Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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do you really think that I'll sleep!!!....excited for tomorrow

Just makes us giggle all over!!!!hahaha

Monday, April 29, 2013

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Sunday, April 28, 2013


I'm rereading the book called Divergent. This is one of Karen's picks, and it took her forever to read the second book. I can't start the second book until I read the first again. It's just one of those mind things....short memory...hahaha!! So now I'm reading Divergent again, and it fascinates me. The people in this story /world are divided into factions, with very distinct attributes. Beatrice, the main character reaches the age of decision...where she gets to choose the faction that she wants to belong to. She is first tested to see what faction she should go to...but her results show her to be Divergent...which is neither faction. She moves from being a selfless Abnegation, and chooses to initiate with the Dauntless faction....the protector faction.... those who offer protection from threats both within and without
Quoting from the book

   ' I think of the motto I read in my Faction History textbook: Faction before blood. More than family, our factions are where we belong. Can that possibly be right?
   Marcus adds. "Apart from them, we would not survive."

Some do not get a faction...and are factionless...rejected...homeless....dead to everyone else.

So why am I writing about this futurist piece of fiction...sometimes I don't feel that it is fiction.. just look at the world. What a miserable mess it is. The family is attacked on all sides. What will it be like in 20 years.

Elder Johnson, at Stake Conference,  asked us what we would write to our future grandchildren.....

Dear present and future grandchildren ( I'm expecting a few !!!)

    This is Nanny Jackie. My first grandchildren called me that. I used to wish that I was called grandma Jackie....but you can call me anything, as long as you know me.. Even though some of us haven't met here on earth, I know that I love you. You are a part of my eternal family, and that's because I am a member of the true church on earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...and I have made eternal covenants in the House of the Lord, the Temple.  Each of my children are mine for eternity, and each of them has married in the Lord's Temple. Your parents will hopefully teach you all about the Temple, and I will too. I hope that you come to understand the importance of the Temple long before you even enter it. Can you tell how much I love the Temple? It is the most peaceful place on earth, and you will come to know the Savior, Jesus Christ, and your Heavenly Father when you attend there. You will also receive amazing blessings at the Temple...most importantly the map to follow to return to our Heavenly parents.
      Okay, the Temple is very important to me. I also want you to know that Family is first for me. Even though you will have times when you don't want to do what your family wants, and your friends influence you to be someone else....in the end....it's the family who are always there for you. They love you most. Parents do know many things...listen to them!!!!!!!! It will not always be easy to do that, but they have an eternal perspective....please just trust me.
        Dear child....I want you to know that you are a child of God. I know that to be true. The gospel has been restored to the earth, and you are so blessed to have been born to a family that knows this.. This gospel will answer all questions that you have...but you will have to do your part.
       What is your part....read the scriptures...no, don't just read them, study them and treasure them.
       Attend church...all of your meetings and Serve God and others. It won't always be easy...nothing is...the church is perfect, but the people in it are not. They will make mistakes, but you must remember that they are learning too.
      Seek to know the Savior, and the great gift he gave you. It is called the Atonement and it will help you through every trial that you encounter. Jesus loves you, and he gave his life for you. He understands you better than you do. He really does!! I love Jesus Christ, and I know that he loves me and you.
      Lastly, pray. Pray with your family and pray by yourself. When you pray you are talking to your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They know you best and they want to help you always. Learn about prayer from the scriptures, your parents, your teachers and your leaders. It is a very very special gift from your Heavenly Father. He knew that you would need to call home so he gave you the best way possible, prayer. I know that he hears us when we pray, and he answers us always.
        Thank you for choosing to follow Jesus. I know that you chose him because you are here on the earth. He was the right one to follow.
       Be good, honest, and above all kind to everyone. My mother, your great grandmother, Mary Durnford told me to, 'Be kind to each other'. She was telling me to be kind to my brothers and sisters. It was the last thing that she said to me before she died. I love my brothers and sisters, and my parents. I have tried to teach that to my children, and I hope that you will value these words. Love your brothers, sisters, and parents. Be a kind person.
   I hope that I meet you soon and that you will always know how much that I love you.

                                                                  love Nanny Jackie

Great wisdom

I have been greatly blessed once again. I am daily given so many wonderful things from my Father in Heaven. I truly believe that. The past two days have been Heaven sent. I did my service at the Temple, and well, I can't say enough of how that lifts me above the mundane of the world. So many wonderful people to work with and to serve....I love being at the Temple.

This weekend was also Stake Conference, and it was tremendous. I attended last night for the adult meeting and the talks were so good. Here are some Jackie-lights from the talks

Chelsey Fraser....

such a sweet, and enthusiastic testimony of being called to serve her Heavenly Father in the mission field. ( she heads to Peru in a few months)

Sister Leavitt....

exclamation marks from our Heavenly Father...Sec128...yes Heavenly Father expresses exclamations...Book of Mormon our greatest protection and the means for saving souls


Barbara Walters story...keep it simple...three truths
1. We cannot tell by outward signs who will receive the Gospel
2. People do not need to be our best friends to share the gospel
3.We are successful when we open our mouths ( Costco and birds example)

D&C 124:12

Jonathan Fox ( how I love to listen to his gentle voice)

Concern for the life of your spirit....with these simple principles
-prepare yourself before the Sacrament ( repentance) pray for change in ourselves
-Sacrament Blessings...baptismal renewal,forgiveness,cleansing of the spirit
-worthiness allows us to be filled with the Holy Ghost
-between Sundays..now what....many distractions DC101:37
-don't let things of the world pull you away...strive to be close to Him daily
-create your own personal experiences with the Spirit

David Evans..

.Great things in history hinge on single events
What do I need to do to be receiving the joy of the Atonement
Come unto me all who are heavy laden.......

Elder Bennett ( newly called seventy)

 loved this mans whole talk....so engaging
Mormon moments...prominence in many areas of the world
sharing gospel doesn't need to be difficult
Boston Marathon story...Hi elders.The gospel is true...5 miles of missionary work
Children doing dishes story...if you listen to what I say...child's expression...dad's two topics...
Deep gratitude for the gospel or kicking agst the pricks.
Unitarian coming to seminary DC 110:3-5

Sister Johnson

Fellowship some one each day that her daughter serves her mission
Share personally what the Atonement means to us.
Very sweet testimony

Elder Johnson ( seventy )

Collecting family stories...so valuable...spirit of Elijah
What lessons have you learned from your mother  ( Be Kind to one another)
 the glad game
What would you tell a future grandchild
*The key to success is under the alarm clock

why do grandchildren and grand parents get along so well.....they have a common enemy
welding links and powers that bind us.....THE TEMPLE
Families are eternal

That is Saturday night...and I know my notes are sketchy but they are prompts to my memory


Sister Robinson

Gratitude...pass along at the door....giving her best gift
story of grandson and the missing check...prayers are answered
Gratitude is uplifting
sweet testimony of the Temple

Pres.Robinson ( one of God's gentle giants)

You are welcome at he Temple
Story of the young man and the wealthy father...on building a house
Our Heavenly Father also wants us to build our homes
Matt 24:25
DC 124 foundation is the gospel of Jesus Christ
DC 109:8...establish a house of....
Ask for strength to help bear our burdens...not remove them

Joel Glanfield
Reading the Book of Mormon with a specific question
Grace....help and strength
Story of his 11 year wait for a child.....extremely touching...
11 years binding himself to the Lord...reactions to comments
taught him not to react because he doesn't fully understand
Patience to have patience
Intense love for his daughter Niki...her special needs story

Gods grace is evident daily ( King Benjamin's speech)
Be not discouraged...HE WANTS TO HELP US.....not always after all we can do...sometimes before, and during all we can do.
Covenant relationship unlocks the Atonement for us...

1.Pay a full tithe
2. Regular Temple worship
both very important.
Savior is divine healer and divine helper.


David Evans ( couldn't hear all of talk...techno problems)

Witness....he lives...Jesus is the Christ
Loving our children despite the choices that they make
Heavenly Father lets the sun shine on the wicked and the good.
PATIENCE...there's that word again
Enabling power of the Atonement
many struggle with testimony
Children have right to be brought up by committed parents
I am a child of God.....before it grows tooo late...
Call to senior couples

Elder Bennett

Sister Tustin in the mission field...influences we just don't realize
Bay of Fundy tides
Dikes in Amsterdam....micro cosmic of our lives....in the world but not of the world
world shifting and we hang on to the dikes
Dare to be different by being the same...consistency
Ebb and flow....dike is the gospel of Jesus Christ...standard very clear.
Jacob 2:18
Ebb and flow of sin....life of despair
Alma 36:16

Elder Johnson

Stories of tremendous courage
Daniel Inaway...one armed senator, medal of honor...uncommon valor and tremendous courage...war story from lines in Italy....why would a person do this.
why do people choose to be heroic
willing to lay down their lives

courage in the scriptures.....mothers of the stripling warriors
Mormon and Moroni at end of book
great iniquity of the people...no spirit...Mormon visited of the Lord because he was living a righteous life...what was sister Mormon doing to raise moronic
Let us labor diligently...do our duty and we will be blessed
Mormon knew what was coming...but he was steadfast
continue to keep our covenants
Greatest story of courage...Savior....walking in the Garden of Gethsemane

Hope that  you've had a great weekend.
All for now

Friday, April 26, 2013

A very special day

April 26th is a very  special day in my life. Thirty six years ago, April 26th 1977... I gave birth to my first child, my son Michael, and thus motherhood began. Two years later, my beautiful daughter, Kathryn Leigh was born. Motherhood just doubled in goodness!!!

This year, April 26th 2013, I was fortunate to spend some of the day with Michael. Kathy of course is miles away, but I'm grateful for being to at least face time with her....love and miss her so!!!! Michael, Keah and the girlies were in town for some appointments so we had lunch together. I'm always grateful for time with family. let's post some birthday photos.

Best birthday cake ever!!

the amazing cook

all smiles

Puzzle time always makes us smile

I want to help blow up balloons

I can do it!!!!

Trying to catch a photo...all giggles and songs

note the purple balloon

They just want to sing

and sing!!!!

such cuteness!!!

purple balloon.....

maybe Aunt Kathy will blow it up

photos through the years

One of my favorite photos

Dad and his girls...with a little sister watching

Loves those darling daughters

time for candles

time to help daddy blow out the candles

Deep breath....I just typed a whole bunch then promptly lost it. So here's the test....what did I write???
Who knows....so I'll start again
This has been another week of blessings. I was asked to speak in church last week, and spoke about 'Extending the Hand of Fellowship'. I then got to teach a lesson on the Law of Consecration.
I was out visit teaching which is always a blessing
I fit in some card making.

Next week the birthdays continue....Laura on May 2nd and Karen on the 6th. This is a big one for Karen....30...oh to be thirty again!!! no thanks.
Laura and Jeremy will be coming home on May 1st and that's so exciting. Laura has been organizing a party for the big 30...and it sounds great!!!!
There will be lots more with Laura and Jeremy's visit.....I'm so excited.

All for now....hope that you're making happy memories!!
Just a few more thoughts....love my quotes

 I am having an extraordinary life.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another week to remember

Hooray it came today!!!

What a week it has been. I think that I can say that almost every week. I won't add any inflection because truly my weeks are fairly balanced....both good and bad...generally it just depends on how you look at it.

So this week my second blog book arrived. I am over all pleased with it...it was white instead of black, and some of the photos had some issues. It is a treasure to me
 This week saw the bombing in Boston, at the finish line. So very tragic.
 I've had face  times with my fab five ( thanks Jess !!!), visits with Olivia, Karen, Mike Keah and their girls.
I've developed an eye infection, and gone for some great walks.
I have made lots more cards, and have enjoyed sending some near and far.
I've been to the playground twice, done several puzzles, read lots of books and watched a few movies..especially Little Mermaid.
My brother in law had a blood clot in his leg/lung...but is doing better.
Margaret Thatcher was buried, Rita MacNeil died.
I had some great chats with Laura and I continue to love reading her blog
.Here are some favorite photos from this week

    Love any photos from my Fab five!!!


Goofy and Mickey

she chooses to read!!!

A funny moment during Finding Nemo

The upstairs Movie theater

Love this head view

Finley enjoying puzzle time

My little artist

Card making with Keah

Loving some Aunt Lynn time

love the smile on Nanny's face

more cards

pure cuteness

loving Bruno

pure cheese

not feeling toooo good...poor Finley

read set go

Hi Ho Cherry-O
Brings back memories

so focused

book time with Momma

First walk through the Gardens

I just realized that some of these photos were posted last week....guess my days are running together too much....enjoy them again!!!