Saturday, October 31, 2009

My final thoughts for October

Today I did some reading from the Teachings of the Prophet's series....and the following paragraphs really hit me! It's a bit long, but the message made me want to shout'Listen up everyone!!!" I wish that others could experience what I do when I serve in the Temple. I am deeply grateful to have been sealed in the Temple...and to have my sweet family ETERNALLY!

I hope that some of my few readers will take the time to read this....I'd love a family Temple night, even if were just once a month

"No sacrifice is too great as we strive to unite our families through temple work.
I shall always be grateful, to the day of my death, that I did not listen to some of my friends when, as a young man not quite twenty-one years of age, I took the trouble to travel all the way from Utah County to St. George to be married in the St. George Temple. That was before the railroad went south of Utah County, and we had to travel the rest of the way by team. It was a long and difficult trip in those times, over unimproved and uncertain roads, and the journey each way required several days.
Many advised me not to make the effort—not to go all the way down to St. George to be married. They reasoned that I could have the president of the stake or my bishop marry me, and then when the Salt Lake Temple was completed, I could go there with my wife and children and be sealed to her and have our children sealed to us for eternity.
Why did I not listen to them? Because I wanted to be married for time and eternity—because I wanted to start life right. Later I had cause to rejoice greatly because of my determination to be married in the temple at that time rather than to have waited until some later and seemingly more convenient time. …
I believe that no worthy young Latter-day Saint man or woman should spare any reasonable effort to come to a house of the Lord to begin life together. The marriage vows taken in these hallowed places and the sacred covenants entered into for time and all eternity are [protection] against many of the temptations of life that tend to break homes and destroy happiness. …
The blessings and promises that come from beginning life together, for time and eternity, in a temple of the Lord, cannot be obtained in any other way and worthy young Latter-day Saint men and women who so begin life together find that their eternal partnership under the everlasting covenant becomes the foundation upon which are built peace, happiness, virtue, love, and all of the other eternal verities of life, here and hereafter. 5
I cannot emphasize too strongly … the necessity of the young people of the Latter-day Saints coming into this House, to be properly married and start the battle of life under the inspiration of the living God and with the blessings of the authority of the Priesthood of God held by His servants who administer in the Temple. I want to impress upon your hearts that you can do nothing, that you can make no sacrifice but what sooner or later the reward will come to you, either in time or in eternity, and almost without exception when we make any sacrifices in the line of duty in performing those things that are pleasing in the sight of God we get our reward during our lives. 6
A little over a year ago I made up my mind that by planning my affairs, by staying away from lectures or concerts or theatres or operas, I could go to the temple at least once every week and have ordinances performed in behalf of some of my loved ones who had passed away. By making up my mind that I could do this I had no difficulty whatever in going through the temple once a week during the entire year. … True, I have had to miss perhaps an opera or theatre or some other function at which I should have liked to be present, but I have had no difficulty whatever. …
We can generally do that which we wish to do. A young man can find an immense amount of time to spend with his sweetheart. He can arrange affairs to do that. We can arrange our affairs to get exercise in the shape of golf and otherwise. We can arrange our affairs to have amusements. And if we make up our minds to do so we can arrange our affairs to do temple work, judging from my own experience. 7
I believe that if I can find the time to go to the temple and to do temple work once a week, there is hardly a man in the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but that can find time if he wishes to plan his work accordingly. I am speaking of people who live where there is a temple, and not of people who have to travel a long distance to get there. … I do not know of any one that is any busier than I am, and if I can do it they can, if they will only get the spirit in their hearts and souls of wanting to do it. The trouble with so many people is they do not have the desire. 8
To my mind, one of the great privileges that we as Latter-day Saints enjoy is that of doing temple work for those of our ancestors who have died without a knowledge of the Gospel. …
… If you get it into your heart and soul that this is one of the most important things you as Latter-day Saints can do, you will find a way to do it. "

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aloha and au revoir....until we meet again

These three photos should follow my reflections blog.....but I'm still learning how to move these things...
We say good bye to some more wonderful missionaries
Val, Rick and Elder Jesse Cooper.

The Coopers at Peggy's Cove
We're really blessed in this area of the world to have some amazing missionaries serve us. Elder Cooper was one of these missionary giants...and it was a sweet experience to meet his parents and have them stay with us. They will be our 'aloha' friends forever.


I think about this place of expression more often than I thought I would. Today, for instance, as I sat in Stake Conference....I wondered why we listen so often to great advice and then we don't do much with it. Now I'm not saying that I don't try...I really do....but I wondered about the people who just didn't seem to be too with the whole listening thing....they looked sleepy, or distracted....I was listening but every once and awhile someone would catch my eye or enter my thoughts...I started thinking that wow if we could all be doing what is being would be sooooo cool.
In particular I really tune into the Temple parts of the we all need to make the Temple a more regular part of our lives. I wasn't good at the Lord knew that I needed to be called to work there. I ABSOLUTELY love working in the Temple....I never want to leave....I love the people that work with me there, and the wonderful variety of humble people that come there each week. I am also trying to have a regular day to go there when I'm not working. The Temple is my greatest source of strength..and peace.
Stake Conference was very good...both Sat.night and Sunday. I was very touched by the women who spoke on Sat. night.....and today every talk whispered a special message to me. I liked a statement by Pres. Simpson...What are you doing on Earth for Heaven's sake?
This week has also been fun having the Cooper family with us....what sweet parents Val and Rick are..we've done the tourist thing, ate amazing lobster,attended the Temple, played wahoo, opened the house to a luau to celebrate Elder Cooper's mission completion......Val Cooper is the Hawaiian energy bunny....such a sweet thoughtful lady and such a loving mother......loved being a part of their special reunion!!!
That's all for now.. pictures may come...but I'm behind in that area....too much partying

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So many blessings.

The Kidlings jump.... take one

The kidlings jump....take two

The family JUMP.....take 6

I know...I said that I wasn't going to keep blogging....but I really wanted to write about this grand holiday called Thanksgiving. I do love it.....Kathy and Jeff had us all back again....and oh this is such a treat for me. They are BOTH such amazing cooks and everything was delicious...the turkey done perfectly, dressing..delicious....I tried duck.....veggies were a plenty...wonderful homemade rolls,perfect cranberry sauce...and oh the desserts.....pumpkin,apple,lemon,cocoanut cream pies and amazing cheese cakes.....pumpkin and toblerone......NOW how blessed are we....and my WHOLE family was Nelson family too.
I love the cooking break...but I especially LOVE the family time....we took so many fun pictures..but the above group one is a favorite for me. Laura also had us do some fun poses and if I can fugure out how to add them I will.
I know we have one day of Thanksgiving, but as I pray each day I always have much to give thanks here goes.....
Family.....the best!!! Bill, Michael,Kathy,Karen, them all...add to that Keah,Jeff, Brandon, and .......
Grandchildren.....the icing on the cake.....Jessica,Sarah,Jacob,Georgia,Cooper.....and......
Extended family....brothers sisters....the best parents.....aunts,uncles,cousins.....isn't it wonderful how Heavenly Father really connects us all!!
Friends..........all sizes,shapes and ages.....I'm blessed with so many them all
Home....warm, comfy,not overly organized ( I try), welcoming, great neighbors, full of memories
Church.......such a large part of my life....full of such potential..and the answer to all of my questions beautiful and full of variety...freedom

Everything that blesses my life comes from the same Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have....where I came from, why I'm here and the beautiful promises of where I am going....above all the my family is forever. I am one very very blessed individual.......thanks to all who make my life so grand!!!