Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is fun....just read my first post and I want to add another favorite summer activity. This August all of my sister Julie's children were home for a visit. We had a family gathering at Jack's cottage and it was a grand day. Here are some photo moments. Julie,Bill and the clan....

Having fun in the pool....great time for the little ones and lots of conversation for the cousins
I love these siblings...Jack,Julie,Eric,Dianne,Me and Glenn...just wish Mom and Dad were still with us for family pictures

The cousins reunited...minus Laura,Matt,Sam and a few spouses.

The potluck feast, plus BBQ's by chef Bill

Here I go.........

Well, here I go....for whatever reason Laura has convinced me to start a blog. It's maybe her attempt to increase my memory power, or lack of. I know that this frustrates her! Whatever! I do enjoy reading the blogs that so many of you write so I will make an attempt to do the same. Now the challenge will be to find something fun to write about.

I think that I'll begin by writing about the fun overnight that I had at Keji this week. Kathy, Jeff, and the kiddies ( all seasoned campers) had been at the park for almost a week. Laura and I headed down on Wed. We set our, or better Jeff set up our tent for us and then we headed to the lake to cool off. It was so refreshing after all of the heat of the past week. I love playing in the water with the children, and I'm so impressed with their swimming!

After a delicious spaghetti dinner,we headed to the Mersey River to canoe and kayak with Peter,Angie and family. It was amazingly beautiful and a perfect end to the day. OOOps....that wasn't the end no camping day ends without a campfire and smores. (and hot dogs) I have to confess the beauty of the land, and the peacefulness of the campfire was so wonderful. ( Just wish that Bill could have come.( He had to stay back in Hfx. for a soccer commitment)

Kathy making some delicious s'mores

Day two began with a wakeup from Jessica and giggling Georgia. Jeff made an amazing french toast breakfast with bacon,and sausages....why does food taste so extra good in the outdoors. Luckily, for my chubby body we headed to Hemlock Hardwoods for an amazing hike. The scenery there was so inspiring....and my hiking buddy, Jacob was absolutely precious. We had some great conversation, with my favorite part being our chat about how we return to Heavenly Father. He told me that it's simple Nanny...'You just have to die'........I love this little guy!!!!
Here are the cousins minus Cooper and Alex!

Jacob and I went bike riding through the park after the hike. Then Jessica and Sarah waiting for their time took me on another lap of the park.....they had me totally lost with all of their shortcuts through the woods! All in all it was a great time, too short for sure and I know that I will return.