Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Knew it!!!

WOW!!! where did July go.....I have several times to blog...but lookie here...July 3rd was my last post!!! That's terrible. I'm going to take the easy way and post some pictures.....should help the old brain remember. They will probably be all over the calendar...
One event of the month was a lovely week long visit with Michael Keah and the our was so much fun to have some relaxing time with them, and to get to take them for long walks, and much more. They had a big check up at the IWK and they did very well. It is wonderful to see them grow as they are!!!!

                                Here's Emmy enjoying some book reading to them!!!

                                          Finley just looking so cute...her little personality is blossoming!!!
                                                    Just growing so much
                         Look who's walking first....that doll is wearing one of their infant onesies
I scream !you scream!..let's scream for ice cream........oh how they love ice cream

Could a grandma ask for much more!!!

Love my kiddies!!!!

Finished my quilted checker playing with the children

Got to have sprinkler time

What jumpers

My two oldest!!!!

Bathtime in Bridgewater

Waiting for the tide to come in!!!

Love watching her stand up!!! No fear!!!

Enjoying my card making...and writing to my Laura!!

another creation

Canada Day fireworks with my friend Marguerite

Miss G all smiles...look at her ride

Marguerite with the Fab Five

Canada Day those bag pipes

International Tattoo...what an amazing show

all ready for serious!!!
chilling in Nanny's pool

Oldest and them all!!!!

          More fun together

Gorgeous Georgia

Did I say how much I love these kiddies

and they miss Laura so much

Bubbles anyone

Doll clothes time

more doll clothes...I tried to rotate this...drat!!!

room for anymore in the pool!!

Bedtime stories

here are those giggles

Love watching her move...even sideways!!!

first swim at Dalplex

don't let go momma

on to the Dalplex funzone!!!


lots of playground adventure


Oh how we love this park

and this ice cream store

even the laundry is fun!!!

hey..the pool is finally empty ( he is wearing a swimmer)
I could add lots last weeks knitters...that was fun...instagrams from Laura...lots of time at the Temple, Public Gardens with Aunt May(forgot my camera),great calls from Laura (how I miss her),watching Baby Bing grow....I need to find his/her photo....card making with Kathy...visits from old friends. My life is full....I'll say no more.
So now I see why I didn't blog all month. I've been too busy entertaining,sewing, card making,playing,swimming, taking pictures.....and so much more. I've read a few great books...Delerium, Divergent, The Help, Elm Creek quilters, and the Blossom shop knitters

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Day after

Dear blog,
   Yesterday I vented way way more than usual. I was truly in a meltdown. But like many things...this too shall pass. My stresses didn't vanish, but my attitude adjusted. Isn't it just such a crazy cycle that we go through?? why oh why???
   So now it is Sunday, and I have been to church. That in itself improved my disposition. I enjoy the fellowship of my church family, and oh how loved it made me feel. ( Even though my buddy Erinn was absent! Younger sibling Allie gave me some hugs and chatter...thanks pretty girl!!) Renae taught a beautiful lesson in Relief Society based around the 13th Article of Faith. What a wonderful lesson for my needy soul. I also read some more conference issue today...every time I read the talk is exactly what I needed. This morning I read pg 108,'The Miracle of the Atonement.' This is a very powerful address, on such a deeply important subject. How grateful I am for miracles in my life. Heavenly Father sure is close by,thanks!!
   I think that I might have earlier posted about my quote jar from Patti D. I love the wisdom of quotes.I picked out two today.
'Opportunity knocks, but it has never been known to turn the knob and walk in.'
'You always fall the way you lean.'
Interesting......however...this next one is my favorite from today, and it's not from the jar.
"Choices are the future, for nothing can be founded without first choosing."
That is such a great truth...and our choices do direct the future paths that we will tread on.

I continue to miss Laura very much. I'm glad that we can connect though and I so very much love our phone conversations.( email, text and skype are good too) She is having some happy happy days in Calgary, loves her new job, and she's making some good friendships. All in all this is a growing time for her and a time that will prepare her for her future adult life. ( I know you are an adult,Laura) I am so excited that we are making the journey west and hope that July flies by!!

I'm also excited that Karen and Brandon are expecting their first little one. Karen will be an awesome Mom.....she's going to be such fun to see with  her own baby!! ( Brandon will a sweet dad too...hopefully a lot like his own papa!! Karen has great in-laws)

Not too much more to report....maybe I'll close with a few pictures!!!

Soccer time with my man, Jacob
A loyal fan that I sat by!!!!

Looking cool!!! or telling me to turn off the camera......probably
My other cool little man....he's such a delight!!!
First hot day in Bridgewater...pool time for the beauties!!!
they loved the pool!!!
Grading Day with my friend Marguerite!
Old teachers reunited
Celebrating on the Citadel
O we love you!!!