Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words to think about

I began this post in Calgary...but ran into trouble posting the photos.....but with perseverance I did it!!!

It's a sunny day and I'm alone here in Calgary. I've kind of needed a 'be myself'day. I did a few things around the house for Laura, went for a walk to Chapters, and window shopped, visited the Mennonite church across the street to use their vaccum, and after a leisurely shower, I went on Pinterest. I don't do it very often but it is fun to look through and share the ideas of others. Today as I 'pinned' I was drawn to many of the colorful quotes on the main board. I love quotes that inspire so now I'm going to blog them for you!! In no special are some that inspire me..

                                    Always an important thought to remember
                            I love this many people give up too quickly

                                             Thought this was cute!!!!

                                           What would you have???

                                                     Such wisdom!!

                                               Oh how I love my children!!!!


                                           Words of a prophet-Gordon B.Hinckly

                                                         I believe this one

                                                         I love people like this!!!!

                                                   interesting thought and so true

                                                         wise indeed

Love this one...I line at the bottom says...
Sorry you missed it!!!

Hope these inspired you...feel free to share your to hear from you!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One more for the bucket list

I know it was quick.....but the experience will be with me forever. Let me backtrack a bit. On Sunday ( today is Tuesday) I flew from Halifax to Calgary. I arrived there at about 9:45 and was welcomed by my cousin Donna and her husband Winston. They took me to a special hotel ( the name escapes me) where we had a delicious brunch with a waitress extrordinarie!! We returned to Donna's where I had a divine nap while waiting for Laura to get off work. Once she arrived we began our journey to Washington....a long drive indeed. It was great to have this time with Laura. We talked, laughed, sang and even danced abit ( her more than me!!) We arrived in Washington at about 4:30 am....and I headed straight to bed!!
Now back to my video. Today Connie took me to my first experience with scuba diving and I'm not sure that I can find words to describe it. She is an awesome lady and an excellent teacher. She calmed all of my fears, and we had a wonderful time. I can't believe that I did it!!! I relaxed at the bottom of the training pool, attempted somersaults, played ball, and lots more. Connie tried to capture a few pictures for me...but I neglected to check that the phone was set for photos...and instead got four funny videos....the rest will follow.
Last thought....Washington is a beautiful spot and the  Dunfords have been wonderful to us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remembering my Mom

  Today is my Mom's birthday. She would be 87 years old today. We all miss her so much. Tonight my three daughters have been texting to me on a group text remembering their Nanny. How grateful I am that they all got to know her, and love her as I do. My mother died a little over ten years ago. She did not have an easy time leaving this world. One day as I sat by her bed I pulled out my journal and wrote down many of my special memories of her. I want to add these thoughts to my blog

Written Aug.31.2000
I was thinking about Mom this morning and reflecting on things that I remember most about her....going to the grocery store,Price is Right,Wheel of Fortune,Esquire Restaurant for chowder,hair appts at Sears, camping at Whispering Winds, soccer and basketball games, Christmas mornings,fixing the flowers at the graveyard, planting in her yard, never letting me pay for things, attending church together, walking through the Temple together,playing cribbage, clam chowder calls, shopping for Christmas gifts, picking her up at Sears, remembering catalogue numbers, her special poem to me about being a good mother, helping her with pets ( oh that Skipper), shovelling snow together, doctor's appointments, eating grapes, sharing her with friends ( everyone loved to hang out at our place), interview for my first teaching job, visiting in my classroom, wallking to my house and just showing up, Newfie poker with the kids, taking care od Dad together, spending time with grandchildren, looking at photo albums, sorting out medications, sharing books, watching 'who wants to be a millionaire' and Touched by an Angel, visiting with old friends and neighbors, housesitting for the Hatchers ( let's move the ornaments), trying to find Eric Hanns ( did that sign say Cape Breton,,,ooops), outdoor nativity, dinner at the Logans, partners playing cribbage with Vera and Corwin, walking in the Public Gardens, lunch with Donna and Aunt Irene ( LeBistro), tending the African Violets, filling the bird feeders, building a new shed ( leaky at times), going to movies, ice cream at Averys,  ( and lots of other places), getting thosse Christmas cards off, talks with Aunt Annie, Edith, Uncle Eric, Aunt Mable, attending funerals, church suppers and sales,  Father's Day lobster supper at all Saints in Bedford, wheelchair walks, trips to the vets, rice krispie squares,Thanksgiving dinners, Easter brunches, quiet talks, gentle tears, missing Dad,driving to Bridgewater to see Glenn, wedding showers, baby showers, minding my children,what a big day for Laura when she could cross Connaught Ave. to visit Nanny and go to Potties, coconut candies in the candy dishes ( mint chocolate too), checking on Aunt May ( oh that phone off the hook), checking in with Aunt Rene and Uncle George, doing a three sixty on the ice in that blue something, ford maybe, at the cornor of George Dauphinee and Peter Lowe ( why dint I drive on Chebucto Rd), encouraging me to keep teaching ( oh those first days at Richmond).....

That list could go on and on. Yesterday my mommy died. I had the choice blessing to be with her and I pray that I will never forget this great blessing. It was quick, it was peaceful. I knew the moment
that she crossed the veil. I miss her so deeply already. I woke this morning at 3am. and oh what an empty, empty feeling. My precious mother is gone, and oh how I miss her. The past few months have taught me so much. I have been at her side each day and I will treasure those days forever. I still feel like I have so much to tell her- oh how I love her.
Close to 11am Mom took several deep breaths, she had one moment of maybe fear/pain-then peace. She was gone that quickly. I was so grateful that Aunt Irene had come in moments before she died. She was thankful too. We hugged and cried together.

Mom, you were the best. My memories are precious and dear to me always. I will treasure you always. I know that you are with Heavenly Father and I will see you again. How great will be that joy.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you