Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Born of GOODLY Parents....

BLOGGERS please note...this post is just for me to express and remember...it is not directed at anyone at all.....just me...meant to inspire.....hope that it does!!

It's a snowy February morning. I'm still in my pjs and may not get out of them. I've just had my cheerios and two cookies. I feel very drawn to write today, but a small voice says this might not be the best time. Oh that small voice....please guide my thoughts...I have to write

Have you ever been depressed but happy at the same time. It's a conflict of the brain within itself. I think that's where I'm at alot these days. I struggle to be positive, yet I know better and I then I feel quilty for being down.

I have so many blessings in my life and I acknowledge them. I was born in the right time and place for me. I was born of goodly parents and I have wonderful siblings. I have had the opportunity to also become a parent but lately I question how goodly I was. Dont even start to comment. Sure I know that I have done some good things....but lately....I wonder....

Did I yell too much...I really dislike parents who raise their voice in far too many situations....that could have been easily dealt with otherwise. Yelling does nothing but hurt. ( and save lives in emergencies)  If I could parent again..I would NEVER yell. ( unless emergency) I would develop strategies to harness that reaction because it hurts.

Did I model compassion.....do we think about how others feel when we make useless comments that accomplish nothing, but hurt the sensitive soul. Sometimes we need to be quiet ....more listeners needed.  I will also state here that we need to feel comfortable expressing how we feel.

Did I give opportunities to serve..without complaining....it can be such a blessing. We even need to serve within our families....our children....our spouses....our parents.....children need to learn this and discover the great joy that comes when we serve

Did I teach the proper things to value...things vs people.....whats really important these days ??

Did I live the gospel .....family style....prayer, scriptures, FHE......it is so important and it does make a difference. It's probably one of the hardest things to do and WE know why!!!

What memories of family are important to my family......

See what I mean.....happy and sad......I know it does no good to dwell on the past, but maybe by writing it I might inspire one of my few readers to think about something!!

There that's the emotion of Momma today. I've been sick lately ( chesty cold), and very tired. I have been knitting , little slippers like Nanny Logan does....did....and that's been fun. I have been reading  some good books ( two from my BB Gail....Macomber...A Season of Angels and A Turn in the Road) and from Karen....Crossed ( sequel to Matched), I'm making cards  ( no comment on my progress) and spending lots of time with my grandchildren......ohhhhhhhhh how I love each of them. I have to state too that I especially love one on ones with them.....some special moments treasured. WE ALL love one on ones...at least I do.

So other randoms....I love watching the Amazing Race and Castle. I''m still a dyhart Greys....last weeks was so good. Somehow I have been pulled into Bachelor...and it just blows my mind what these girls will do for a guy who really doesn't impress me at all....and yet I turn it on....go home Courtney!!! ( see what that show does to you....sorry Courtney) Maybe I've rambled enough....oh...and I really dislike plastic containers....and storing them.....my organizing nightmare. I wish that I could hang pictures better ( and where I want to) and I need new living room furniture and fresh paint.

Some photos......to end on a much better note......love photos....

I want this sign

Let's have a Nanny sleepover
ahhhhhhh   sleepovers

<><><><> <><><><> <><><><>

Greatest gifts
Even with her eyes closed she's cute!!!!
Growing so much!!!!

And last but not least some of my happiest photos....love your life

Smiles make me smile

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still Counting

Life is interesting. It can be full of so many emotions, high and low, happy and sad, understanding and confusing.....and so much more. I will never use the word boring to describe my life. In my life I have been so many things.....a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt,a niece,
 a cousin, a teacher,  and so much more.

Here is my last week......lots of housework, organizing and purging, some baking,carding making, and sewing, sleepover with Georgia and Cooper, trip to Bridgewater to collect Emmy and Finley ( and Keah), doctors appointments, visiting Aunt May,oh...and celebrating my 61st birthday....cuddling with sweet Olivia, attending a farewell and celebration of the life of my friend Beth, hospital visits, sleepover with Cooper and Jacob, many calls and Birthday greetings, finishing a book, The Power of Six and starting The Wedding Quilt, attending church, watching the Grammy's ( I had no intention to do this)...and feeling the Good Vibrations of the recycled Beach Boys ( they are so old and still rocking!!!!) followed by Sir Paul McCartney....I was a teen again...those were good days in my life. What a week...and this was just the parts that I could remember!!

I still worry lots ( just can't help it)....watching my newest little mother ( and she's awesome), fretting with my experienced mom of five (missing her husband), hearing the stresses of teaching and fatherhood in my sweet boy ( he is so fun to watch with her darling daughters),and trying to keep connected to my roaming cowgirl,,,and her never dull life....( she's an amazing blogger and talented photographer...especially on this last trip to Washington).....and friends who are ill, a sometimes confusing husband, a 99 year old independent aunt, my inner thoughts, people who seem lost, grandchildren growing up in this confusing world, and so much more. I wish that I could express myself better, and that I could be a whole lot more patient.

Seems like a real rambling post.....but I did call it Still Counting...and when I have my highs and lows I do count.....my many blessings....my many successes.....my many grandchildren.....my 1-2-3-4 precious children, and my forever sweetheart....my talents ( always developing)....my beautiful friends.....my choice experiences...and the great knowledge that I treasure from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I close this post with some photos.....


My buddy

Movie time with Miss G


Boxed Love

My monkey

Just plain cute
Happy Days

Our Hungry Little Caterpillar

THE Photo shoot
Growing too quickly

All for now...
Love my life...grateful for so much!!

PS......needed one more photo....this  sweet boy does not get caught on camera enough!!

sweet dreams

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blessings Abound!!!

It's Dec.2012 and I'm blogging this week. I discovered two drafts that may never have got published....so here they come
I have come to the conclusion that I have to schedule my blog writing time....or it just doesn't get done. Or maybe I need a secretary. LOL So back to January and our fabulous family week. Olivia Mary Bing was blessed on January 15.2012. It was a grand day....especially because my whole family was in church together. Brandon gave his sweet daughter a beautiful blessing. What impressed me most was his blessing her to care for others. This was mentioned several times, and I know that it will be an important quality for her. To add to everything else that day I was asked to be a speaker in the sacrament program. The topic was Seeking Personal Revelation. I am grateful for the gift of personal revelation that we are given, and how much it has been a guide in my life. Following Sacrament  the Bings and O'Hearons gathered at our home....enjoy some photos.....

Olivia Mary Nelson......You are a Child of God
With Parents Kind and Dear
The Nelsons ( plus Olivia)
Mike Keah and their sweet girls
Auntie Laura...so glad that she was able to be here!!

Very Proud Grandparents

My beautiful and amazing children

We welcome Miss Olivia and we love her dearly!!

Counting my blessings...naming them one by one!!!