Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh My Olivia....or should I say sleeping beauty

Just a quick note and photo shoot of my sweet Olivia. I have always loved photographing my kids when they slept, and the grand kiddies too.  Yesterday, my energetic little Olivia....gave me reason to snap, snap, snap..... enjoy....time of photos.....lunchtime






What a cutie she is....she had a great nap yesterday
Here are her beautiful blue eyes today at lunch

Farewell John

Today I attended the funeral for John Bottomley. I felt a need to blog about this gathering today. John was my sister Dianne's first husband, the father to my niece Jane, and nephew Paul. His death was quite sudden, and he was in his 66th year. He lived in the first home that he and his father constructed. He was a community man and very dedicated to the Fall River volunteer fire department. He loved the outdoors.
These were some of the sentiments mentioned today at the beautiful memorial service that was held for John. His children did a marvelous job, as did his brother Gary in eulogizing John. The music was beautiful, and the minister very engaging.
Some of my John memories are of the cool high school football player and his sporty green convertible sports car. I also remember the summer that he and Dianne motorcycled to California.
I thought they were crazy but so adventuresome.
I was very moved by the tributes paid to John today...... the fireman who stood along the church entrance as we exited the church......the lovely reception organized for his family....and the great outpouring of love from friends and family.
Two other things really moved me about today.
John's love for the outdoor was obviously inherited by Paul, as he and his wife Mary kayaked to the funeral...along the Shubie Canal water route.
Jane followed John's passion for the fire department and has served as a volunteer fire fighter, and then went on to study for her nursing degree.
Today she brought his ashes to the church in the firetruck.
This is a recent photo Jane took of John, the grandfather with
two of her three daughters.
He loved his children, and his grandchildren.

  I'm glad that I was able to be a part of this beautiful memorial. Jane and have many memories to treasure, from a dad who I know loves you and is very proud of you both.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Good morning one and all. I'm still at home hanging with Miss Olivia and our twin colds. I think she's winning in the runny nose department!! I have a few more weekend photos to blog about, so while treehouse entertains...I will complete this post.

It is the season of Halloween and I have to admit if I had to stop one holiday this would be it !! I just don't see the need for the craziness of it and all of the unhealthy candy. While of course I enjoyed it as a kid...who doesn't like the a teacher  I had to jump on the band wagon and decorate and teach around the Halloween hoop ! I dressed up, endured the parades, and dealt with the after days of sugar induced kids. Of course my kids celebrated, but I was really glad when the junk was gone. It was one of those times when I felt control of it all went out the door. NOW that was me venting....please don't judge. I'll say no more.

I will say that I do support creativity and imagination and that did sometimes surface at Halloween. What makes me laugh of late is how much many adults enjoy dressing up and being something else. It would be fun sometimes to change being who we are and be someone else. I often have wished that I spoke with a British accent. I love how those people speak. Is there someone else that I'd like to be??? I used to think that it would be fun to do Vanna White's job. Still thinking on that one....what about you??

Okay now back to the weekend. Despite the germs that were assaulting us....we did have some
dress up ( yes Halloween) fun...
My favorite imagination....the girls creating a zoo for the animals

 So very proud of their creation

My Snow White runner in Calgary

Just Goofing around

What have a dress up box!!!!







 Meanwhile on another galaxy......SUPER baby was dressing for some social events

 With her bewitched Momma
Much against my cold filled mind....I dashed to the chapel with the girlies for a Hogwarts Halloween event
Bumble bee and Lady bug






and back home in the back rooms of Bridgewater...... 

Oh what is happening to my son???

and they all feel asleep in record time....until about 2am....when someones nose started racing...running.....and then she wanted some game time!!!
Sunday morning....we can tell who got the most sleep



All cleaned up after a morning bath.
So that kind of sums up the weekend. I did drop into a baby shower for niece Patricia...forgot to take photos !!!
In closing....I still have a cold that I'd gladly give away. The fall days are growing cooler, frost on the cars this morning. I've laid low for the past few days. Lots happening this week....funeral for John Bottomley ( Dianne's first husband and father of Jane and Paul), Dianne in town for shoulder surgery, Bill's mom, Lil also having surgery to deal with recurrence of cancer, Bill Haas turned 68, and Julie and Bill celebrating their 47th anniversary.
Life is certainly interesting.