Monday, October 25, 2010


This blog has been on my mind alot lately. I have seriously thought of deleting it...but just can't decide. Tonight I'm sitting in a hotel room in Bridgewater ( I'm here for work, or I'd be with Mike and Keah). It's very quiet, so I'm going to write about smiles. I often sign my name with the word 'smiles' in front of it. I feel like it might make the person receiving my mail, also makes me smile when I do it. When I was a teacher I often signed my name as Mrs. :) .....that was supposed to be a real happy face.
Okay...back to my are things that make me smile.....first the picture at the top of my blog....I LOVE MY FAMILY

Drat.....I'm having trouble with the photo here is what else makes me no special order....

* People being kind to each other.
* A good book.
* Playing with my grandkiddies.....and getting their hugs.
* Talking with my on one
* Quilting
* Piano music
* A good swim in the pool
* Being listened to.
* A nice warm fireplace
* A good talk at church
* Pure Testimony
* A good hair day...I'm a little fixated on my hair lately!! Go figure
* Riding by bike
* Sharing stickers with my church children
* Good food
* Hearing from far away friends
* Memories of my Mom and Dad
* Learning how to sew a zipper
* Parasailing in Hawaii
* Serving in the Temple
* Friends
* Snail Mail
* Reading other blogs....especially my daughters
* Snorkling
* Respect
* Feeling love
* Compliments
* Laughter
* Beatle music in the car
* Girl's night
* Feeling good
* Sunshine and rainy days
* and I know there is lots more

I love taking pictures tooooooo...just wish that I could post them...I'll try again...
Didn't work!! Not smiling. I'm going to post this...then try one more thing.
That's all folks.....smiles....Jackie