Friday, February 26, 2010


So I have just spent the last hour or more surfing the blog world. I recently was called to serve in our Stake Relief Society Presidency. At our most recent meeting it was brought up about having a Stake RS blog/website. In my enthusiam I somehow was delegated the job to research and create it. Talk about a challenge for this old girl. So I'm first welcoming anyone who wants to give me some simple lessons on this technology. I really do want to learn how to better create and manage one of these things. So if you have some time and want to have fun with me please let me know. There are some amazing blogs out there and lots of creative ideas. If you can't help, but you love me...say a few extra prayers for me!!

Speaking of Relief Society...I have always had a testimony of this great organization. So I'm excited to serve with Sisters Fox and Ipson. As women we all have very full lives in one way or another, no matter what our age and circumstances. Your sisters in Relief Society are just that...your SISTERS....and they can be such a strength to each of you; as a teacher, leader, example, visiting teacher, compassionate service , and a friend. I won't ramble on because I need something for my new blog...but take a minute and appreciate that you are a member of the greatest woman's organization in the world!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

My Hairy Adventure

Maybe this should be called...another first for Jackie ( how I lost my hair color virginity)!!! What an experience...ready for some smiles............

As I near the final year of this latest decade of my life, I grow more and more reflective on life and aging. Well that lead to my hairy adventure of today. I've been experiencing the beginning stages of gray hair. ( Actually I learned that it is really white hair; no such thing as gray) I've been feeling a need for a new hair look and had started to grow it a bit longer. A few weeks ago I struck up a conversation with a swimming friend, who I learned was a hair dresser by profession. She always has great looking hair. We were discussing my locks and she said ' I have just the thing for you. She works for a hair company called Matrix and they were coming to town to put on a show called 'Dream Age' for local hair stylists. They needed models and would I be interested. It was scheduled for the day before my I thought why here are some photos with explanations...

The night before,kind of mousey brown with gray throughout....

Side view..............with more gray highlights.................then the color was introduced and some beautiful highlights ( my favorite part of the color) photo

This is my new color before the cut.

After the cut and style....

My wonderful cutter, Jillian ( all the way from BC)

This is Heidi...the color pro....she hails from Yarmouth!!! Lucky Yarmouth friends

Did I mention that my sister Julie also joined the team of models. Here is a photo of the two of us at the end of the day.

Thanks friends at Matrix!!

So everyone, tomorrow I celebrate another Birthday and with each year lately, I've come to appreciate many more things. I appreciate my good health, and this makeover was a fun way to improve my mental health. We need to do things for ourselves sometimes..I know this to be true!!! Tomorrow morning I am heading to the spa for a wonderful massage.

I'm also so very grateful for the wonderful life that I have had for the past 59 years!! Love the family that I was born into and the wonderful family that I was blessed to raise.I have a terrific husband who has been mine for almost 35 years!!

I have so many SUPER extended family and friends.Who needs presents?? NOT ME!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quiet Reflections

It's a quiet evening, and I'm grand mothering with my fab five. Kathy and Jeff are gone to see a Jan Arden concert and all are asleep ( I think!! I'm never sure with Miss Georgia.) The Nelsons have a lovely TV system and we watched Toy Story tonight. It was a cute story...then after cleanup time ( bedrooms) and a snack...with delightful was time to get ready for bed. With all in their PJ's, each one picked a story for bedtime reading, family prayer was followed with tooth brushing, and then off they went. I really didn't expect to see all run so smoothly but hey I'm they're off to sleep...oh I think that I hear Georgia again!!!

Back life hasn't anything too exciting to share....but it has been good. I'm back trying to shed those few pounds that keep returning and I'm trying to improve my daily exercise routine. I'm up to 90 min in the pool most days, and I've got hooked on pool running. I am also trying to sew more, mostly quilts and I am doing more reading and my family genealogy. In between all of those things, I do like to help people. I'm not going to write about this because I don't do it for recognition,but I have to say that when I'm serving it family or friends my life is deeply blessed. I do enjoy some quiet times and lately I have tried to make sure that I make time for this. I try to spend more time at the Temple because there I find the sweetest peace ever. there is a subject to reflect on. Actually it's very amazing all that we have and how quickly it changes...I feel like I just got under the wire with some of this stuff and with others it just plain overwhelms this old brain. Then there are the young ones who simply feel that it's as natural as brushing their teeth. It totally puts me in awe of the whole phenomena. What will it be like in another 10 years? I do love many of the things that it does for us. As a kid and even now I've always been so fascinated with how things get how do people create such amazing tools and technology for us. I always wanted to invent something.

By the way the kiddies are all asleep. Georgia was last.....she came down one last time to complain about Jacob's breathing...she said his noise was keeping her awake. She's so darned cute!!!! Kathy and Jeff should be along soon so I'll close for now. Before I do I'll ask one question.....anyone got any book recommendations?? Always looking for the next good read!!