Sunday, December 19, 2010


From the Book of Genesis we read:
"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
And God blessed the seventh day and sanctifiedit: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made." Genesis 2:2-3

It's a beautiful wintery Sunday and I am grateful for this Sabbath Day. Our Sacrament service was so uplifting.....choir music and a talk by one of my favorite speakers....Kent Wentzell. The Spirit speaks through this man of God!! There were many out to church and it was wonderful to see everyone. Brandon taught a great Sunday School lesson, he has such a wealth of knowledge, and he speaks so well. Maryann taught our Relief Society lesson, about the Sabbath and it was again well done. I liked what one sister said about the Sabbbath being like a gas station...some of us come for a fill-up with high test gas.....others just come to keep it off empty....and miss the advantages of the fill-up ( to get us through the whole week) I think that I'm going to start carrying an extra gas can to help me through these crazy days.

I missed my family today. Michael's in Bridgewater ( and I'm happy to see him serving as he does and taking his family to church each week) Kathy is in Cole Harbour and serves the children of that ward of the church. ( they are very lucky, and I am again proud of how she chooses to raise her children) Karen and Laura are usually with me, but Karen was sick ( truly exhausted) and Laura had to work ( which she tries hard to avoid ...she too is weary from life) Bill chooses to use Sunday for his own outlets, and thus I was alone......missed them all.

I do appreciate the wisdom of the Sabbath....and our world has strayed so far from this Holy Day.

I am looking forward to an evening of music with our church choir. I count my blessings daily!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just had to share a short post. Two more flat tires today...couldn't believe my eyes. I let Bill handle this one.

My short post is to say thanks Dad. Every time that we got our Christmas tree ( we got ours today) I remember waiting for Dad to put on the lights. Nothing else happened until those lights were on!! After 35 years, I still can't get Bill to carry on the father tradition so tonight I put the lights it's ready to be decorated. Thanks Daddy....I sure do miss you and Mom...more and more every day. I also remember waiting for Dad to get up on Christmas morning before we could open any presents.So many wonderful memories with my folks and family on Berlin St. A favorite is the snowy Christmas eve when Santa walked up our street. I still remember the look of fear on younger brother Glenn's face. He flew to bed.

Thinking of these things helps me appreciate even more our family traditions. Decorating the tree,( I do the lights)Christmas Eve at the live Nativity, family picture on the staircase, special Christmas breakfast-before gift opening,relaxing and enjoying chatter with family throughout the day, dinner at Kathy's, playing games, visiting at Nanny Logans, talking to family on the phone....and much more.

Happy December....and pray for no flat tires!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flat tires or a nice walk

Good morning from the thoughts of Jackie O. I've just started the day with a grand experience. If you read my post last night you would have seen that I was hoping to sleep in ( car troubles). Well, I woke up ( never did learn to sleep in) but I decided to fake it while noisy Bill and early bird Laura headed off to school for Laura and Plasma for Bill. However a few minutes later Bill stands over me and says...Are you awake?? NO I answer....then ignoring me he says you will need to get your car to Scotia Tire after you call CAA...that kind of got one eye responding. You have two flat tires, but I don't think they were slashed!! Great way to open the other eye.....

Off go Bill and Laura, and I'm up calling the tire place and CAA. Within thirty minutes ( less I think) the CAA truck arrives and the nicest man inflates my tires, reassures me they weren't slashed ( did I mention they are brand new winter tires), and sends me on my way.

Now One could say this isn't a great start to the day...I did.....but two things happened to turn this around. First, while I waited for CAA and I munched on my shreddies....I read from the November 39....go read's Ensign.

That magazine rocks....and no matter what goes wrong in your day, week,month, year,even can help you!!! I was especially touched by the story of Frederick G. Williams.... I'm off to the tire place, pumped from my magazine article, and the pleasant CAA man.

I walk into the tire place ( a man's world for sure!!) and I am again treated by the most pleasant man. Even though he took my keys and wrote the details on a slip of paper ( he did everyone that way) and didn't even ask my name...I left my silver headache with him and headed out the door.

Now here's when the second thing happened. I was told it would take a few hours to have my car looked at, so I decided to walk home. As I walked a really special feeling entered my heart. I started to look carefully at everything as I walked the several blocks home. here's what
I saw....
.....people rushing off to work ( glad that I'm retired), blue sky peeking from behind grey clouds, funny signs on shop windows ( even noticed some misspelled words...awww I'm a teacher), pools of water on the ground ( no snow!!),
.....a large construction site....I stopped and watched the digger and noticed all the rock that our little city is built on...made me think of firm foundations
....walked by my physio place and felt really good that I was able to walk today without pain!!! thanks Mike ( my physio hero)

....saw Aunt May's house....treasure my relationship with her
.....street cleaners vacuuming soggy leaves making the city look nice
....past the Ardmore Park where my childhood memories called out....still can see my Elementary school in my mind...long corridors, special teachers....Mrs. Tattrie, Miss Blois, Miss and Mrs. Johnstone,Miss Berringer, Miss Harvie turned Mrs. Roblee, and sweet young Miss Wickwire who let us square dance...Rodney was my dream partner!!! Good friends....Elizabeth ( I actually saw her last Friday and she's a teacher), Colleen, Jill, Selena, Catherine, Dawn,Alan, Archie, Ralph, Bobby, Rodney...and more faces
....running down the hill to home on Berlin Street.

As I walked down the Street I saw parents dropping kiddies off at daycare/sitters and I thought about how lucky I was to have my Mom home with me when I was little. I'm grateful that Kathy has stayed home with her kiddies, and Keah is home with her girls!!! I regret that i wasn't home as much for my kids, although teaching did afford me many more days with them than most Moms. Grateful that I was a teacher, and grateful for good women in my life who helped raise my children.

.....past the Santilli's house where I can look through and see my old home....oh such sweet memories on Berlin St....but that's another post

Crossed Connaught Ave. and headed to my Street. So many more memories of a happy childhood and youth in this neighborhood.
Past the homes of many wonderful neighbors...the Quinlans, Carrolls, Bartiolaccis, Tullys, Browns, and a few whose names are having senior moments....around the corner.....did you ever notice the message painted by storm drains ( plain water only!!)

The world has some interesting things to see...and we so often don't take the time to look. Memories are important and so are lessons from the past.

My past reminds me of how blessed I have been and what's a few flat tires!!!

Have a wonderful blue sky day, and Laura thanks for helping me do the outside decorations....its always best to do it with someone you love!! Thanks for inspiring me to really does make me feel good.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Here I am again...third day in a row!! I have to first state that I love the randomness of Laura's blog. Today she posted her 4 ended with tags to whoever wanted to do it....


4 S
hows I watch
Amazing Race
Criminal Minds
Gray's Anademy
Big Bang Theory

4 Things I am passionate about
My Family
The Temple/Gospel

4 Phrases I say alot
Remember who you are
Love you

4 Things I have learned from the Past
Listen to your parents
Don't give up
Patience is a virtue
take time for others

4 Places I'd like to go to

4 Things I did yesterday

4 Things I am looking forward to
More Grandchildren
Watching my grandchildren grow
One more wedding
Being in the Temple with my whole family

4 Things that I love about Winter
Being inside by a roaring fireplace
Waking up to snow everywhere
Playing with the kidlings in the snow
Being followed by Spring

4 Things on my wish list
Love at home
Good books
Chicken bones
Painfree legs

4 People that I tag
Do four people even read my blog ????

That was fun...try it!!!

Today has been okay. I caught up on laundry, had a good swim ( except for the annoying man who swam down the middle of my lane, cooked soup and lasagna, finished the Hunger Games, started a quilt, worked on my smocking project, cuddled Emmy and Finley, enjoyed a nice supper cooked by Laura, watched some TV, and spent time on the computer!!
Glad that the day is over.....wish that I had the next book in this series to read!
Sweet car is acting up, so I just might get to sleep in tomorrow!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5th 1975

It's 35 years ago and a day that has changed my life forever. I began the day, Friday like most Fridays by going to my classroom. I was teaching grade three at the time, with a tough little group of kiddies. ( but that's another story) Many of the staff thought that I was crazy to even show up that morning....after all it was my wedding day.

My original wedding plans , originally planned for Sept.1975 were drastically streamlined over the Sept.-Dec. period, and almost didnt happen. My father had been hospitalized with a series of infections that would keep in hospital until April 1976. We planned for October, then November, and with Dad's urging we set a Dec. date. Bill was thinking that it might never happen. We cancelled our reception, and gathered as an intimate group of family.

I finished teaching that day at noon, thanks to my fellow teachers who covered my classes for the afternoon. I got my hair done, visited with Dad, and then in the early evening hours was married in the home of my brother Eric. ( that's another story too) Bill and I were married in front of his fireplace and with a mirror in front of us I watched my mother silently cry as her youngest daughter was married without her daddy. Dad and I often joked later about the fact that he missed my birth too because he was ill...strange coincidence. My bridesmaid was my sister Dianne, and Bill Farmer was best man.

Following our wedding ceremony, and light refreshments Bill and I escaped for a honeymoon weekend in the Annapolis Valley....a light snow was falling. Unbeknownst to me my mother was crying because she knew that dad had some major surgery booked for the next morning, which might end his life. She made Bill promise not to tell me, for fear that I would postpone again. Part way through Saturday morning, Bill let the secret be known ( figuring that no one had called with bad news) We quickly packed and returned to Hfx. Dad had indeed pulled through, but would have have four more months of hospital before coming home.

So that's how my life with Bill began. ( Sorry for leaving out the honeymoon details!!) We have now been together for 35 years....some happy, some challenging, some exciting, some same old same!!! We have four wonderful children that bring us much joy, and seven delightful grandchildren ( so far)

As we reach this milestone it has not been without it's tests....many more than I've liked...but all ones that have been points of growth. It is on that note that I feel reflective tonight. Neither Bill or I are near perfect, and our differences have often put strain on our life together, but as marriage partners we made a commitment to each other. That commitement has brought work with it but for anything to progress it takes work and patience.

It hasn't always been easy, but it has been worth it. I am married to a good man. He loves me despite my differences, he has always supported our family, and he is someone that many can count on. He has many strengths that make him the special husband that he is.

Love you Bill, Happy Anniversary.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4th

It's been a long day, and maybe I should head to bed ,rather than write. Somehow I feel impressed tho' to post so I'll post. I'm not sure that the day was really that much longer, but I just don't seem to be handling it well. I'm feeling weary and alone. I cry and I'm not sure why. I'm not in a good place and none of this makes sense.

Today I worked at the Temple. It was the usual peace and calm of my week. I worked with some very dear friends, and I felt good while I was there. I left the building, and it was like a cloud fell over me. Oh, how depressing the world can be. Everybody rushes around, people get short with each other, and peace is so hard to find.

One bright thing tho' was my stop to visit with Aunt May. I have been so clearly blessed to serve her. When I went in her toasty warm house I called out for her. I am always afraid that she won't answer. ( She is 98 yrs. young) Today I found her in the kitchen, hands covered in dough making pork buns.( a Newfie treat) She had a bit too much dough for her small pan and so she sent me looking for a tiny pie plate. It took me a few looks before I found what she wanted and when I asked her where she got the cute little pie pan...she answered...I've had those for 100 years. I looked at her and're lieing to're only 98!!! You have to know that she'd never lie.....she's one of the most honest people that I know. We laughed and hugged together. Before I left she asked me to get her to the bank next week to get her affairs in order before she dies. That kind of hit me in a tender spot, and I've been thinking about how much I will miss her. She's a dear lady!!

Last thought before I move on....tomorrow is my 35th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to me! Maybe I'll reflect more tomorrow.