Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Reflections

Well March may have come in like a lamb outside, and I will say we've had phenomenal weather for March BUT forget the weather....we had more excitement than that in this household. This was the month that Finley Anne and Emmy Jacquelyn decided to make a surprise arrival ( at only 24 weeks of age)....little did this grandma expect to be in on the delivery. Many of you have heard the whole birth story or you will I'm sure through Keah. It was a crazy time but I'm so grateful that we kept Keah in town, and that I was able to be there for her and Michael. I do wish that Mike could have been there instead of me....but I'll be able to tell Emmy and Finley that my Dad missed my birth too...Mike did get there faster than my Dad but that's another story.

What I do want to record is how amazing these little ones are. Despite their tiny size ( 1lb5 and 1lb 4) they are perfectly beautiful little girls....they just have to finish growing on the inside!!! They are now 2weeks old and discovering how much growing there is to still do. I love sitting beside them,watching them, and singing to them. It has been very scary as Emmy has faced many tough days. The nurses said one day that Finley read the NICU manual, and didn't share it with Emmy. Dear Emmy has been such a little fighter though and we're grateful that for today all is stable. Last night our nurse Keltie allowed Mike and Keah to hold Finley...outside of the incubator ( tubes attached) talk about a special night after a very very tough day!!

I'm a wee bit tired tonight but I did want to record a few thoughts...and to also state that I have been deeply touched by so many who have joined us in prayer, and fasting for these two little sweethearts. So many many people have sent words of hope and encouragement, or called and you will never know how much this has meant to us all!!! Yesterday I came home to my sister Julie and her hubby Bill working magic in my, laundry, scrubbing, shining, and cooking. I can never thank her enough for being the dear sister that she is. The meal went with us to the IWK and was deeply enjoyed!!

Summary.....I am one very blessed lady....and I do believe in miracles. God does hear our prayers and He sends many to be my strength.

I'll write again soon!!! Thanks

Whoops not finished....I love birthdays and WOW my two precious grandsons had their big days. Cooper is the big ONE...we had a fun family gathering for him...oh how I love family times. Today we celebrated with Legoman Jacob.....still my gentle little giant!!! He is just the sweetest six year old that you would want to meet. Another family gathering with of course cake and ice cream. I am so thankful for the wonderful family that I came from and that I have created....and all the extras that come through so many super relatives. Hooray, FAMILIES ARE FOREVER.