Thursday, February 28, 2013

Learning as I blog

Just a brief post to say....I started making my second blog book this week and it's a lot of work!!
It has been really interesting though as I've read through the last two years of posts. What a crazy life...and it's interesting how many times I've said I'll never call my life boring!! Making this book has also made  me want to do better on my present book. Very thankful for the life that I have, and especially the wonderful family that are mine!!

All for now....I'll be posting again soon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a's never dull!!

I will never use the word boring or dull to describe my life! NEVER! I'm not really sure what I would need to do to reach the boring stage....probably break both legs and be chained to my bed. No that wouldn't work....I could read read read...and blog blog blog....and lots more!!

Okay enough of my rambling. This week wasn't really anything out of the ordinary....but here's some of my fun.
  • lots of fun times with Olivia
  • some great face times with my Saskatchewan lovelies
  • helped with some packing for a house move
  • card making...birthdays and some occasion cards*
  • visits with Aunt May*
  • Birthday visits with my sisters
  • furniture moving
  • playtime with Emmy and Finley...a surprise visit
  • two trips to the Temple...always so uplifting
  • dinner out with my husband
  • more family time with my brother Glenn
  • welcomed a new baby, Madelyn Drew, to my niece Jane, and Andrew
  • worked on my quilt renovation*
  • finished a baby quilt
  • finished two birthday pillowcases
  • worked on my Sunday school lesson, good scripture time*
  • read a good book...on going
  • great texts with Laura
  • quick trip to the Apple store
  • chatted with a sweet old (99) cousin of my Dad in Newfoundland
  • worked on some new slippers
  • meet Tilly...the Vinsons new dog...with a Mormon connection!!
and that was just on Monday....just kidding....I have so many wonderful people in my life. I am daily blessed with their thoughtfulness and care.
Some of the things that I did,with a * beside them, were from my 26 to 63 list. (previous post). I'm glad that I wrote this list because it has made me focus on some things that have been on my' love to do' list!!!
Welcome Madelyn Drew....and Happy Birthday Jane
A favorite game...where's the baby!!!
This was so funny...and he stayed there for more than 20 min
How did he get off of my jammies???

birthday pillow cases
adorable Tilly
McD with Miss O

Love our book time!!!
Cards for all occasions
Renovations to my very first quilt...and still one of my favorites
love rearranging furniture
Dad's sweet cousin Bertha...hope to see her in May !!
Love knitting cosy slippers.
So that's a little peek into my crazy life. I do count my blessings often....and oh....forgot  a great quote from this week...
I love quotes
Last  thought....I taught a lesson on the restoration of the priesthood today.I felt very underqualified to teach this lesson and  I don't feel that I did a very good job...but it did strengthen my testimony of God's love for us to trust us with the authority to act in his name...and to have such an important force on the earth once again. I feel so deeply grateful for the priesthood on the earth, and wish that I had an active priesthood holder in my home. I know that I must be patient and I'll say no more.

Monday, February 18, 2013

26 before 63

Laura is an amazing daughter, and a phenomenal blogger.
She has inspired me often and her latest post has inspired me to write this post.
She will be turning 24 in a few months and she posted 23 things that she will do before her 24th.
Now I certainly could try to come up with 62 before my 63...but being creative I thought that 26 ( reversed 62) would here goes. In no special order.
1. Publish my next blog book
2. Write a grandma letter to each of my grandkiddies
3. Visit Sask.and Alberta
4. Go to General Conference
5. Walk more-twice a week
6. Visit an old friend
7. Hold a card making night
8. Fix my bedroom quilt
9. Make my bed as soon as I get up.
10. Purge more of the basement
11. Purchase a game of Dutch Blitz
12. Ride my bike more regularly
13. Bake a gluten free apple cheese cake
14. Pay more attention to my garden
15. Study my scriptures more prayerfully
16. Create some sets of occasion cards.
17. Post a blog about my siblings
18. Compliment others more often
19. Go to Newfoundland
20. Visit another Temple
21  Bare my Testimony
22.  Read 8 new books
23. Knit more slippers
24. Paint the deck
25. Finish a smocked dress
26.  Blog more least twice a week
I know that some of these are similar to yours Laura...they were great ideas.
Thank again, Laura for your good example and your inspiration.
Now....this is a random thought that has nothing to do with the above post. Yesterday we had some great talks in Sacrament and this particular thought has stayed with me....just paraphrasing....
Foolish people find the flaws in others and try to change them.
Wise people find the flaws in themselves and change themselves.
I also liked the lesson that Karen taught in Relief Society ( she's such a great teacher) and this was a quote that I liked
We should endeavor, as far as possible, to forget all worldly matters which grieve and vex us, and fix our minds upon the Lord, having a sufficiency of His Holy Spirit that we may be enabled to receive such knowledge and suggestions as will help us in our onward path.

Julia Maude Durnford Haas

Dear Oldest Sister...this post is for you.
Happy just get younger looking with every year.
Today I feel impressed to blog about you. You are indeed my oldest sister, although people often don't believe that about you. You really should have given me some of your youthful tricks because you do seem to have stopped aging. As a little girl though I always knew that you were way older than me. You did all those things that as a little girl I dreamed about.....went to dances,dated, wore makeup, had lots of nice clothes, had a real job.....just had everything at your fingertips. Then you moved away from us and you became my Californian sister who kissed movie stars, had a golden tan from your beach adventures, and then even brought home a Californian man!!! Oh he was so charming, and know that your little sister had a crush!!

Those were some early memories of how I looked up to you. Our most special bond was your visit in Dec.1970 when you planted seeds of the gospel in my heart. Little did I realize how much that visit would change my life for the better forever. Thank you dear sister for sharing this precious gift with me.

Julie is an amazing lady. She not only was a strength in my family as we grew up , going out to work as a support when our mother was ill. She didn't get the options that the rest of us had.....but she followed our fathers direction and was working, very successfully in the business world as a secretary. As many years have unfolded...Julie is also an amazing mother ( of seven), a phenomenal teacher...seminary,primary, Relief Society, Sunday School, Young Woman's and anywhere else that she was called to serve. She has worked at a variety of jobs, but always shines brightest as a mother, wife, sister and friend. I am very grateful to call her my sister and I love her dearly.

We have had many adventures together...but one of the most fun just happened when we visited Disney World together with our husbands. I once again saw the greatness of my sister, as she let lose and embraced the kid fun of Disney.....even going on some crazy rides with me, so I wouldn't be scared!!! She is so patient, and tender with her sweet husband, as he battles his health issues. Julie you are such a powerful example in my life. Thank you. I love you

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My life is soooooo good.....

Yikes...I'm so behind in writing my blog!! February has been off to a busy start. I mentioned Laura coming for a visit, and with that came family gatherings, fun game nights, an unbirthday party, a huge snow storm,my birthday,  too much food, lots of photo taking, fun sleepovers, lots of laughter, and sad 'so longs'....and I'm sure lots more.

family gatherings....Mike and Keah and the girls came on Friday and stayed until Sunday; plus Karen, Olivia and Brandon were here as much as possible. Aunt Penny dropped by, and other relatives called in.  ( the weather kind of messed things here)


fun game nights.....we played lots and lots of Dutch Blitz, and the Settlers of Catan. Both games are so much fun and the DB game was a new one that Laura brought home. She has introduced me to some real favorites!! Sarah and Stephen came several nights to join the family fun, and Nicolle also got introduced to DB


unbirthday party....everyone needs an unbirthday and young Olivia had her first while Laura was here. Her real birthday was Dec24th and we held a big celebration on that day....but because most of the O'Hearons and Brandon were sick and , or away....Laura organized this event. We had balloons,party favors, party hats, pizza and cake....oh and lots of fun. Thanks Auntie for a fun party


huge snow storm.....a noreaster ( or whatever  it was called) was talked about for days on the weather networks, and for the most part it was what they said. Snow started Friday night and pretty much shut down the city for the weekend....Even though it did interfere with several events ( and Karen not being able to be here for my birthday) and meant abit of shovelling ( thanks Laura, Mike and Bill)
It was nice to be snug inside just enjoying time together.


my much love and greetings came my way on that very stormy I am so very blessed. I received some lovely, thoughtful gifts, had a delicious dinner cooked and created by Laura....chicken pesto with spaghetti cheesecake by Keah and ice cream cake from Bill...and lots of fun game time.....and a precious video from my Fab five. ( very teary moment...I love and miss them so much) 
                                       THANKS EVERYONE !

too much food.....I'll say no more

lots of photo taking....what more would you expect...Laura and Karen together taking photos...wish I could post them all!!!


fun sleepovers.....we get creative with the beds when the gang is here...however this time we learned that our Emmy and Finley, now so grown up...have out grown their cribs and my on their second night here they had a futon sleepover with nanny...oh my goodness they are soooooo cute!!! we watched The Little Mermaid and slept sideways on the futon. Finley missed her mommy half way through the night, but Emmy slept all night...and dreamt about Olivia...calling out Olie, Olie in her sleep.

lots of good for the soul.


        and so much more.....I love my family so much



Thursday....already!!! Lots of FUN

It is so very true....time flies when you're having fun. It has been a fun week. We welcomed Laura back home on Tuesday and it has been busy. Bill, Olivia and I greeted her at the airport, and then it was home to settle in. She loved being met by sweet Olivia and they played for abit once we hit home.

 Olivia had some nasties brewing in her lungs that day and her mommy took her off to the Doctor after school....from there she was sent to the IWK and the evening was spent fighting her with steroids and puffers. Poor little muchkin...thankfully she's much improved. It was a hard night for Karen. We ended the evening with Sarah and Stephen playing Dutch Blitz.....a SUPER 'fun' game.

Wednesday....once Laura was up on Halifax time we headed off to Bridgewater. We detoured to New Germany to get some hugs from Michael. After picking up some treats for the girls and a frozen yogurt to celebrate National frozen yogurt day, we arrived at our destination. We then had a 'fun' afternoon playing with the girls and Keah. Laura introduced Keah to Dutch Blitz and another convert was onboard. Keah cooked us an amazing dinner of chicken delicious!!! After driving home we stopped at the bulk barn for some goodies....then on to Karen's place for some Mom and daughters time...talking and critiqueing the Bachelor.

visits to Bridgewater
lots of fun
aren't they cute!!

So now it's Thursday. Therese dropped in for a visit and Stampin Up delivery....more FUN of course. Then Laura and I dropped out to see Aunt May. I always come away so much better with her visits.