Saturday, September 26, 2009

Muddles from my Mind

Well....I've come to a deep realization today. I am not a blogger. Sure, I enjoy reading everyones lives but I really dont have much to say. I also have been feeling that I am at the computer too much lately....I may even take a break from facebook. Now...with the muddle of my brain lately...this may change.....but really...only a few people seem to read my words.....and then I wonder....who am I doing this for ???? can you feel the muddle approaching.....well...I'm signing out for now. Please understand that I'm not putting down your many of them are wonderful!!! Maybe it's my age...and my time just seems to be fleeting by....hope all of my faithful readers understand.

If this is indeed my last entry...may I just close with this is short....make the best of it and know who you are. Remember where you came from and where you're headed. Think about your choices carefully and prayerfully. Be kind, and seek to know the Saviour. I also hope that I'll see you at the Temple sometime soon. Thanks for your kindnesses to me....much Love...Jackie aka Mama O

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My day runneth over...........

So, this morning I crawled quietly out of bed at 5:30am. I grabbed a bowl of cheerios,read my scriptures, then headed off to the pool. After a chatty swim with my friend ML.....I started to put in some serious lengths.....and it felt sooooooooooooo good. Even though it's back and forth it never bores me as I plunge under the water and escape the noises of this world.

After swimming for about 45 min...I went to the deeper end of the pool to water run. This is becoming a fun part of my routine. I'm not ready to do it without a belt ( it helps me last longer)
As I ran this morning I watched a multitude of people swim. There was a group of folks in a masters swim program....they were very impressive and so skilled. Then there were some soloists doing their own thing. Now you're asking.... why she is boring me with this pool narrative. I don't know, except that after running.. a swam somemore....and just felt overcome with a new energy. I know that this exercise/routine really gives me the 'me' time that I need each day. I love to swim under water and sometimes just dont want to surface.( I'm taking my snorkel tomorrow) I think that we often put our own selves at the bottom of the list and when we get to the bottom we're all worn out.

I don't make it a habit of going quite so early...but if you have to... it's worth it...having that time and a place to escape the noises and demands of the day are very important. I do some of my best reflecting while I'm in the water. I love the cool feel of the water, the rush of others swim nearby, the cute lifeguards( just kidding), the friendships, and the strength that I feel there. Do you think that we'll be able to swim when we move on after this life???

After the pool I headed to the Temple to serve....and that defies all words. We're on a cleaning break but working with the sweet people there was like another wonderful swim!!! It gave me a spiritual rush....and as my facebook status stated day runneth over!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When you wish upon a star..............

Can you ever think too much? I think that I do sometimes. I sometimes wake up in the morning and I feel like the day is half over because I wake up thinking about all the things that I have to do. Now maybe you're thinking that I should see someone about this but truly I've been like this forever. The truth be told I don't like being this way. Maybe everyone else is this way too...I've never really asked anyone. I just wish that sometimes I could have some free time in the thinking department.

Now the word 'wish' makes me think of something else that is on my mind....I hope it's okay to say this...but I do have a few wishes. I don't believe in the first star I see stuff...but here are some of my wishes:

-I wish that I could garden-flower and vegetables
-I wish that the outside front porch would get painted.
- I wish that the decks could get a face lift too.
-I wish that we purged better as a family.
-I wish that the Gospel came easier to some of my family members.
-I wish that I felt better about myself.
-I wish that Aunt M. was better cared for.
-I wish that someone trusted me better.
-I wish that more people went to our temple.
-I wish that I had better control over some areas of my life.
-I wish that I could run away for awhile.
-I wish that I could get some family history done with my husband.
-I wish that people would feel better....
-I wish that all of my children could be happy.

What a funny thing to do, but it felt okay to do.....wishes....I have way too many....peace, love, kindness,fairness, understanding......

I am glad that I am who I am. I was really blessed to be born when I was and to have the great parents that I had. I didn't always agree with them but I love them dearly. I miss them both so much. How I'd love to walk to their house, or pick up the phone and call them. So many people don't realize how lucky they are to have their parents. I always felt their love, and I came to understand it as I got older. Being my parent wasn't easy...but they helped me be a better parent because of who they were. I hope that I've been able to give something of value to my children.

That's my random thoughts for now.

Oh...and i should add that today I went to watch my little ones do their Sacrament Presentation. No matter how they're done, I always love to watch them. Jacob was so cute, abit wiggly, but I'm so proud of the little boy that he is. Sarah looked glad to have it over...but again I was proud of her coming out of her comfort zone and reading, and singing her parts so well. Jessica seemed so much older today. She is such a lovely reader, and she did her part with confidence. I am so grateful to see my grandchildren being raised in the Gospel. A Grandmother couldn't ask for more!!!...Well maybe....a few more grandchildren :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks for the Memories...Forty years later

It's often hard to imagine yourself in years to come....and I certainly didn't think to much about it in the sixties....those junior and senior high school days. However, as I mentioned in an earlier post my age makes me quite reflective on my life. Earlier in the summer I attended a High School reunion...class of 1969. It was lots of fun. A nice dinner and a whole evening of catching up with the HS Gossip!!! Here are a few shots:

These three friends were in Junior and Senior High with me.

This friend was actually in Elementary School with me...P-6, then again in High School.....

Some of the class of 1969...Queen Elizabeth High School

This past week I had three girl friends in for lunch....class of 1966. Oh the crazy memories that we's great to have the technology that let's us stay in touch. Thanks for the memories friends.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I don't know how I ever had time to work

My days seem to be so busy these many retired people say...I don't know how I ever had time to work. Often one days runs into the next and I have to stop and check a calendar to see what day it is. I have routines of sorts, but at other times it's hit or miss....or who grabs me first. I've been trying to keep up my swimming every morning...Mon-Fri....and even though sometimes I don't feel the motivation...I always leave it glad that I went. The pool is so relaxing and energizing at the same time.

I check on a few special senior friends, and often have little errands to do for or with them. Again, I always come away from this better than when I started. Saturday is my Temple day...and I do love that. I work with such wonderful people, and I love meeting friends and family at the Temple. It is such a wonderful place to work. I went On Thursday for an extra session, and that was very uplifting.

In between...I spend time with my family and friends....I'm posting a glimpse into a few minutes of the past two weeks.

Here is my sweet Cooper. He's growing so quickly....and you just want to cuddle him whenever you are with him. He's so aware of everything that happens around him. Love to know what he's thinking.

Then there's Miss Georgia....she's such a special little individual. I brought her home on Thurs. night for her own sleepover. She was so well behaved, and fun to watch. She loves story time, and she's developing such a dear vocabulary. I think that she delights to hear her own voice and to be able to say what she's thinking. She brought sunglasses with her....and she wore them every where that we went. We took a trip to the pool, but the cool water temp. of the Dal pool didn't thrill her too much. She's generally a little fish!! It was so much fun to have one on one with her...definitely the best way to have a sleepover.

Thursday was the ward corn boil. After a wonderful Temple session I borrowed the three oldest Nelsons to come to the corn boil with me. We had a ball, and before leaving we had to climb the hill to the they are outside the Tower. brought back some fun memories of corn boils with my fab four!! ( except when Mike broke his leg....that was an eventful corn boil many years ago!!!)

Here's shot of the corn boil. Delicious corn, and great company. It was a perfect summery Sept. evening.

Can't forget that we celebrated Sarah's 7th Birthday on Sept. 8th. Love these occasions when as much family as possible gathers to honor the celebrated one. Sarah is such a beautiful child, inside and out. She is now in second grade, learning piano, plays soccer, swims, and goes to Brownies. She's a soft spoken little girl, often hesitant in new situations ( especially if there are dogs anywhere nearby).....she adores her younger siblings especially baby Cooper....and she has a close sister friendship with older sister Jessica...friends and foes at times, as sisters can be!!!

I continue to realize how blessed I am. I have four of the best children....all very special in their own way.....and I am so proud of each of them. It is such a joy to be a mother..the best job on the planet. Grandmothering is the icing on the cake!!! I'm enjoying this blog stuff...good to reflect on life as it speeds by.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm not sure if it's my age, or the time that I spend with seniors, or being a grandmother.....but I do reflect alot more lately than I ever did. I do spend a lot of time with three ladies who are my seniors...ages...82,89 and 96. I so appreciate their wisdom, their humor and the experiences of their lives. I feel like I learn so much from each of them, and I love to serve them. Actually, service is a wonderful activity in my life, not just with seniors. I do love to help others, and it is true that you do feel the Spirit so much more when you give of your self.

I also love to have reflections when I swim each morning. In the quiet depths of the pool I reflect alot on the gospel and how it has been my strength and my direction in life. I always reflect on my family as I swim. I think of each of their needs, their challenges, and I pray for the best way that I can be a mother to them. I also love to think about the Temple when I swim. I review my covenants, and am overwhelmed when I realize the great blessings that I receive by attending the Temple. I'm excited to go there today.

Lastly, I love being a grandmother. I had the three oldest overnight on Sunday. We have such funtimes.....we made a restaurant in the basement!! During one of my one on one chats Jacob he made the following remark......I told him how special he was to me, and that I knew he'd be a handsome teenager one day. Before I could comment further on his teen days ( trying to teach some wisdom) he said...but nanny you'll be dead then!!!!! I said No way buddy...I'll be around when you get married....he gave me the cutest look and replied...married..who will I be marrying!!!...I was giggling too much to keep that conversation going.
Then moments later...Jessica and I were walking alone ( this was all on the way to the playground) the word 'date' came into the conversation....and I said dating Jess doesn't happen until you're 16.....she looked at me and said 'what....16...I'll never get married if I don't date until I'm 16...I think I'll start when I'm 14. My friend at school ( 3rd grade) already likes 4 boys.....just an added note...when we discussed this topic with her parents her dad said...not 16 Jessica...19!!!! Oh to be a young parent.....NOT.

Got to fly.....those are my reflections of late....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Now that I'm off and rambling I also feel a need to write about my husband. I married a very good man. He is kind, thoughtful, very smart, loving, and did I mention addicted to Disney!!! He is so like a little boy when he gets there, and I love to see him having a second childhood!! Marriage is not always a bed of roses, and husbands can have many other adjectives but I'm slowly(34 years later) learning that it's important to seek out the positive ones, and to see him only through those eyes.

Today I went to the Temple ( very early) and Bill was still sleeping. As I arrived in the Temple parking lot I realized that I had left my lunch at home. ( I'm there until almost 3pm) Realizing that Bill would be up , I called and asked him to put my lunch in the fridge so it wouldn't spoil ! I knew that Bill had soccer to prepare for, but ten minutes later a friend at the Temple gave me a message that Bill was on his way with my lunch. How I appreciate him!!!

Something else about Bill is the way that he takes time to spend with his Mom each week. He takes her shopping, and usually off for lunch. I know that this is a special time for her too. How I wish that I could do the same with my Mom. (call your Mom today!!!:)

I could go on and on about Bill, because he is my man!!! I love him dearly, and I'm grateful for him. I patiently wait for him to return to church, and that is very hard. I often see him there at the Temple (wishing!) Being his wife has taught me many things. Sometimes it has been hard, but like anything has been worth it.
Every Saturday I get up very early and head off to the Temple. While I've been assigned to be a Temple worker, this has to be one of the most enjoyable jobs on the planet. I work with the most pleasant people, and everyone who comes there is smiling. When I start my day it is always so very peaceful and quiet.
Today, as I drove to the Temple, I realized how much going there is like our journey here on earth. I knew where I wanted to get to today so I followed a specific road(s) that would get me there. There were many side roads, and other things to distract me. I could have stopped at numerous places along the way. And that's kind of what we do in life....we detour, we visit, we get side-tracked, and sometimes we get plain lost.
I knew what I wanted to do today, and where I wanted to end up. I knew what I needed to get there, and because I stuck to my plan or goal I made it there. So often in our lives it just comes down to following the right road ( good choices), listening to directions,( our leaders,scriptures,commandments,etc.),and having a destination ( back to Heavenly Father)

Well, that was my symbolism for today.....but what I also kept thinking while I was there was where is everyone? Don't get me wrong....even when just a few folks show up....I love it. I wondered how good a job I've done as a Mom to encourage my children to want to be there. I've been so very very blessed that the first three have married in the Temple, and #four has that same goal. I also remember as a young Mom how horribly busy my life was raising my family, working, etc.. We didn't have a temple close by so I didn't think too much about it. But now we see Temples rapidly filling the planet. There is a reason for that!!

Where am I going with this ramble...well this is to everyone who might read this...not just my wonderful children!! Set goals, be it only once a month, or once every two weeks....something....because I can tell you that you will receive more direction, and knowledge by going to the Temple than you can ever imagine. You will come to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost more in your life. You will know a peacefulness that cannot be found outside of the Temple. You will connect with your family for eternity. I know that this is so true!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Disney and Birthday time

The gang at Disney Hollywood...lots of fun....especially on the Tower of Terror.

The gang at Boma ( wish everyone in the family could be there!!) of our favorite eating spots....
The Disney dining plan rocks!! We did African, Asian, French, old American, and a character feast.

Disney decorates for Halloween early..........but oh so beautifully!!! Every time we came to the kingdom we found something new.

Back in Halifax, we gathered for Bill's Birthday..with our wonderful grandchildren. I'm always happiest when I can have all of the family together. These are the times that matter the most.

Each of my children are such special gifts to me. I'm a very blessed Mom!!

Disney again!!

Yes, Captain Bill took me back to Disney celebrate his Birthday. ( We did mine in Feb.) I'm not sure if they have a Disney addiction center but Bill may need it!! Karen, Brandon, and Michael travelled with us...and we had a fun few days.

Here we are at Chef Mickey's being greeted by Minnie. We also had two Flat Stanley's along with us which added to the craziness!! Lots of Fun having a kid for a husband!!!! Keeps me young.