Monday, January 23, 2012

Loving Laura continues

I left off with party time at the Nelsons. Actually I believe that it was a One Tree Hill event, with some dance action thrown in. I stayed home with Emmy and Finley so I don't believe that I have any photos of that event...Friday is actually a little foggy for me....I think that there was some shopping happening, more Settlers and fun....I'll go through the photos and see what's there. Saturday was one more Laura was supposedly flying out early Sunday morning...NOT....more food times.  Sunday our sweet Olivia was blessed and then we gathered once again..this time with the Bings......great to have so much family time ( A little tired ) BUT so happy to all be together. Monday morning...

Oh how we love BOOKtime!!! ( especially on our bellies)
looking cute in their PJ's
Buy stocks with Lulu!!!
Says it all

Hi cousin....don't worry you'll grow...we did!!!

Big girls with the little girls!!!!! All so beautiful

Ballet ????

what do I do now?
Just look cute!!!

Loving time with Auntie Laura
Next post....Olivia is blessed.....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loving Laura

January is half over and it's time to post some memories. Laura arrived on the 7th and it was Christmas starting all over. It was SOOOOOOOO good to have her back home. It made for a busy week with lots of family around, and friends dropping by. Mike Keah and the girls came on Wed. for Keah to stay and give Laura some Emmy and Finley time. Karen was here lots with Olivia, and Kathy and kiddies came as much as school schedule would allow. We had a family dinner on Sunday, and another on Wed. then a pizza night on Saturday. Laura was supposed to fly home on Sunday, but to surprise her sister Karen she got her flight switched to Monday. Let's just post some photos...

Olivia came to meet Laura. It was a delightful surprise
Hello Precious little girl.

Everyone  happy to have Laura home

Watch my phone skills Auntie
Oh what joy!!
Sunday we all headed to church

Sweet dreams new momma

Down to Bridgewater on Monday.....lots of giggles!!

Giggles in our tent

Look at those dance moves!! Go Emmy

Not sure what the agenda was on Tuesday, but I'm sure that it was fun

All the kiddies together on Wednesday
Buddies for sure
We all love cuddles with Olivia

Loved seeing my Fab Four together

Love Family photos

 Hanging out at the Nelsons...all smiles

Let's be continued

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Part Two

Dear Blog,

And so we continue with yesterday's post!! After a very exciting Christmas we somehow organized for the traditional Boxing Day gathering.  This is when I try to connect as many family as I can. It was kind of off and on because we weren't sure when Miss Olivia would make her entrance....but  instead she made her entrance at the party ( well that's when she got to leave the hospital!!!) I think that this post will be a photo post...enjoy!
Hugs for my cousin....Jess is so good with the little ones
Dad and his boy!!

Olivia meets some of her cousins

Can I have her???

Taylor and her Nanny and Mom in the corner

Big game time later in the day.....Settlers!!
Always good to visit with Big Bro.Eric

Georgia couldn't get enough turns with Olivia
lots of visiting
Jane and Taylor

All for good to have family around ....They all mean so very much to me. The rest of the week was a bit of a blurr. Visits with friends and family,New years at home with Bill...watching TV......and now it is Jan.
Four more sleeps and Laura will be home.....I can hardly wait!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas Indeed

Dear Blog,

   I am very sorry that I have neglected you. I'll put it plain and days have been full!!! Today I wrote  down my 'to do' list and I included you and even though it is late I will post !!
   It is January 2nd but December was full of excitement. Besides being the wonderful Christmas Season we got an additional blessing in the arrival of Olivia Mary Bing. on Christmas Eve at 9pm.. (8lbs...22 in)She came to us after a full day of travel!! Her Mommy, Karen called me at about 6:45am to see what I was doing. I would usually be still asleep...but happened to be awake and reading. Karen's water had broken and she was home alone ( Brandon was at work) I quickly headed her way and the trip had begun. After a full day of labour, and some great strength by Momma Karen...Olivia made it here. Once again, watching one of my daughters deliver this sweet little child was something that no words could describe adequately...I was so proud of her, and once again in awe of this great process of creation.
Olivia stole our hearts instantly. Her eyes were wide open, and she sang a jubilant chorus!! Her sweet little nose captured my heart, as well as the curly blond hair!! It was wonderful to have Kathy and Laura ( via skype) in attendance, as well as Brandon ( of course) and his Mom!! What an extra special Christmas this has certainly made me reflective of the birth of our Savior so many years ago...and his sweet mother Mary!!

Christmas Day was certainly quiet compared to the Eve. It was our first Christmas in our empty nest and I will not moan about's not a positive thought....lets just say the staircase was empty :(

But not for long.....Michael, Keah and the girlies soon arrived and we all headed to have Christmas celebrations at Kathy and Jeff's
Much better already!!!!

The children truly make Christmas wonderful.
We had a wonderful visit and dinner with Kathy, Jeff,the fab. five and the Camerons...and Mike, Keah and their beauties. Kathy and Jeff are such a great team in the kitchen and everything was soooooo delicious. See I really had no reason for moaning ( well I was really missing Laura!!!!!)


                                                         New dollies

( not my best photography....kind of slipped in that area)
Fab five enjoying gifts from Laura

Boxing Day followed with our traditional gathering at out home.Karen, Brandon and Olivia got to join us so it was a pretty happy gathering of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
Part two to follow tomorrow