Monday, April 25, 2011

Take two....April...

Hello again...Last night I attempted a catchup post and after uploading a bunch of photos I lost the whole thing...the post did not even save itself as a few faithful bloggers thought that it might. ( appreciate your comments) so here is take two... My pictuures begin a week or so ago in Bridgewater. I have  visits to the south shore to lend support to my daughter-in-law Keah, Mike and the twins. It is also a step away from some other bedlam in my life...but above all a chance to watch little Emmy and Finley grow. I do like to feel needed and appreciated and in this household I feel both!
      The next few pictures are of the girls with books. I love to watch them interact with books at such a young age. They become so focused when books are pulled out. The first photo is extra special as Finley is listening to this book on her own. It was a gift from one of her special hospital nurses, Keltie...and both girls love to hear her voice. It was such a thoughtful gift.
They always touch the place where the voice comes from
Such a good story

Back home to my other special kiddies...isn't she beautiful
Jacob with his newest lego!!! WE LOVE LEGO
More book time with Dad.....they become so attentive to the books and the voice reading
Great interactions
Pat a cake anyone
These got out of order...sharing of the toys!!! LOL
practicing her claps
cupcake time...I finally got to a session with the master...JoLynne
these were mine
sorry about the bouncing order.....back to books
reading with her bling!!!
the great escape....Emmy leads the way after moving the hamper....
Back to egg decorating.....I really messed up the order
some of our special guests
A fun night decorating with the girls
My oldest granddaughter....can't believe how grown up she is becoming
Jake and Okayjah having giggle time
Family bruch with the youngings!!!
the brothers...grin!!
A memory from the past!!!
My sweet sisters
Trouble playing trouble!!
Dinner never arrived!What kind of brunch is this!!
One of the family tables...Eric waving
The little people tables
Sisters dining together
Cousins catching up

Happy times remembered
My oldest and youngest girls

The great egg hunt
Hugs with my big girls...they're so beautiful

So that's my photo flashback. I do love spending time with my family.I've also been having more sewing fun...working on a few projects. I've also been trying to improve my card making skills.
Laura finished her exams...all but the national one. She's been busy packing for her move ( I say her visit) to Calgary. I'm excited that she has a great job to go, and excited that she gets some independent experiences. I am not excited that it will be so far away. There that has been stated for the record.
We're also into another birthday season....tomorrow Mike turns 34, Kathy turns 32, and in a few days...May 2nd Laura turns 22, and Karen follows on the 6th turning 28. Happy wishes to them all!!!
May 18th Bill and I are taking the Nelson clan ( Kathy, Jeff and kiddies) to Disney. That should give me lots to blog about. Must post for now....and I'll try to improve this whole exercise for my memory!! Love and Peace

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Back

But not for long.....I wrote a nice long story...posted photos and touched one button and lost it all!!!! I'll try again tomorrow...maybe....grrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a NEW day

Hello to friends and family who read my ramblings. It is indeed a new day, and I am grateful for it. Thanks to those who helped me through yesterday, I did punch it in the face!! Today has been good to me. I had an amazing swim...did my 1500m, and then water ran with my friend Jane for an extra twenty minutes. I then paid a visit to The Willowtree mender and left two of my damaged ornaments for his loving care. Then on to see Aunt May. to work through her to-do list. She is such a dear dear lady, and I love her. She always makes me glad that I visit, and I do love helping her!! After completing her errands I headed home to get going on my own list....laundry mainly, and some computer things. I found out that I won the card challenge for this week ( certainly not for my card abilities...good thing it's a lucky draw!!) I checked out some other blogs...and you should check Kathy's for a great giveaway! ( not sure how to make the link) SuperSeven....
Bill just stopped by and tried to massage my neck...I may need a chiropractor now. Anyway...laundry waits and the Fab Five are dropping by shortly....just wanted you to know that I survived!

Here's the link to Kathy's giveaway

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where Can I Turn

I've just returned from a week away with two friends. Sharon, Linda and I spent a week at Sharon's timeshare in Rockland Maine. We took all of our sewing gear and worked on a variety of projects, shopped at some great fabric/quilt shops, dropped down to Freeport, laughed, talked and had a great break from the race.
That's kind of what my life has become....a race....never ending, too fast, exhausting,confusing,demanding...and I feel like I will be the loser. Back home to others needing me, and sometimes I just feel like I have nothing left to give. That's my mood tonight. I've had Laura back down in a bad place and I can't seem to help her. Bill is missing my  messages to him, so we're heading two different directions. I just want to swear mailto:#$@#%^%$$#.   ......there that doesn't feel better.....but...

Back to last was a great break. It helped me see myself better, and it did make me feel like I was good at something. I even lost another 2 lbs.!! Standing ovation for me.....that's an inside joke between Sharon, Linda and me. I do want to post some photos cause I took lots. Al;so congrats to Sharon on receiving her newest Granddaughter mid week....Freya was born to Adam and Corina. Pictures.....

                                                                 The three sisters!
                                                          My Bookcase Quilt
                                                                Reversable Apron
                                                           Peace and Love
                                                  Reversable Table Runners...mine is in the middle
                                                                     The other side
                                                          Happy times with Linda
                                                     and Sharon
                                               Our main room and kitchen in the background

View from the balcony

I know that I'm a pretty blessed lady. I have good friends, and many opportunities in my life. Why is it that the things that matter the most to me......just bring me down the most.
Sorry...not my best, most positive post.

I am grateful..really I am, friends, food, safety, experiences,knowledge,truths, and the restored  gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the answer.