Sunday, June 26, 2011

Forgot again

You know people joke around about memory loss, but it seriously bothers me...but I forget why!!
Anyway...when I wrote about the great talks and lessons that were done just for me I forgot to share one other thing. I received a gift today. My sweet friend Patti D. is moving ( that's not good) but today she gave me something that I really like. It was a jar full of little papers. Each paper has a thought on it. What a cool thing to have. It's right here by my computer. I really want to read more than one but that's not the idea.... My thought for today says...
Every action in our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity.

Now I could write a post on that...couldn't I ??? ( and other ones each day...I just might!!!)

That thought certainly is a great truth. We know through our gospel knowledge that this life is just a small part of a great eternal plan. Just like I've always tried to teach my children, actions are followed by consequences....we really are getting to choose the outcome by the action we choose. Before I talk in circles...Heavenly Father knows what's best for just be a good kid...follow the Savior, keep the commandments, love one another,listen to your Momma and eternity will be out of this world happy!!!  Peace and quote someone that I love dearly!!!

and remember my other favorite quote:


PS great news from the south shore....the girls have crawled up the stairs!!! what a fun summer ahead for Mike and Keah!!!!
PPS...I cheated and read one more...tell me what you think it means....

Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

Thanks you!!!!

WOW....I'm glad that I got up today!

Today has been a good day, almost....I know you're saying Jackie you could have left out the almost....but I try to be totally honest. I actually just posted my fb status as how amazing church was today. Maybe I should have stayed there.

So that was a rambling start...I tend to do that. I actually knew that I would write again today because I made that decision while sitting in church. Church was amazing today......let me elaborate here....when I got up this morning I came to my special room to read my scriptures. I started by reading from Doctrine and Covenants 6:14-16. ( for those unfamiliar with this's scripture received in the latter-days...ask me if you want to know more).....anyway as I read from this section I really received strong impressions that the Lord was speaking to me ( not just old Oliver) It spoke to how I need to be to receive answers in my life. I read it over and over. It also made me think of Laura, so she got a Momma's mini-sermon....( sorry about that LB). After I finished the read I glanced back at the chapter preface and what had I previously written there....Personal Revelation.

Now...on to church. Side thought can people go through their week without church. I love going to church. It brings me so much closer to God, and it recharges my spirit and gives me some special love that I need right now.

Well, today I was asked to give the opening prayer which I agreed to. When I went to pray...the Spirit grabbed me....I knew that I was going to have something happen....Sacrament was very inspiring, and such a reflective time. Then Patti spoke, and she touched my heart. She is such a good woman. After a song from the choir, Doug Choo got up to speak....that's when it happened....he gave a sermon just to me. It was indescribable how it reached into my very being. The topic was personal revelation and it reconfirmed in my heart and soul that God hears little old me....and I will be okay.

 How deeply grateful I am for prophets on the earth once again. For the fullness of the gospel in my day. For inspired speakers. For the knowledge that I have received and that I know to be true...I know this!

I'm also grateful for sitting next to my friend Kathy. For a touching visit with Nancy....I so love that girl and her family. For lots and lots of minutes with my favorite girl Erinn!!!!!!!!! I love her so much and I'm so glad that she comes to see me each week, and that she was at church today. I adore her family...Allie gave me some minutes, and we welcomed Jordan back today too!! Rhonda was released from her library calling, and I will miss her. Today I realized how very much that she has taught me and I'm so grateful to have her friendship. So many others took the time to speak to me today...both Patti's, Malcolm, Jack,Jennifer, Sharon, Teresa, Monica, Jessica, Karlie,Elizabeth,Donna,Elissa,Brandon, Greg,Colin, David,Marley,Scotlin,Vivian, Gwyneth,John,Lynn,Chad,Melissa and so many lucky am I!!!! No luck indeed...blessed. Then I went to Sloan's SS class and he taught as always....supremely!!! He spoke about how we pray ( based on readings in John-Christ's intercessory prayer) He pointed out how it was like the Lord was giving his report to Heavenly Father.....and then he asked how our report would be....My first though....scary!!!

On to Relief Society and again an incredible lesson by someone that I've decided that I need to know better. Ashley taught a great lesson to me. Thank you. I will get to know you better!!

Back to the library, more hellos and good-byes. I really didn't want to leave. As I drove home I stopped at my friend Joan's to check in on her. She has had a few sad months. Her brother died not too long ago, and then this weekend her only sister died. She thinks on her life , and her gospel reflections
are again inspiring as she faces this challenge.

So see what I mean.....or maybe you don''s all up to us each individually how we choose to feel. I am grateful that I got up and went to church. I'm looking forward to a peaceful Sabbath day. Hope that yours is too!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life is..................

Well dear continues to be full to overflowing.....and for this I know I am grateful...just sometimes tooo busy and tired to write about it. I am really trying to get a few routines going better in my life. I have been doing much better with my morning and evening prayers, and really enjoying my scripture reading times...once again. I am trying to work on either sewing or my cards more, and in some good books, visit with my senior friends/family, enjoy my grand children, help my children....and oh so much more. I've been to a high school  reunion ( did I write about that yet???), an amazing Temple workers gathering, attended a very special Temple sealing, work with my ELLA supremes, started walking more...with my ipod, also some biking.....and here are a few of my recent favorite photos....

Who said to let go Mom!!! help!!!

my five fabulous monkeys

my little monkeys at the prom with Mom and dad.....oh how they are growing

and yes another prom night with the folks!!!

love this photo....hanging out at the park!!!

attempting some doll clothes...lots of fun

and a jacket

we're all still missing Laura...lots

my easel card!!!

I love sock monkeys

a doll skirt...matched a skirt Jessica made at school

my reversible aprons have been fun to make...

So that's the busy-ness of the past few weeks.
I'm also still on a journey to find some peace in my heart. I'm looking for something that seems so out of my reach these days. I can't really write about it but it is on my mind all the time. Part of it involves the ability to communicate and feel that you are understood.

Today, on the way to the Temple ( oh how I love going to the Temple) I was listening to some old Michael MacLean. The words of one song ( a song about Joseph the carpenter, husband of Mary) said I was not his father, he was mine.....really moved me to think about being the parent of Jesus Christ and what that must have been like. Then I thought about how hard it would have been to have your son crucified.....this led me to think about my own dear children. I just want to say that
         I love my children so very very much!!!
 I hurt with them, I celebrate with them, I laugh with them....and I especially love watching them the the fine adults/parents that they are. I am so honored to be their Mom...and some days I wish that i could go back and have them little all over again. ( just some days)
I love sharing pictures of them, and celebrating who they are!!
It's also the icing on the cake to have my beautiful grandkiddies!!
I love their beautiful hugs,holding their hands, pushing them on the swings,making them cookies and doll clothes, snuggling a sleepy baby, and oh the joy of reading story together.

What's ahead.....I think about places that I'd like to visit....things that I'd like to learn to do....maybe back to knitting someday...more more wedding....peace in my heart.
All for now....I am very blessed!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Just had to copy and paste this from Laura's blog ( thanks Laura)
Wanted to celebrate this great occasion and blog this great news!!! Hip hip hooray Laura !

Laura Beth O'Hearon RTR

She has worked very hard for the past four years, and this momma is proud of her.
I think that I'm excited too because our last child has finished school!! Twenty-nine years ago we took our first child to school....lots of learning has happened in our family. I am really very proud of each of my children....for their individual accomplishments and for the fine adults that they have become!! They are all very  determined , hard working people. I remember worrying when they were little that they would have trouble with reading...and always heaved a sigh of relief when they had mastered the basics....they actually all turned out to be avid readers, and between their blog writing, and a novel that Michael works on...I guess that I can stop worrying about them!! Thanks children for making me the happy MOM that I am.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Are you a fan of the Carpenters musical team...Richard and Karen ? They were favorites from my younger years. I did think of this song though as I dragged myself to the pool on a blustery rainy Monday. NOW...I could choose to complain here...yes more rain....but instead I will simply state...rain makes things grow, fills our wells, washes away grime, makes it easier to see I am actually writing about attitude...and it does make a difference.
I ended up having a great swim and that always makes me feel good! I got lots cleaned and organized in my kitchen ( even the dials on the stove got removed and cleaned).I got to talk with my Laura while she walked to work. ( more rainy tears when I hung up!! ) but I'm doing better.
I'm going to take a break from cleaning and make a birthday card for a sweet friend....then maybe even start a new book.
Thanks for the rainy day at home.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Those were the Days my friend

Yes, those were the days my friend.....and now we're all turning 60!!! The class of 69 has met once again and what a fun reunion it was. This is  my second one ( there have been 3) and it was great to see everyone, and great to even add a few new faces. Ah..... the memories that we have had together, and what a great time over a delicious dinner!! Here are a few photos....
One of several great decorations....this reunion committee is awesome!!
Girlfriends...from even junior high days
Me,Pat,Judy,Judi and Vicki

Gerald and Pat....doesn't she look like a sweet high school girl

Me and my favorite classmate...Greg ( eh Miss Purdy)

One of our great organisers ( Dave) with Mr.Sutherland ...yes...a teacher....he started
the year before we graduated!!!

Gerald and Judi ( you're still gorgeous J)

Janet, Elaine and Gladys

Pat and Esther ( Jr.High friends too!!)

The whole gang

Greg, Cathy and Liz

Me,Peter and Mike

Esther and Mollie

Thanks to the great committee who brings us together...sure hope we continue to add on more members!!!
This weekend was also cardmaking  time with my creative daughters and friends. I really enjoy learning from them all. Saturday was my Temple time and that was wonderful.
We had a workers devotional after and I didn't think that the day could get any better!! BUT IT DID.
The guest speaker was unable to attend ( at the very last moment) and so we heard from the Robinsons, Veinots and Websters.....and words really can't express the powerful spirit that spoke through these special individuals. It certainly reaffirmed in my heart and mind that God works through others.
Each of them spoke, quite simply, just to me and I was so edified by their thoughts. The devotional had an absolutely divine choir of angels.....and then the whole thing was capped off with a healthy hearty buffet.
Sunday completed the weekend with a great sacrament meeting, lots to do in the library, and then a super lesson in Relief Society on obedience....willingly or unwillingly...what makes the difference. Great spiritual feast indeed. I spent the afternoon alone, getting dinner ready for Kathy and my Fab five. All was good there...with some fun checker games, and one crazy game of trouble. The kiddies and I also made a visit to Aunt May with all in all a great day.
Indeed...those were the days my Friend!!
I'm glad they never end
I am counting my blessings!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Diary

I really feel like writing tonight, and it's still early, but I'm not feeling inspired. I've had a busy couple of days but I'm not feeling a diary entry. It's been a strange time for me lately, lots and lots happening, much of it great fun, but I still feel so empty and alone. That's what really perplexes me.....why feel this way when you have much to celebrate.....wish that I understood my emotions better. Time will tell...

Here are a few of my happy times...
Disney Birthday girls

Our Disney Nelsons

Proud Mom and her graduate

A favorite new picture of the Bings

My early morning sleepover buddy!!!

Playtime with the girlies

Just love those eyes

Modelling our new Bathing suits!!!

The Castle adventure

Other events of late have been a surprise 65 birthday party for my brother Eric. Always good to be with family. Wish that I'd taken my camera to film the 60's outfits.
Exploring my card making genes....I'm  really enjoying this.

That's it for now...sounds like a diary....dear diary...what's wrong with me??

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thinking of you

Well, I am thinking of you dear blog. I have composed several entries early in the day in my head, as I swim, or later in the day as I hustle from one commitment to another, or when I read other diligent bloggers ( especially ones who write almost every day), or when I'm too tired to hardly think ( like right now)
I do like to post pictures too...but the energy to do so left probably two hours ago. So is a quickie but I do promise to post better very soon.

My thought from the pool...I called it Decades....I really was reflecting on the six decades of my life. So here they are

|Decade one....1951-1961....happy ten years of childhood. Youngest of four children and the apple of my grandfathers eye ( or so I thought) until my younger brother Glenn was born when I was seven. When I was ten I visited Newfoundland for the first time (1961), and three year old Glenn fell from the ferry boat, between the boat and the wharf. ( I did not push him!! I really love the little guy) My hero Dad rescued him and he's still adorable!!

Decade Two...1961-1971.....more good times in a pretty happy family.Finished public school and went on to attend Dalhousie University. Junior High was a challenge being place in The Major Work Class ( it really was called that..Major Jerks by some), High School was toooo much fun....loved Friday night dances, Hi-Y, lots of friends. First introduction to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints...from my sister Julie (1971)

Decade Three....1971-1981.....Finished University.....and began teaching career ( to last for 34 years), Joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints ( a live altering choice), met and married my husband Bill ( 1975), gave birth to first child, a son Michael (1977), and a Daughter Kathryn 1979 ( both having the same birthday)

Decade Four....1981-1991....added two more beautiful daughters....Karen 1983, Laura 1989. Started to job share my teaching career with Kathi Vinson ( a wonderful team for 20 years)

Decade Five...1991-2001....son served a mission in France for two years, visited France, both parents died...Dad 1998, Mom in 2000.... met my half brother Jack for the first time ( feels like I've always known him) Bill also met his half brother, Bill...turning 50 was an interesting year for us both. Kathy graduates from Community College ( chef program) Daughter Kathy marries....First grandchild born (2001)...a girl, Jessica Kathy and Jeff

Decade Six ...2001-2011... Michael and Karen both marry. Michael graduates from SMU and St.FX...French teacher... Four more grandchildren born from Kathy and Jeff....Sarah, Jacob, Georgia, and Cooper. I retire from teaching ( 2007), visit the Islands of Hawaii,  Twin granddaughters born (2011) from Mike and Keah...24 weeks, very tiny 1 lb.4 and 1lb.5....4 months at the IWK and many miracles!! Karen graduates from SMU and Mt.Saint Vincent ( Elem. teacher)Youngest daughter Laura graduates from Dalhousie ( Radiology Tech)and moves to Calgary Alberta.

So that's a capsulated look at the past six decades.....I may edit it  later when I'm more awake....and even add photos!! Interesting exercise to reflect back on the decades of your life!! Hard to believe that I'm sixty sometimes

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So much happening...and no time to write...sooooo

Wednesday, June 1, 2011So we had a party.. this is me coping from Laura's blog.....adding just a few of my favorite photos from it.....check out her site for better coverage....

A farewell/graduation party to be exact! First off, I'll say sorry to whoever didn't get the invite. I wanted to invite every person I know but both my mother and our house said it would be best to draw some limits. I also didn't realize how many people don't have facebook that I should have invited.. anyway, sorry, you missed a great time. So many friends and family filled our home last night. There was so much delicious food (thanks to Dad for buying it and my mother/Kathy for preparing it. It was phenomenal). I am done baking cupcakes for awhile. We made around 80 for the party. Our oven also decided to blow last night, sparks and all. It was quite the show. We are fortunate to have good neighbors who let us use their oven. Kathy and Mom sure did get their workout running back and forth with the food. It made for a perfect night!

About a week ago, my lovely Alyssa sent me home some treats from YSA conference. She sent home moustaches and they were loved to bits and pieces last night. There is just something about a moustache on a stick that makes my heart happy. I appreciated her for thinking of me and for everyone there who supported me in my madness. I truly know it was through love and support that I have made it to this point of my life. I admit, moving is overwhelming but I know it's what I need to do. I just need to take that leap of faith and the rest will fall into place. I know I will have family and friends in Calgary to provide me with the same kind of love and support and I look forward to discovering that.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to my party. It was so great to see people, some whom I haven't seen for years. I felt like it was a reunion with so many wonderful people and I was touched that people took time out of their schedules to come bid me farewell. Ahhh, I still feel overwhelmed. I am also still overwhelmed by the love and sacrifice Jeremy showed towards me this week. Let me tell you, he was so amazingly sweet to me. I know we have had some rough patches in the past year but wow. He was something else to me this week. I don't know what I did to deserve such greatness from one of my bestest friends. It was so great to have him here.

Not to sound like a broken record but I want to say thank you to my sister Kathy one more time. All my siblings are amazing people but Kathy outdid herself last night. She shines in the kitchen and it was thanks to her that bellies were happy last night. Thank you to everyone else who contributed food as well. It was appreciated mucho!

The party lasted 5 hours and a great 5 hours they were. I spent the remainder of my day with Jeremy as he left bright and early today. Bummer! The tears began in the car ride to the airport and I can guarantee there will be many more today. ( For sure...adds Momma) I've got packing to finish, people to see and places to go. =)

I do plan to get back to the blog world....just for memories sake....I will have lots to fill the pages....Disney, birthdays, graduations...and just my happy life. I am soooooo soooooo blessed, and it's important to remember these things. Smiles from Momma O !