Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to chat

Well hello blogging world....if anyone even reads this blog. I'm having a bit of a down day so I thought that I'd follow Laura's example and write it out of my system. Really the day has been a beautiful sunshiny, blue sky Sabbath. Church was very uplifting thanks to some wonderful talks by the Relief Society Presidency and JoLynne....which includes my proud of her!!. They spoke about RS being strong and immovable and they delivered a fine program. The rest of the meetings went well and then I returned to my empty house. Then it hit me that I didn't need to go where I've gone for the past four months and that should make me very happy
(which it does) but it also left me missing Mike, Keah and their precious little daughters. I knew this would happen (being sad) cause I love them so much....don't read the next part Laura...cause I don't know what I'll do when you're all married and away.!!!!
There...I've said it...but you know what... it's not helping. Perhaps the trick is to just keep writing. I'm a bit frustrated because I tried to start this with a photo and it wouldn't upload properly...figures!!!! I'm still not too sure about this blogging anyway. I do love to read them but I usually feel that I'm not very interesting, and I still can't get the handle on making changes to the page, and even doing photos now!!!
Great....Bill just came in soooo I'll wipe my tears and write on. How has my life been...I really don't know where to start...I will admit that my main focus for the past four months has been Michael, Keah and the girls. Why wouldn't it be? I also know that some people probably thought that it all consumed me, which maybe it did...but I did what I did because I'm a mother and a grandmother...not perfect at either...but none the less this they led me to be available 24-7 if needed, and I'd do it again tomorrow if I had to! It was an often difficult time...for sure a roller coaster ride as we were warned it would be...but I've always tried to go on any rides that my kids went on. It meant that I may have upset others when I wasn't at home or available...but I think my family and friends all still love me. I do worry a lot about upsetting people and I try so hard to make sure that everyone is okay...but that's easier said than done.
Through these past four months+ I have learned several very extremely valuable things. Miracles do occur, prayers are heard and answered, and I have many wonderful people in my life!!! Watching sweet Finley and darling Emmy grow from their very tiny beginnings to the precious babies that they now are has been something I find very hard to describe. I've witnessed first hand the powers of the priesthood, and the marvels of medicine working together. The people who work at the IWK Health Center are like no other...I could start a long thank you list here, but they don't even read my blog...they'd know who they are if they did read it!!
I also have to say something about Michael and Keah. I have seen them begin parenthood like no one should have to. Keah has been a fighting momma since the moment that those babies arrived!!! Even though I was privileged to go into surgery with her on March 12 ( praying that Mike would make it here safely and in time for the birth) was a birth that began the long line of miracles to follow. I saw those dear babies first, and it is a beautiful imagine that I will never forget. How grateful I was to feel, as I watched so many hands work with these tiny bodies,that angels were there too. From that moment on I saw Keah grow to be a woman ready to protect and defend her girls no matter who was in her way. She learned all that she could, and asked so many good questions of the doctors and nurses. She rarely was away from the girls, and everyone grew to love her ,as I do! That is not to say that she didn't have her moments of fear, and helplessness...and that was so hard to see her have to pass through. Keah, if you ever read this, I hope that you will know that I do respect you for being the mother that you've become so quickly. I know that I didn't always make it easy, but anything that I did was purely out of love. No more needs to be said. Michael, today is probably the first time that I really understand what you must have felt like having to return to Bwater every Sunday and go for days without your wife and girls. This is my first day and WOW...let's just say...I'm feeling it son!! Kudos to you for getting through those school months. I miss you folks!!!!! I also learned how much you loved me ( not that I didn't already know that you loved me) but you and I had a few tough conversations and I always felt your love and respect!! You make me so proud...I love how much you love and respect your wife. She is so blessed to have you. I also appreciate how you have called on the Lord through your Priesthood.
I'm probably getting too personal...but I am one very proud mother and grandmother. Our family has been so blessed with these two adorable little girls. I have been so privileged to have been so close by and to have shared this time with all of you.
Now to my daughters....I just want to say thanks for being understanding, patient and supportive through these challenging days. Thanks for listening to me, for visiting at the hospital, for distracting me, for just being the special girls that you each are. A mother couldn't be more proud of her children than I have.

So folks, I do feel a little better. I wish that I could post a couple of special pictures....whatever.
I have done other things since March. I was called to serve in the Stake RS Presidency and that has certainly been interesting. I've enjoyed working with Trish, Nila and Debbie. I love visiting with other sisters in wards and branches here in NS, and working on our Woman's day in June was amazing. I was in charge of the Service project which we did for the IWK and it far surpassed anything that I could imagine....with 100+ sisters we made over 230 blankets, finger puppets, and cards
( for R.McDonald House) in hour hour. The rest of the day was also so uplifting, and really amazing. Prayers were heard once again..and it was a great success.

I've also continued to work with three special seniors in my life..and that always sharpens my perspectives of where I'm at..and where I'm headed. I don't want to write about that!!!

Saturdays continue to be one of my favorite days of the week. I LOVE being a Temple worker.....I work at the best place on earth, with the best boss and coworkers. I always come home feeling so valued, and loved. The peace in the Temple kind of picks me up and puts me right back on track. I only wish that more people could feel like I do...not mentioning any names here!!!

So maybe I should stop now for a while. When I sit tooo long my chubby feet get chubbier...and my old legs start to ache. I've put weight back on and I hate it...but I'm not dealing too well with it. I'm also letting my hair grow and so far so good ( I think) I got a new bicycle and except for the nasty motorist who made me crash last week...I love it. I haven't said much about my adorable first five kidlings....and well I love my may adventure stories....giggles...they are adorable, growing too quickly, entertaining, loving, funny, my best friends,absolutely precious and such a HUGE blessing in my life. Kathy you and Jeff are doing a great job!!! Love you all!! I've only alluded to Laura's future..I WILL HANDLE this too...I'm missing her lots right now....but thank goodness for email, telephones, skype, and airmiles!!!

I am a very blessed woman. I have the best family, and such a full life. I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with such precious knowledge...I want to shout from the housetops.

Good night for now....I'll keep trying the photo thing. Thanks to all of you friend and family bloggers....keep writing!!