Monday, May 16, 2011

Always playing catch.....up

Hello's me.....the one who never gets around to posting these days. I do think of you often, I even generate ideas of what I'd like to post but my day happens and i just don't get to you. So sorry. I really want to head to bed, but I think that I owe this to you. I know that I will be glad later!!!

So here are some special things to remember....Mother's day. You know ever since my own Mom died I haven't enjoyed mother's day....but I have to say this year was special. Laura went all out to make the day happy. She decorated,and created a beautiful breakfast, and gave me one of my favorite ornaments...willowtree...'a Mother and daughter'.....then she helped Bill create a lovely dinner...and i received a second WT from Bill...Generations. I heard from the rest of the kiddos too....Mike skyped the girls in, Kathy called, and Karen ( who was home sick) gave me cards and another great book to read....Guernsey Literacy and Potato Peel Society...a super read. I am just so grateful to be a mom....that's the best gift of my life. I celebrate the special mom's in our family....Kathy and Keah. Here are some photos from the day and a few more to highlight more special memories.

Happy Mom's Day Banner

    Special Breakfast ( I don't enjoy the ones in bed) and this one had some special photos and signs
                                            Delightful way to start my day
                                            Some of my signs and a delicious fruit salad
                                                    This was just this past Sunday ( 15th)...down for a visit
                                                        Love watching her move...and she's quick!!!
                                                      May 6th...Karen's birthday...with a special guest
                                                     Love this gift reaction
                                                     You have to understand the Bieber Fever
                                                       My latest quilt...Bookcase
                                            Laura's Birthday gathering....
                                              My wonderful when we're all together
                                               Girl's photo
                                          Birthday  BBQ

Orange-you glad that I posted......LOL

Now I should write a lot more....maybe tomorrow!! Then I'm off to Disney with Bill, Kathy, Jeff and the Fab Five....should have lots to share then!!
Peace and Love

PS...having trouble centering this post.....more to learn!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final thought

So my final thought of the day has been on my mind for quite some time. Recently I found a photo of myself from back in the early 1970's. It was probably taken in the spring of 1971. On April 6th, 1971. I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have thought a lot lately about my conversion, and knew that I needed to record this important event in my life. First the photo. These are the two missionaries who taught me about the restored gospel. Elder Timothy G. Peel is in the navy suit, the other is Elder LeMonte Barker. I will be eternally grateful to them for the sacrifices they made to serve here in Canada, and to find me.

So, here is my story. I grew up in a church going family. We attended St.Phillips Anglican church and I had many happy experiences there. I attended Sunday school, Brownies, regular Sunday services,  sang in the choir, helped in the church nursery and in my early teens was good friends with our minister's daughter. I knew most Bible stories, and I felt good about my understanding of God, Heaven,and Jesus Christ. However.....I often wondered...and I didn't always feel that I knew enough, church didn't answer some simple questions I had...or in other words, something seemed missing, or incomplete.
       December, 1970 my sister Julie and her husband Bill came home for a visit from California. During this visit I was introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( Mormons) through this sister. Julie and Bill had joined the church in California, and invited family to attend church with them. The only congregation met in Dartmouth, and I decided to attend with them. The group was small, but very friendly, and the meeting was interesting.
        Julie and Bill returned to California, and that seemed to be the end of this church for me. However, the Lord had a different plan for me. Two missionaries, Peel and Barker were serving the whole of Halifax city. ( I learned this many years later....) but they were prayerfully seeking to find someone that the Lord would have them teach. They decided to fast for an entire day with the full purpose to be guided to someone prepared by the Lord. They had even decided to drive to the top of Citadel hill to pray at the end of their fast. A snowstorm began early in the afternoon, but up the hill they went. They pleaded with the Lord for some direction...and came away from the experience impressed to travel to the west end of the city. As they drove they felt the strong impression to stop on my street. Again the Spirit led them on ...and a knock came to my door.I invited them in, and knew then that my life was changing. My parents weren't quite as welcoming, but didn't stop me from meeting with the missionaries for the next few months.( that's another story)
            As the message of the Gospel was shared to me, I remember feeling that this was something that I knew before. It made sense, and it felt right. Many of my questions were answered, and above all I learned where to go to find more answers. I discovered that God really did hear my prayers and on several occasions, through these learning months, my answers were confirmed.
             I was excited to learn that Christ's church was once again fully restored, as in his day. Most especially I was happy to  learn that we had a prophet on the earth once again. I had always wondered why we stopped having prophets for the Lord to direct his church. I learned that this life that I was living was all part of a special plan....I knew where I came from, why I was here, and where I was going. I learned that I am a child of God, and He loves me dearly. The priesthood authority has been returned to the earth, and I prepared to be baptized through this authority, the same way that Jesus was baptized. I was baptized on April 6th 1971 ( Easter Sunday)
           That was forty years ago, and it is the best thing that has happened to me. Since those early lessons, I have learned so much more. I feel a much closer relationship to my Heavenly Father, and my elder brother, Jesus Christ. The plan continues to be my map in life. It has helped me individually, and as  a wife and mother. One of the great joys of the gospel, is the knowledge I have of eternal families. Again through the powers of the priesthood authority, Bill and I were sealed as a husband and wife for time and all eternity. Our children are also sealed to us under this special Temple covenant. I love the teachings of the Temple, that bind me to generations of my family.
          How grateful I am that the Gospel was brought to me...through my sister, and then by inspired missionaries. How thankful I am for the gift of the Holy Ghost ( received at my baptism) which is a constant source of strength and direction. I appreciate the moral teachings of the church which have certainly helped me in many individual ways, but again especially when raising my family. The world would pull so far in the wrong direction, but the Gospel has been a great light in my life.
           I would testify to any who would hear me or read this...that I know that God lives, that Jesus is the Savior of the world, and his Atonement was for each and everyone of us. I know that Joseph Smith was the first prophet of the restoration, and that Thomas S, Monson is the Lord's prophet at this present time. He is assisted in this great work by twelve apostles, and many other amazing teachers and leaders.
I also know the Bible to be the word of God, and the Book of Mormon as an additional witness of the Savior.
          The gospel has brought me great joy, and hope in a very troubled world. My only wish is that more people would seek this plan, and that they would pray to find this truth. Prayers are answered, the Gospel is true. I cherish this knowledge that I have, and know that there is still much more ahead!

Birthday thoughts

My second thought today has been reflecting on my precious family. Yes, we've just had the O'Hearon birthdays, and from the mother's point of view....I'm counting my blessings all day long....especially my fabulous here are some more pictures of pictures....

My first born, and my favorite son!!! Born April 26th,1977.  Oh what joy Michael has brought to Bill and I. He was a fun little boy, always ready to help, play legos ( still does), and read books together ( remember the Indian in the Cupboard) He excelled in everything that he tried..especially on the soccer field and basketball courts. He is well read, and has many interesting ideas about life. He served the Lord for two years in France, and now teaches French in the South shore of NS....he is a devoted husband to Keah and a terrific Dad to adorable Finley and Emmy!
April 26th 1979....we welcomed Kathy to the clan. A second birthday gift for Michael ( the novelty of the gift wore off a bit through the years!!LOL) It did not wear off for this mother....a daughter...a happy, bubbly,laughing little girl. She captured the hearts of us all with her mischievous grin, and playfulness. She loved her dolls, and trying to keep up with her big brother. She has always been surrounded by many friends, and her personality invites people to want to be with her. She is talented with many areas of her life...from the piano, to the kitchen,to sports, to crafts...but above all as the mother of five beautiful children. She has worked hard to be a stay at home mom and I am soooooo deeply proud of the mom that she is.

May 6th 1983 to our delight, we welcomed our second beautiful daughter to this world. Michael momentarily mourned, and Kathy cheered to have a little sister. Karen gave us more sports to attend,  Summer Fun club for kiddies, retail wisdom, and then last but not least...another school teacher was born!! Karen has always had a passion to work with children, and even though the job market is tough she has been making a strong impression in many local schools as a substitute teacher. This mom is very proud of her creativeness, organizational skills, and her very very caring nature. She has friends around the globe, and is best friends with her siblings and a special auntie to many!!

May 2nd.1989 was the grand finale...and grand she is. Laura completed our little family....and we couldn't have been more excited to welcome her to our home. She was an adored little sister and ready to hit the soccer field in her first few weeks ( in the carriage!!) She followed her siblings to both soccer and basketball, and added volleyball for good measure. She loves life and fills each day to the brim ( and overflow sometimes) She has brought many special friends to our home, and treasures her relationships dearly. She chose a different vocation in the medical field of xray technology, and has excelled her efforts. She will graduate soon, and then will take her talents to western Canada. She loves to travel, so this move doesn't surprise many. We will miss her so much....but we will work hard to get her back to NS.
She is a thoughtful, caring, sometimes crazy daughter. We love her and we are so glad that she is ours.

My fabulous four.Love them all dearly.
What more could a mother need!!!

Happy Mother's day Mom

I am feeling a very strong urgency to write and I have three thoughts on my mind....First parents...especially my Mom ( it is mother's day tomorrow) so this first post is for her. Lacking the smarts to scan and get a super picture, but still wanting one..I took two pictures to post to this story.

  This picture is one of the last dances my parents had together. My father died three months later. They were such wonderful people, and deeply in love. My mother missed my dad every day until the day that she died, two years later.

This is a favorite picture of my mom. She usually wore glasses, but had removed them in this picture to bob for apples with her grandchildren. I can almost hear her laughing when I look at this photo.

On Aug.31.2000 as I sat by my mother, in the peace of her nursing home room, I wrote a special entry in my journal. It had been a very difficult year for our family, and most especially for mother. Without going into all the medical aspects of her decline....I wrote that day....
"I still can't believe that this is how her life has ended. Her body is slowly closing down, kidneys barely producing, no body movements, conversation, or acknowledgements. Yesterday she ceased swallowing.While the time with her and my brothers and sisters is very tender and special, I now find myself longing for her to go home to Heavenly Father. Sometimes it is because of exhaustion, but more often it just feels so helpless to see her laying there barely alive."

I went on to say....
  " I was thinking about Mom this morning and reflecting on things I remember most about her.
( I then proceeded to make a long list....
Going to the grocery store
Price is Right
Wheel of fortune
Esquire for chowder
Hair appointments at Sears
Camping at Whispering Winds
Soccer and Basketball games
Christmas mornings
Fixing the flowers at the Graveyard
Planting in her yard
Never letting me pay for things
Attending church together
Walking through the Temple together
Playing cribbage
Clam chowder calls
Shopping for Christmas gifts
Picking her up at Sears
Remembering catalogue numbers
Her special poem to me about being a good mother
Helping her with pets ( oh that Skipper)
Shovelling snow together
Doctor's appointments
Eating grapes
Sharing her with friends( everyone loved to hang out at our place)
Interview for my first teaching job
Visiting in my class
Walking to my house, and just showing up
Newfie poker with the kids
Taking care of Dad together
Spending time with grandchildren
looking at photo albums
Sorting out medications
Sharing books
Watching 'Who wants to be a millionaire, and Touched by an Angel'
Visiting with old friends and neighbors
House sitting for the Hatchers ( moving the ornaments)
Trying to find Eric Hann's ( did the sign really say Cape Breton...ooops)
Outdoor Nativity
Dinner at the Logans
Partners playing cribbage with Corwin and Vera
Walking in the Public Gardens
Lunch with Donna and Aunt Irene (Le Bistro)
Tending the African Violets
Filling bird feeders
Building a new shed ( leaky at times)
Going to the movies
Ice cream at Avery's( and lots of other places)
Getting those Christmas cards off
Talks with Aunt Annie,Edith, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Mable
Attending funerals
Church suppers and sales
Father's Day lobster supper at All Saints in Bedford
Wheelchair walks
Trips to the Vets
Rice Krispie squares
Thanksgiving dinners
Easter brunch
Quiet talks
Gentle tears
Missing Dad
Driving to Bridgewater to see Glenn
Wedding showers, Baby showers
Minding my children ( what a big day it was for Laura when she could cross Connaught Ave to visit     nanny and go to Potties)
Coconut candies in the candy dishes ( mint chocolate too)
Checking on Aunt May ( oh that phone)
Checking in with Aunt Rene and Uncle George
Doing a 360 on the ice in that blue something, ford maybe, at the corner of Geo.Dauphinee and Peter Lowe ( why didn't I drive out Chebucto Rd)
Encouraging me to keep teaching ( oh the first days at Richmond)
..........................................................and on and on....I have  a post for each line written...

Yesterday my mommy died. I had the choice blessing to be with her and I pray that I will never forget this great blessing. It was quick, it was peaceful. I knew the moment that she crossed the veil. I miss her so deeply already

That entry closed with this final thought....
     Mom, you were the best. My memories are precious and dear to me always. I will treasure you always. I know you are with Heavenly Father and I will see you again. How great will be that joy.

As I end this post I hope that I have given each of my children, and grandchildren precious memories too. Our families are the best friends of our lives and it is my hope and prayer, that we all realize this, overlook the imperfections, and treasure the gift of these people in our journeys here on earth. I love you Mom and dad. Thank you for being mine.