Thursday, June 7, 2012


Dear Reader

My mind has been writing this post for several weeks...reflecting on my life and those who I love so much. My heart is very full of gratitude for the amazing family that I've been blessed with. I also ponder a lot the role of my motherhood, and what a choice choice role that is. It is also a never ending one, that can be exhausting, frustrating, joyful, amazing,  and so so so much more.   With my motherhood has come the role of grandparent...'Nanny" to eight beautiful children. I love them each with every fiber of my heart!!!

Now that was an emotional statement to open with. I'm 61 years old, and  have been a parent for over half of those years....35 actually. I have always questioned how good a parent I have been and I know that I have ranted about my shortcomings before. ( and I won't now)

Whats new in my life. I have continued to have numerous sleepovers with my fab five to give Kathy some help as she prepares for her western adventures. For the most part this has been a great time to have special times with these kiddos. I cry often at how much I will miss them....I can't even write that without tears flowing. Each visit reminds me of how grateful I am to be a Nanny. I also prove the old quote...there is a reason that we have them when we are's hard work at this age and I usually need a few days to recoup after each visit....oh the energy!!

I have to record a funny ( one of hundreds that come from Georgia) she kept belting out the words to'  It's my party...and I'll cry if I want to. After she sang the line...You would cry too if it happened to you....I ventured the question....what happened to make her cry ??? Georgia looks at me with a mischievous grin and says...Nanny it was the boyfriend....says me...what about the boyfriend...Nanny he farted at the party...giggle giggle.....oh my adorable Georgia!!!

Laura came home.....and it was wonderful!! She even pulled off a surprise arrival coming four days early and this momma won't complain. She planned this with Kathy who picked her up at the airport and kept her hidden all day. I had kiddies to return and when I got to the door it was locked. I rang the bell and Laura opened the door...I love surprising people myself...but I was totally shocked. Her visit home rejuvenated my sad soul.
It was just so nice to have her come into the kitchen each morning, and to have lots of family time gatherings ( tiring at times but so worth it!!!!) I loved having her friends drop in, play lots of games, visit fun places...the market, the candy store,the beach, Aunt Mays,church, Bridgewater, and just hanging out in our house. I love and miss Laura so much.....bring on momma's tears.

Thinking alot about Michael this week. He has been diagnosed with Ciliac Disease and I think this Mom is having sympathy symptoms...tired, crampy, and turned off of will be a big food challenge for him to go gluten free but it's good to know what is  behind the way he has been feeling, and this challenge will improve his life once his diet adjusts.

I've been released from my library calling of the past 5 years. I was ready for this, and I'm excited to be teaching the Adult Sunday school class. It answers my prayers to motivate myself to better scripture study habits.

I'm continuing to enjoy my card making and sewing. I finished the girls quilts and have been making lots of doll clothes, and ruffled skirts. I really want to have more time to work on these activities. That's something that I'm determined to do!!!!!

I'll close tonight's post with a note about the special little spirit that our newest Olivia is. She visits with us often and her happy little person just lifts me so high. ( as does her thoughtful Mom) I had her to myself tonight. We went for a beautiful evening walk, played on the living room rug, popped on our jammies and fed her, rocked her, and then just cuddled her for the rest of the evening. Thanks are beautiful.

Can't close without a picture or two.....

cuddling cousins
he's so sweet with her
my delightful 11 year old
jammie time!!
five in the bed.....and the little one said