Sunday, September 29, 2013



Good morning nanny...the sun is rising, let's get going. Emmy was true to form and first to knock on my door...6:30ish I think it was....but she's such a ray of sunshine that who notices how early it is. ( probably her mom on most days) This was followed shortly by Finley and it was early morning giggles on Nanny's new bed, and some great story time....down for time, and finally Momma gets up...just kidding Keah. A much deserved sleep in for her. The rest of the morning involved  a visit to a fun card/scrapbooking store, followed by McD ( girls request), fabric store then home. I love my visits with these girls and they end way too soon.

Home called though, and I hit the road once again. I felt impressed to make a stop on the way home and had a brief but enjoyable visit with Debbie Learmouth. While there I received a call from my weary sister, and I was off again....time to scroll the photo story

Sorting toys into their toy bags

Emmy reading me her menu

Meanwhile at the ice cream store
Lots of shopping makes a girl hungry!!
Thanks Poppy

Back home it was face time fun with Auntie Laura


So It's off to the hospital to snatch my sister. We hit Darryl's for some yummy chowder, dessert and a break for Julie. Back at the hospital it was crazy time with Bill, since her didn't break out today as planned. After a short visit with Eldon Bezanger, I dropped Julie at Penny's then headed home for some Grey's Anatomy

and Envelope making with my new favorite card tool
 and to close out the blog....
This was a quick peak at my crazy Friday


Cake baking

catalogue browsing

Book reading and spoils with Poppy's been a busy week



Bridgewater...then on the Olympics

Wednesday continued....late in the afternoon I hit the road....and headed to Bridgewater and my delightful gym princesses....a pretty exciting day for was oh so much fun to watch them explore, interact, take instruction....and so much more. Emmy was the model student, Finley not quite there, as she preferred to do her own thing. This did certainly improve, especially when it was linked to ice cream treats...This is certainly a great activity for both girls, and momma. I can hardly wait to see them again. Following our class it was definitely time for ice cream sundaes then home. Back home we had some great play time, stories then off to bed for the girls. Michael was late at school for an award night....but was ready for some games, and of course he won both Catan and Dutch Blitz.


Finley edging her way to the group I have to ??


Warm up stretches, tucks, and stars


Yes, you have to join the group Finley



Way to go girls!!!!!

Break time

Look at her go!!!!

Lots of fun for sure!!!


                       Oh My these girls are growing up so quickly !!