Sunday, September 30, 2012


I just came in from church. My mind is so full that I knew that I had to record.
So here's why. God spoke to me so many ways. I was greeted by many wonderful people at church. Jerry was grateful for how the Lord teaches through Jerry. ( that's why he survives strokes and so much more) His humble testimony brought tears to my eyes. Many others pierced my soul are a light to many; the Piersons...such humble disciples; our Bishop...such a man of God...loved the scripture you sited Moroni 10:32-33; and so many more.

Sunday school...Taylor's turn to teach and it was so well done. His chart at the end of the lesson was so simple to understand and taught great doctrine. Taylor's testimony spoke to my soul.

Relief Society...we are led by such fine women in the church. Eileen gave a lesson on scripture study and while it gave me moments of feeling inadequate...not moments....longer than also gave me hope.

God spoke to me through these chosen servants....and I appreciated  His speaking to me.

God, Our Heavenly Father loves us deeply. He knows us well, and he is always there. It is through the spirit that He speaks to us and today He spoke loudly. Thank you.

Yesterday, Saturday...I served in the Temple. But again...I came away from this sacred house having been served by many....I love the people who are at the Temple. We walk with angels in the Temple, and the Savior is so very evident there.

You might not know this but I have some deep rooted stresses in my daily life. Most of them I can`t change...but I strive to change me BE more humble, teachable, and patient. Everything in life has a choice to it....I choose to BE positive and to always find that route, when I must choose.

I am a very blessed lady. I was born of the best parents ( and I so miss them), I have wonderful siblings....and such a grand extended family. I was blessed with four wonderful wonderful children....and now I have four more children eternally...the icing on the endless line of beautiful you all.

January 2012
January 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Part three....catching up with 2012

So here we go again...time for another installment...of summer 2012....

AUGUST....the month of great change...It began with our farewells to the Nelsons....I won't pretend to say anything good about that .....well, it will be good in the full scheme of things....but right now I miss them horribly. Jessica just face timed me and I watched her make a pot of macaroni. She is growing up so quickly. I got to see the boys and Georgia. Sarah was off socializing. I guess that I should be thankful for technology...but I do miss them so much!!!!

    They had a great family trip driving to Sask.. They certainly needed that after being separated from Dad for six months. Kathy booked them into some great hotels and they connected most days full of lots of adventure stories.....the pool was always at the top of the list. When they got to Yorkton they still had more hotel living until the house was ready for them...they moved in on the 20th. Here are first photos of their new home.

Welcome to Melrose that front porch
The huge backyard...with ready to pick veggie garden
AUGUST...the month of a beautiful wedding between our Laura and her eternal best friend Jeremy. From June- August there was lots of planning, and conversations from three locations. ( Indeed not an easy way to plan a wedding)  Laura did a fabulous job directing from afar....we sewed bunting banners, table clothes, napkins and so much more.
August 17th...Karen Olivia and I flew to Calgary and the party started!!! We had a few busy, organizing,dinner with cousin Donna and Winston, a wonderful breakfast brunch to honor the bride ( beautifully done by Vanessa, and friends)...and I will have to mention there was also the dress nightmare ( Laura blogged that I'll just post a photo)
The East coast girlies
The almost completed Calgary Temple
Five Guys fun after fun at Ikea
The dress...before....oh the nightmare called Anjelica
AUGUST...the girls road trip to Washington began....despite the many miles it was a fun adventure...especially with Mario at the wheel...
Oh Miss Olivia...such a great traveller
We made good time, and received a wonderful warm welcome from the Dunfords....especially
I got my girl!!!
and I got mine....
It was a busy week of planning, shopping, visiting, organizing, and so much more. It is impossible to ever thank the many many helping hands. June the cake decorator; Sandy, the dress maker miracle worker; the Dunford sisters, wonderful Connie and Barry and so many other friends. It was a bit stressful...pulling everything together.....but it was meant to be and so it all came together and what a glorious wedding it was!! ( Now I could post many photos here....)

what a!
so creative!!!
Love you Daddyo
Thursday more of the family arrived....Dad, Sarah, Michael, Keah and the girls.....Olivia had a visit to the hospital ( bronciolitis),more wedding preps, and a visit to the Temple on Friday, bridesmaids arrived and oh what a busy place the Dunford house became......thank you... thank you Barry and Connie!!!
our cute little patient
I love this playground
I don't want to get off  the trampoline
our daily visit to feed  Jock
Childhood friends
Yummy eats
Love is in the air
Amid the decorations Uncle Jeremy and Finley visit
The girls and Twilight
Family photo at the falls
to be continued

Friday, September 28, 2012

Marching On

I guess that if blogged more regularly I would not run into some of the techno glitches that I on Jackie....

March was a wintery month with lots more birthdays,sleepovers, and family gatherings....
Cooper is Three
WOW....Jacob is eight!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Emmy and Finley

and Piano these piano talents

April welcomed spring...more birthdays, sleepovers and family gatherings. Kathy got to spend Easter in Regina and I had a five day sleepover....

Hike around the frogpond

Love my Fab five

peace and love

cute and growing

Love this photo

I know that we had birthdays....just haven't found the photos

oh so tender!!!

good morning everyone

 Love these guys!!

On to May.....more birthdays and hopefully I'll find the photos soon...more sleepovers, renovations,work at the Temple ( how I love that great work!)
I love the look on Emmys face
Okay if any family read this....I need birthday photos from April and May!!!
Guess that I've been slack in the photo department too..
So June also brought us some LOVEly news when Laura and Jeremy announced their we had wedding on the summer agenda too.
So excited for Laura and Jeremy

July.....Kathy heads back to Regina for graduation, they buy a home in Yorkton ( first posting), Laura visits and we hold a shower, Jacob is Baptized,and the Nelsons pack for their trip west. Lots of tears on my pillow,happy and sad.
Hot July days...crazies in the pool!!

Taking a break......stay tuned...I'm on a roll...I hope


Remembering to Remember

Hi Me and whoever else might read this.....I'm never sure how to begin my post. I usually feel like I owe my blog an apology for  neglecting it. I am sorry...I do neglect this and I really don't do it intentionally. One of my most persistent wishes these days is to be more organized, in all aspects of my life...but it just doesnt seem to be happening enough. ( except when Karen comes and does her magic)

So...I often was heard to whisper that I could hardly wait for September this year when all the stress and drama facing our family would be done. That's a laugh...because September is here ( almost gone) and while stresses of a move ( Kathy and Jeff) and a wedding ( Laura and Jeremy) are both behind us.....other stresses were waiting in line.( nothing quite as dramatic though) It has been quite the year....what a year indeedy.....and I haven't here goes.

January....we were certainly enjoying our sweet little Olivia. Our Christmas gift and oh such a happy baby. All of her cousins adore her and she is such a delightful addition to our family. She's now nine months old and cuter than cute.She is always smiling. She loves to roll everywhere, although last night she did demonstrate some cool crawling !! Karen and Brandon are awesome parents....she's one blessed little girl.

Hi....this is my cool Mommy

I might look silly but I do love this photo
Despite the smiles of Olivia, January had some sad days too as we began a journey of change for Kathy and Jeff. Jeff left for six months in Regina and the beginning of his RCMP career. Six hard months of training for him...and six months of separation from his family. YES...SIX months ( I have a whole new appreciation for careers that send spouses from their family) This also was the beginnings of a tough time for Kathy as she managed her home and five kiddies on her own. It was also the completion of major home renovations..which Kathy and many friends completed during that six month time. The end results were spectacular....Jeff graduated in July and Kathy sold the house the same month...and we know what came next....I tear up still reflecting on this major move within our family. January to July saw lots of sleepovers, playgrounds,family dinners, birthdays....and so much more....

February...birthday(mine)and more sleepovers.....

Me and 5 of my 6 girls....where were you Olivia

My big boys

A winter outing with my big girls

Precious sleepovers

Author note....I'm still having some challenge with the writing on this blog....stay be continued