Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Think too Much

This may be short but I'm determined....not even sure why...but I feel like a need to leave a mark on today. I woke up with a wretched headache, skipped my swim ( big mistake) and rolled over and went back to sleep. Kathy woke me next to see when I'd be over for the little ones. I might have slept the day away...but I promised to help and since I'm not a painter, I'll do the grandma thing. The kiddies and I headed home and pretty much spent the day at home. I had some sewing to finish for Jessica's birthday, so I set up a play dough station in my craft room and the three of us worked along together. It was a good day until I  started to fade and so I  headed off for a nap...leaving kiddies with Bill ! ( another big mistake) hour or so later Georgia wakes me to tattle on Cooper who had done some body drawing...arms, stomach and facial hair!!! Oh dear Cooper....I washed him up, and parked him in a timeout spot...he promptly fell asleep, then fell off the chair....oh Cooper.

After a long ,slow dinner the kiddies had some downtime and fell off to sleep!!
I finished my trio of crazy quilts and four outfits for Jess' A.Girl doll.

I think that I just needed to see that I did accomplish something today.

I want to also mention that one of my V.Teachers directed me to read a conference talk by Elder was a very inspiring talk...and I quote from it...

"Even with His love for all mankind, Jesus reprovingly referred to some around Him as hypocrites, fools, and workers of iniquity.He approvingly called others children of the kingdom and the light of the world.He disapprovingly referred to some as blinded and unfruitful. He commended others as pure in heart and hungering after righteousness.He lamented that some were faithless and of the world, but others He esteemed as chosen, disciples, friends. And so we each ask, “What thinks Christ of me?”

I testify that as you love Him, trust Him, believe Him, and follow Him, you will feel His love and approval. As you ask, “What thinks Christ of me?” you will know that you are His disciple; you are His friend. By His grace He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself."

There was so much more.....What does Christ think of me??? This matters so much to me, and I could list so many ways that I know I fall short of being who He wants me to be. I am so deeply thankful for the Atonement that he made to make up for my weaknesses and the powerful forgiveness that He offers.

I talked with someone recently who told me that they doubted that their was a God. I want to testify in this post that God lives and his presence comes to us each day with the rising of the sun...and the many evidences that abound in our daily lives. The scriptures testify of him, miracles happen, and the great Plan of Happiness has been restored to the earth once again.

The gospel is my strength and direction every day.

I have much to give thanks for....most especially the great family that I am apart of....the grand Durnford clan, and my own wonderful children and husband. Each of them are a big part of my heart and soul.

A closing dear cousin Edith died recently. She was a grand lady and touched soooooo many lives. She will be deeply missed by her family, friends, and community!! Francois will never be the same. Love and miss you Edith!

I'll close with some photo memories
Quote for today

Someday he will have to shave
self xray!
timeout snooze
doll clothes
for Jessica's 11th Birthday!!

Good night.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Always playing catch Up....or Laura Inspires !!

I am determined to make a mark on my old blog today. Every night before I head off to bed I check to see if Laura posted on her blog. She rarely disappoints me, and she always inspires me to write....then I get sidetracked and here it is 11:25 and no post done!!!

I have such a full, busy life and something happening everyday. I can never say that I am bored. But look folks...I last wrote April 6th!!  So what have I been goes

-grandparenting...sleepovers a plenty with the most adorable kiddies on the     planet snuggles with dear Olivia, and not enough visits with our country girls.
-reading.....several interesting books...Change of Heart, Homecoming....and some others
-sewing....two special quilts finished and the third half way there
            ....doll clothes....thanks to my friend Kathy for sharing some awesome patterns
                they are quick and so cute
-knitting....completed eight pairs of slippers for you can guess who
-card making mass sending cards out!!!
-swimming....I try to get there at least 4 days a week....hit and miss some weeks my bike finally out of the basement and have had one ride.
-travelling....Bill and I drove from home to suburban Boston...some great shopping
                ....some serious conversation....and no resolutions
                ....good food, some rest, and way too much rain.
-church my library service BUT far better has been my time at the Temple
                .....I work with the most amazing people
-general service......when needed little as possible....Bill has such great talents in this area
-cleaning....I try...I really do....this topic depresses me.

I'm sure that I'm forgetting other things.....but let's move on to news

-Laura will be home on May 28th....and I'm sooooo excited
-Karen had a trip to Ontario for the burial of Brandon's Grandfather...It was a special family occasion for her and Olivia
-Kathy is transforming her house ( and boxing up a lot of it) She had a great Easter visit with Jeff, and we had the 5 bunnies, I mean kiddies with us!!
They hope to hear soon some idea of where this adventure will lead them
-Michael had a successful school trip to Quebec.He's been investigated for celiac, and we're all anxious to get some answers on this one.
-Jessica is growing lots ( size 8 shoes...ladies) she sure can pound out the notes on the piano
-Sarah likewise is having a growth spurt...and just gets more gorgeous every day tender Jake....I love watching him be a big brother to adoring Cooper.He's recovered well from last months dog attack ( in the neighborhood...9 stitches to his head)
Georgia.....oh my wise little Georgia....reminds me of the importance of prayer...even when my sewing machine comes unthreaded!!! A tender moment. She's writing her letters everywhere!! She also had her first official time in school and loveeeeed it
Cooper- has potty trained himself...loves underwear....and standing when he pees!!! He works hard on his speech...and prays so deeply over our help us be healthy and wrong!
Finley- she has a very social side that is blossoming everywhere. she loves to be outside, running and digging in the dirt.
Emmy- so gentle and caring. She is a little quieter but so loving....loves books and drawing with chalk. shes also great with puzzles.
Olivia-is sunshine everyday....the happiest baby alive!! rolling, chatting and laughing

Finally, general news....
  My sweet cousin Edith died on May 11th and will leave a huge hole in the heart of her dear community
   Lots of babies on the way to some special fiends....Jessica S, Jessica M, Karlie and a few others I think...its getting late.

I want to end with a couple of photos....and I will post again soon. Thanks for the inspiration Laura are amazing

at the frog pond...Easter weekend
Olivia with her favorite cousin

Mass card production

doll clothes
riding to the playground together April26

Okay.....I know that I have other pictures that I could post but the computer is tired and giving me some grief....for a minute I actually lost my whole post and that wasn't a pretty I will stop and say good night for now.