Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be calm my soul

I want to get better at this. So here I am.

Today I have been touched, at several times, by some things that have made me feel very angry. Well, we all have those moments and this is how I am going to deal with it.

My happy thoughts......

1. I love having good chats with my children.

2. I love hearing 'I love you'

3. I love how sweet Cooper runs to me and hugs my knees.

4. I love the gentle hugs of Jacob and the giggles from Georgia.

5. I adore how grownup Sarah and Jessica are becoming...loved my sleepover with them this month.

6. I enjoy a good book...and my girls point me to many of them. To the Rescue (Tremendous), Safe Haven, JayHawk, The Peacegiver ( amazing read)

7. I love babies....and I have so many in my life.

8. I love the preciousness of Emmy and Finley......and the miracles that they are.

9. I love reading to Emmy and Finley, just to watch their faces.

10. I had fun with my sewing friends....even if my machine acted uptoday.

11. I have a passion for the swimming pool...even on my lazy days....it is such a great escape for me.

12. Then there is the Temple....I do leave the world behind when I visit this Holy place. What a blessing...wish to be there with my children and husband.

13. I have the cutest physiotherapist...and he has made me feel so much better these days.

14. I love older people...they make me feel good ( and young) and they have so much wisdom. Aunt May, I love you....she makes me feel so good.

15. I am grateful for challenges....they make me stronger.

16. I love music.

17. I love that Michael kisses me and tells me that he loves me....lots!!

18. I love that Kathy is such a great shopper and she helps me so much. She is a very clever lady and a wonderful Mom.

19. Speaking of Kathy...did I mention that she has made me feel included with card making ( even if I am a bit slow) thanks.

20. I am excited for Karen and all of her teaching experiences..she is an amazing teacher...and I love how thoughtful she is to me. she's a great listener

21. Laura is such a strength to me at home. I love her blog, and her Mom and daughter chats...I want her to find happiness soon! She deserves it.

22. I have a good husband....even when he makes me crazy..we have been married 35 years this week...where did the time go!! Love you Bill

23. I have many special friends...I learn from them, I feel support from them...I am grateful.

24.I was born into a wonderful family and I'm grateful for their love and examples. I had the BEST parents. Miss you Mom and Dad. Appreciate your parents while you can!

25. I will be eternally grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has blessed my life and made life make sense.

Now, I could go on and on....count YOUR blessings....name them one by one....and you will feel better. I do.

Goodnight and I will return.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello friends. My daughters inspire me, that includes Keah ( when she has time to blog). I have to state that Laura is my wake-up blog because she never seems to end a day without posting a thought or three!! I am grateful that each of the girls place memories or thoughts on blog pages.

Look at that...not only did I post a photo...but I moved it where I wanted it....Hooray for me!!

I actually lost the first picture when I was editting....still haven't found it

Now they got me on this idea of blogging, but you know I always feel quite uninteresting....without much of a life....oh dear....need to erase....but on to my idea for today. Now girls remember that I have NO....I repeat NO favorites.....but Laura did inspire this blog event....here goes.

My attempt at an ABC entry....
A....attached or single??

(not sure if I'm going to copy all of her headings)

I am very attached...34 yrs and 11 mos. attached to the same guy

and four of the greatest kids alive!!

and seven adorable kidlings

B...best friend

when I was a teen I always wanted ONE BF...but I always had many friends,and never a best

Now I would say that I have many BEST friends!!!

C...cake or pie

probably pie with a dobble of vanilla ice cream

D...day of choice

First choice Sunday...second Saturday

both are days of spiritual renewing for me...at church and the Temple

and I always seem to be on empty by Saturday

E...essential item

books...I love having a good read to turn to

presently reading Number Four (very different for me!)

Just finished To The Rescue ( amazing read)

F....Favorite Color

has always been a hard one...as I go from red to yellow to blue

G....Gummy worms or bears

neither...I really like chicken bones best


Halifax....deeply rooted


way too many and they all seem to end up in my stomach!!!

J...January or July

No question here...July...I like to be warm


Just look at them...aren't they grand and I'm soooooooo proud of each of them

and I have NO..I repeat NO favorites.....just favorite things about each of them

Michael...my ever-loving son....
always gives me the greatest hugs and kisses and tells me that he loves me

A great Dad and a strong priesthood holder

Kathryn.....the Mom that I wanted to be...at home!!

so strong,patient, and so much fun to be with.....an amazing cook, creative, smart and young at heart

A great Mother.

Karen....my gentle daughter

Thoughtful , organized ( I want to be like her too!!!) and determined

An inspiring leader

Laura....my never a dull moment daughter!!

Inspiring, spiritual, kind and loving

A unique and powerful example

Ooops....did I side track??? My kids tend to do that to me.....and did I mention kids......they go on and on my friend,,,,,,look at these beauties.....the icing on the cake.....the best grand kidlings!!!!

Can hardly wait for more!!!

L...life is incomplete without

Love and kindness

I love to do things for others

M...Marriage date

Dec. 5.1975


N...Number of siblings

Five...3 brothers, 2 sisters and they're all pretty special

O...Oranges or Apples

probably oranges....I even like the peel

P .....phobias or fears

Caves or being underground ( I don't want to be buried)

Q...quote that I love

That's a tough one....love so many

"Why do you do what you do when you know what you know"


R....Reason to smile

lots of reasons...sure looks better than frowning


while we just had an aazing summer...I do enjoy Fall best!


they help you grow....no wonder I have such weight issues!

U...Unknown fact

I liked Laura's response to this one

'If I told you it wouldn't be unknown' ( or something like that)

V...vegetable or meat

While I'm not a vegan...I am quite happy with a plate of veggies

W...worst habit

that could be a whole new post....lots of room for improvement

maybe it's my swearing!!!

X...things that X-cite me

completing a goal, riding my bike, sewing in a zipper correctly, a good book, surprises, doing something that I never thought I would do...like parasailing in Hawaiii

Y...Your favorite food

what isn't there to love....love fresh fruits and lets just stop there


who came up with those crazy things. .......at least mine has a cool song about it


Ta...dah....I did it. I would have loved to have added more photos but hey I did add a few.

Hope you learn something new and you are inspired somehow!!!

Beyond the ABC's of life , I am remarkably blessed and I usually can't figure out what I did to deserve so many wonderful blessings.

I am grateful to have the Gospel in my life.It makes everything make sense!