Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Well, it's 2:30am and once again I am wide awake. It is probably for a number of reasons. Mostly it's my crazy legs that just don't sleep when the rest of my body wants to. Bill got up to go to the bathroom and that woke me further. I decided that maybe the bathroom was a good idea and took my turn after he crawled back in bed.

On the way back from the bathroom I peeked into the big girl's bedroom and I had to get my camera.  We have had three kiddos sleeping in here while we have been visiting ( an extra mattress on the floor). However when I peeked in...ALL FIVE... of my kidlings were there. I took some photos....and then something cute happened.

Jessica sat up, looked around her bed like a proud mother hen ( she had the two littles in her bed), she smiled at me, then got up. I said where are you going.....no response....she walked to her dresser, and smiled and said the tooth fairy was here. ( she had two teeth pulled several days ago and had forgot until last night to put them out....yes she still believes...or knows a good $$$ thing)
She then crawled back in her wee spot in the bed....closed her eyes and with a smile fell back to sleep!!! She probably thinks that I was the tooth fairy.

Since I was now very wide awake...and oh yes...Laura saw my photo that I posted and started texting from work....I decided....what better time to write a post....( PS for anyone who reads and wonders about the room decor...the girls have partly removed some dated wall paper and are first in line for a room makeover)

Jessica, Cooper and Georgia in the corner

Jacob on the spare mattress

Bed to herself....Sarah

Cooper 'tuddling' next to Jess

She wakes with this sweet smile

Oh my sweet Georgia

Goodies from the tooth fairy.

Mother hen Jess goes back to sleep

I am missing these precious children already!!!!
Love them all so much

Monday, July 29, 2013


 Tuesday evening came and with it more family. Laura and her cousin Annie made the journey to Yorkton for a couple of days of family. Laura wanted some sister time, and Annie, well she's my fourth daughter !!! It was great to have them with us, and I really appreciate them making the trip.
Here are some peeks at their time with us.


The kiddies always love seeing their Auntie, and Annie
First order of the evening was a trip for 7-11 slurpees!!
Then Laura challenged them to some Insanity exercises
I think Sarah was the only one to keep up with Laura 

even Olivia joined in....love the tippy toes
We played games....Settlers and Dutch Blitz....

I think this is after the first late night!!!

that's Annie behind the fan

Cooper playing his own games

enjoying Kathy's homemade Mac and Cheese

Of course when Annie comes the girls line up for manicures
She NEVER disappoints


Next on the to do list was crochet lessons with Annie.
Poor girl got no rest.


Lots of fun



A few fun photos at bedtime

My first finished project

One of our models

I forgot to mention that on Thursday we added five more people to the dinner table. Tanya and Richard Kinner, and three sweet kiddies dropped in on their way to Saskatoon. Unfortunately with such a crowd I neglected to snap a photo!!!

Saying good byes
Thanks for coming

Friday was a morning with good byes as Laura and Annie headed back to Calgary.
Kathy and Jeff headed to Saskatoon for a night away from home for Jeff's birthday.
So we packed our bag too....our swim bag and headed to the Gallagher Center.
This is a great aquatic center about 1.6 km. from here.
We had waves, a huge slide, a lazy river with inner tubes, a kiddie pool, a deep diving pool with a rock wall.
We swam for more than two hours and had a great time.

After the swim we walked back to the house and saw this unique doggie yard on the way home.
Doggie door at the peak of the roof!!!

Poppy then took us all out to McDonald's

We had some tired kiddies at the end of Friday


Never far from my thoughts....are my east coast girls....love when they send me some photos

Emmy is modelling her new glasses and Finley is just being her cute self.



Saturday, July 27, 2013


I think that the first photo of over one hundred in my blog photo file says it all....it's been another crazy week in Yorkton.....right Cooper aka Harry Potter !!
This week has been a beautiful one in Sask...a little rain, and cooler temperatures. Tuesday we were invited over to Amy's ( or maybe we invited ourselves!!!) to have some pony time. Everyone had a great time, and it was fun to see Amy and her children back from vacation. Amy is a very gracious friend of Kathy's who gives we city slickers some cowboy experience. If I was here much longer I think I would be ready for the cowboy boots!! They look so cool when you jump into the saddle. Most of us had a ride or two, but the cutest cowboy had to be miss Olivia, who was so excited to mount. In fact she actually refused her Mom when it was time to dismount.


patting Odie

Gracious Amy

where are my stirrups....giddy up!!!

Getting ready to solo


Hi Boomer                                                                       This gal  loves ALL animals.
    Then it was time for the OLD folks


City slicker





such a natural....come on wife....your turn!!!

YES...it was my turn but the horse that I was to ride had a children's saddle on it so I had to climb on from the fence
and I'm just so agile.


Two delightful backsides

keep scrolling.......I'm having a techno error









                              Can't forget the donkey
So that was Tuesday morning.....then back home to get  ready for our next house guests.....stay tuned.....more posts coming soon to a blog near you!!!      Thanks Amy and Family