Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Once upon a time

I just felt like I need to share my latest 'favorite' thing. Actually it was something that I did with a passion many years ago and now it has returned !! Am I confusing you all?? Now this might not excite too many of you but my passion is for genealogy, and most especially taking it to the Temple. I love going to the Temple. Before I mention genealogy I have to thank Tami for her aspirartions for 2010 and visiting the Temple. I go to the Temple every Sat. as a Temple worker but Tami's thoughts made me realize that I need to attend as a patron too. Anyway,I've made it a plan to attend at least once a month as a patron...and I'm trying to encourage a friend of mine to attend with me. We went today and it was wonderful for the both of us.

Now back to genealogy...hats off to the church leaders who have given us so many wonderful ways to do genealogy. The New Family Search program is very user friendly, and I'm loving exploring it.Long ago when my Dad was still around, I collected a lot of data for my side of the family and thanks to my sister Julie ( really she did all of the Temple organizing!!!) we have lots done. However...on the O'Hearon side we have been slack...Bill being the perfectionist that he is thinks that you practically need their dental records to send it to the Temple but this week we actually got some of his family names to the Temple. It was so exciting to do this. I have to tell you non-genealogists the Spirit of Elijah is alive and well at the Temple. Talk about a spiritual rush!!!

Now, I writing this because I think you younger generation need to know that this is not just for we old folks to do!!! NO NO NO....a few months back at one of our Temple meetings, Pres. Blake shared some info from the teachings of the prophet ( I forget which one) where we are told that genealogy needs to be done by ALL members of the family. That all family members should know their ancestry and participate in family history as much as possible. As a mom I'm not too sure how to get that happening better in my family. Think about it folks...what do you know about those who you will be with for eternity??

I really miss having my folks around to talk about my deceased relatives. Dad and I had some great yarns about the old days when we did this. I treasure those memories with him, and Mom too!! So if anything I want to encourage my kids, and the rest of you to take the time....better still make the time to know your family history. ( while the 'older' relatives can help you)

There are many many people waiting for you to do the work. Check out New Family Search...come to the Temple, and catch the Spirit of can't make it without them!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday I had some enjoyable blogtime, reading 'PEEKS' into some special people's lives. Now maybe I should send this to Kristi but since I'm a bit lame with computer stuff, I'll just do it here. Hope you understand Kristi.

Now my PEEK will not have pictures because they don't allow cameras in this special part of my life. I tried once and got told!!! My PEEK is at the pool. I go to Dalplex pool every morning from Mon to Fri.. I have been going there for about five years. I could almost call it an addiction.

I'm sharing this as my PEEK because of my swim today. Here's why I love it so much. Today I headed down at 8:15am ( times vary) After some work in the Cybex room ( a new thing for me), I headed to the pool. I loooove the deep end, and after gathering up some equipment I dove in. My routine is usually like this....10 min. of breast stoke, 10 minutes with my body buoy ( works on the arm muscles), then 10 minutes with the flutter board ( works the legs) then the front crawl for 10....I slip in some on the back stuff but I'm not too good with this. Then I do about 20 min. of water latest passion in the pool. Now I do vary this....and for fun I bring my snorkel set for when I'm doing the crawl ( cuts out the head turn to breathe)

Today was a snorkel day....and I think I ended up snorkeling for over 20 min. As I snorkel I let my imagination go and I swim pass the giant turtles of Turtle Bay in Maui, or I see the coral and multitudes of fish from Hanama Bay. Those are dear memories of mine, and when it's -11 outside it's nice to remember that trip.

Now another part of my pool adventure is the fun friends that I've made there. There's Barney* not his real name.....but he's there on Tues and Thurs and he always chats about all that is happening at the pool. He likes his own lane, and gets annoyed if anyone comes to his territory....he's a tiny guy ( used to be a runner) but we say he runs things! Then there's Martha*, who wont swim if anyone is in her lane ( she'll wait ) and Betty* who buses all the way in from Bedford to run in the pool. My friend, ML has been swimming there every day...long before I started. If I swim with her she likes to the swim isn't quite as rigorous....I end up staying longer. We chat about recipes, movies and books. She comes at 6am for 30 I don't see her as often. There are many other characters but I won't ramble on with individual bios. Today though as I swam I thought of each of them from the Olympic Silver medalist who now coaches and plays the best music, to the Neuo.surgeon who loves Halloween decorations big time and likes to run with me on Wed..Once again it made me value the importance of friends in all circles of my life. I like to be friendly, and I have made some incredible friends along the way. I've even become a better swimmer because of it.

Lastly, I must say...swimming is a great exercise and such a peaceful time in my day. I'm deep in the depths of the pool....I've even swam to the bottom of the deep end....and it is a great place to meditate ( not on the bottom!), and think through the rest of the day. I do some of my best thinking there!!! I've even prayed in the pool. Having 60-90 min. down under really gives you some time for gaining perspective and with my crazy days, I need time for perspective. It's also so refreshing, and the hot shower after all is swam and done is fantastic. Give it a try sometime!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's on my mind

Hello to anyone who is curious enough to read my blog. Today I spent some time reading blogs and I thoroughly love all the talents that are displayed through these writings. I started to wonder if I was alot younger ( like most of you) what my blog story would have said. I do have a haphazard journal from the past thirty years of my life but I think if someone were to read it they would think me an alien who made periodical stops to the planet. No, the stories are not out of this world, but they are definitely written with little consistency. I do regret not being better at this, because now that I'm in the season of senior moments, those blanks in my journal drive me crazy. Was life just dull for eight to ten months at a time, or was I doing something too insane to write about.....or am I someone with a new identity...under protective custody?? Just kidding kids, you really are O'Hearons by birth.

Back to the earlier blogs. I was PEEKING into lives through the eyes of the far north. This lead me to making a phone call to my amazing friend Tami. We had a lovely long chat and this brought back many special memories of having her family here in NS. I want all of the wonderful families who have come to NS in the past, or who are here now to know that I love meeting you all, and I deeply appreciate having you be a part of my church family. I know that it can't be easy to come this far, and to be especially away from family.Your friendships and service have enriched my life.

Today I had a fun group of ladies over to my house. This is a group of Grandmother sisters in the ward. We gather once a month to socialize and spiritually uplift each other. Many of these sisters have been friends for a long time. I have learned so much things from these ladies..... mothering tips,cooking new recipes, sewing, scriptural understanding and so much more. I am very grateful for their examples, and even more their friendships and unconditional love. We all need these kind of people in our lives . I hope that I can be good friends to many, and that my children have the same quality of friends that I have found in my life.

It's a funny thing how this blog makes me want to reflect so much on my life, and consequently that of my family. God knew what he was doing when he made Family....and it was good.

Okay no more reflecting. I am going to tell you about something that I've done for myself lately.Now generally mothers aren't good at doing something for themselves, but this wise old lady has learned that if you don't no one else will ( generally) Anyway, I have started to enjoy having massages. I found them awkward at first ( being such a shy person!!!) but really they are amazing. To help make it even more comfortable, I have a sister that I VT who works at a spa. She gives the best massages and I leave there feeling like a million bucks. Last week I signed on for a facial, my first ever and it was divine. I had a facial waxing and I kind of floated out of there. I booked my next session for my Feb. birthday and I may go for a manicure with this one!! I don't quite know how I made it to my senior fifties without hardly ever using makeup etc. ( mind you a do react to many of these things.) Now don't worry I'm not having a midlife moment...but folks you have to feel good sometimes and a massage is a great place to start!!

I often feel like I ramble too much when I blog. I'm going to close shortly and head to the phone to wish a dear friend Happy Birthday. As I close I want to say that next to my precious family, I value my friendships a great deal. Thank you to all who have taken the time to get to know me, to be a comfort and a true friend. We really are never alone...but then again you know that!!