words, but I'm grateful for time with them, and that we have technology to give us daily time.

Hobbies of the Year....card making, quilting, and reading. Helped make quilts for woman's shelter, one for home, several baby ones, and even a camouflage quilt for nanny ( her request). I also made a special Christmas table runner. Card making.....just continues to make me spend more money, but is so much fun. Reading....I've become hooked on the library ( saves money for card making). I've really been enjoying the books by Christian author, Karen Kingsbury.

Special Tradition....Despite the empty nest state that is now my life, I still cherish the 'children on the staircase' photos of Christmas. I do love traditions;I think that they are important to families. Of course I also think that I fell short on making better traditions in my home. ( not to be discussed today).
The prize this year goes to Michael for thinking of me and sending this sweet photo to me early on Christmas day.
Dad did his part to support my heart and tradition.
Three cheers for Bill
Thanks kids for all touching base with me on Christmas Day, and for Michael's early arrival later in the day.
Extra special days.....spent with Aunt May, and cherished with each visit. She turned 101 in October, and despite a wee stroke two days earlier, she remains sharp and so appreciative of family and friend visits.
My spiritual  Year...I continue to teach the Gospel Doctrine class, and love this opportunity. I serve at the Temple every Saturday and that recharges me, and teaches me so much. I love being a Visiting Teacher with my sweet friend Joan Renshaw ( 15 years together)
 I have become much better with my daily scripture reading, and love the wonderful truths of the Book of Mormon. I'm looking forward to teaching the Old Testament in 2014.I have tried hard this year to more daily feel the Savior's Atonement in my daily life. I am very happy to have visited several other Temples this year, all with Laura. I'm grateful for her love of the Temple. I know that my other children have distance and busy families to make Temple time difficult but I hope this improves in 2014. Oh how I'd love to have a session with them all there.( Bill too)
Hopes for 2014....More travel will be welcome ( especially if I see more of my children), more good books, continued Temple service, good health....and improved exercise ( I miss the pool)
Better skills making cards and quilts
Opportunities to share the Gospel
Peace in my home and those of my children
More kindness in this world
Last thoughts....things that make me smile....
fun times with my grandchildren
text, emails, face time with my family.
Daily blog time from Laura ( she so inspires me)
photos......how I love to get photos
phone calls, snail mail and visits
acts of kindness
I'd also love to learn how to do this....my favorite collage of the year

told you that I love photos!!!
Good Bye 2014
I'm counting my blessings...name them one by one
Bill, Michael, Kathy, Karen, Laura
Keah, Emmy, Finley,
Jeff, Jessica, Sarah, Jacob, Georgia, Cooper
Brandon Olivia and Jeremy
my wonderful Durnford , parents Jack and Mary
Jack, Julie, Eric, Dianne Glenn
extended family........past, present and future
Grateful to know that


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Did I say delicious ?????

This has been a week of great blessings....Christmas Celebrations....Family close by ( well half of them)....a Family Birthday.....time at the Temple....and a wonderful Sabbath day !!
I am grateful
Following time at the Temple...it was out to lunch at Jack Astors with Michael, Keah and the girlies( their treat)...delicious food, great company....thanks for the great time !!

We even got to sit in the Elvis Booth

Thanks O'Hearons....loved having you here

Dec 27....Happy Birthday Party Olivia and more

It's another busy day...getting ready for Olivia's birthday party....with a little play mixed in 
Snow much fun!!!

Of course we made snow angels



Now on with the party

 Cake bosses


sign the guest book!!!

Welcome everyone