Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Press On

This has been a beautiful peaceful day. I started the day, very early ( 5:20) and was at the pool before it opened at 6am. I had a great swim, and short visit with my friend ML. I especially love swimming with my snorkel on, and just feel so removed from everything in the silence of the deep pool!

After a quick stop at Aunt Mays, and a dress change I headed off to pick up two friends  ( Lynn and Joan) to go to the Temple. How I wish that I could express the deep spiritual strength that comes from attending the Temple. I would use words like peaceful, calm, loving, renewing, happy and knowledge. While I was surrounded by many other Temple goers, I was able to have my very own personal visit with my Father in Heaven....through prayer and meditation. I am so thankful to have a Temple here in Nova Scotia, and the opportunity to attend.

Back home, and abit more 'spring cleaning'. It was indeed a spring day as the day was blue sky sunny, and temp. hit between 23-28 C. My visiting teachers came by and we had a delightful visit. They are both such special friends, and they continued the loving feeling of the Temple. Thanks Monica and Jennifer.

Bill and I cooked a yummy dinner together, and then watched some TV together. It's been a good day.

Now as a post script I must write about how wonderful RS celebration last night. We celebrate the birthday of our Womens group every March and last night was delightful. We had a lovely dinner, and a sweet program/power point about the angels in our lives. Background music to the PP was 'Angels Among Us' by Alabama....a song that I love. It was an evening of fellowship, and remininces about those who have served us, and the effect that this has had on our lives.

What came to my heart when asked to share was the angels who attended my family at the deaths of my parents. I will never forget those who held me up, and fed my body and soul. I also feel that one  sister in my life, Gail is an angel. She writes notes to me and many others just because. Little does she realize how her thoughtfulness has such a profound effect on those who receive them. Many times they have been just what my stressed soul needed. Gail has here on challenges in life but she is such a giving person, and I think the world of her. My third angel is a very humble friend who has been my VT companion for the past fourteen years. Dear Joan, has been such an example to me. She is so kind and caring.

Throughout my life I have been attended by many angels. From notes, calls, emails, visits,smiles, tears,hugs and the prayers of others I am constantly reminded that I am the daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me, knows me, and has a plan for me. How deeply grateful I am for this knowledge and the great plan of Salvation.  ( Oh and Monica poured!!)

Thank you for a great day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Always catching up.....and then some

March...definitely in like a lion!!! Just catching up with this post....backing up into February...I had yet another birthday, surrounded with family ( all one could ask for) I also celebrated with a nice brunch a few days later with Julie and Penny. We went to Chez Tesse and had a lovely time.Then a new cold virus blew in...and every one around seemed to be coughing or sniffling....including me. We had our usual card night, and had some visiti time with Mike,Keah and the girls.

So, March blew in with an ambulance ride for Emmy and a pneumonia diagnosis.This changed to RSV, and Emmy spent the next six days in isolation. Finley followed a few days later and was admitted to the room next door. It was a long week for them and the family but happily they are better now. It was so cute when they finally got to see each other, Finley said...I missed you and they hugged!!! Before heading home we had a birthday celebration for our TWO year olds!!!!!

I've had a few sleepovers...all five in March on Kathy and Jeffs anniversary ( a night of peace and quiet for Kathy), and then last weekend the boys had a night over. They are such sweethearts.
We also celebrated Coopers third birthday....with a fun Thomas Train night.....such a darling is our handsome Cooper
I'll close now with my photos.....

<><> <><> <><>
Cuddles with my sad little Emmy

<><> <><> <><>
Feeling much better!!!

Finley joins her sister
Starting to feel bettter

<><> <><> <><>
Love this photo...feeling better!!!

Sharing the Birthday cake

<><> <><> <><>
Our Happy growing Olivia

<><> <><> <><>
Little helper Georgia

Playing commercials
ready for bed

<><> <><> <><>
Hanging at the playgrounds

I did it

Look how they love to clean!!!!!


the fab five

Our sweet three year old!!!

Oh how he loves Thomas

and there is lots more to come......catching up!!!!