Monday, February 21, 2011

Birds of a Feather

My Laura has me inspired me in another way,
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Hope I win :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Smiles

I love Sundays. Church was the usual spiritual feast. Great talks from the Madsens....all about Homes of Holiness. They are both such great people...we love them all so much. Jess speaks from her heart and you feel it so much. I wish that she lived right here on my street so we could visit and play more often than we do. Her Mom is here visiting and it was great to meet her...two very beautiful ladies.( very beautiful) Justin gave a tremendous talk too. How I wish that Bill could have heard it too. It was a powerful talk to the priesthood, but important for us all to hear. Sunday school was good as always. We talked about the I hope that I can be a better person. Relief Society was taught by Maryann and she did a super job....inspiring us all to serve.
I came home, and shortly after lunch our new Home teachers dropped in and I am very grateful to both of them. Pat and Kent are two young men who have impressed me for many years. They taught with such a sweet and powerful spirit. After they left I went upstairs to my computer and when I opened it up.....I found the following love note. We all need notes like was the icing on my Sunday cake!!

I then headed up to visit with Aunt May. She grows more and more deaf but hesitates to invest in hearing aids.( she's 98 and is saving her money for her funeral) It is sad for me to leave must get sooooo lonesome. I hope that I don't come to my old age and find myself alone.

After a short visit I drove off to pick up my VT pal, Joan and we went off to visit teach Maryann...what a wonderful day of teaching and service. I came home to a yummy dinner prepared by Bill and now I'm hanging out with Laura preparing for the arrival of Jennifer and Colston. We're in for a great week, and we're all excited to meet them both.

In the words of someone that I admire a lot....LOVE AND PEACE.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pat a Cake...Pat a Cake

Just had to try to post this video. I often like to play Pat a Cake with the girls. Emmy especially lights up when I hold her little hands. This week when I visited ,Keah said...Just start saying Pat-a Cake....this was my delightful surprise from Emmy.....she's such a darling!!


I mentioned in the other post of today that I have been working on some sewing projects. The first one is a quilt that when finished should resemble a bookcase. It's a great way to use up lots of little pieces of fabric...

My five rows of books...still need to do lots of border work

This is the finished a book

This is reversible table runner that I made for my sister. This golds, black and green has a harvest print...appropriate for Thanksgiving.... she celebrates two Thanksgivings

This is the other side...abit Christmasy by colors...but the fabric is a Mary Engelbret which is a favorite of my sisters.

I loved this print and colors together......and she did too!!!

Busy week

So it's Saturday already again, and that last week seems to have been a blink. The children were out of school for the February break. Canada Winter Games began, and we celebrated with a double sleepover. ( Double as in two days) I'm not great with large sleepovers, so I limit the occupancy to two children at a time. I had some special ideas in mind, so Jessica and Sarah were picked to come. They stayed over on Monday after Sarah's dentist appointment. She's been having her share of dental woes, so the sleepover was a good diversion. After the rest of the Nelsons went home we headed off to the fabric store. The girls each picked some fleece to make a personal blanket, and then we headed to the pattern books to find a doll clothes pattern for their Bitty Babies. We had lots of great chatter while we cut and sewed, and got the blankets finished on Monday night. They also picked fabric from my stash for the clothes. They also got the fun job of cutting out the patterns. We made doll pants, and then at sewing at the church the next day, I got the tops made. We finished the night off with a movie, which neither made it through......yawn.

Jessica's Penguin blanket

Sarah's Teddy bear patchwork blanket

Blankets and pants

Bedtime babies

Sleeping Beauties
After a good night's sleep ( Mon.), we went for an early morning swim. The girls had brought their snorkel gear, and they had a great time. We then headed to the church to finish some sewing with my sewing group. The girls were anxious though to get going.....for part two of the sleepover.....on to Bridgewater and time with their cousins, Finley and Emmy. They loved playing with the girls,feeding them, reading to them, and just being with them.

Watching some TV together

Early morning reading.....Emmy was still sleeping

Chilling with a sleepy Dad

Outside for some sledding time

Glad to give Uncle Mike a push
Toes are so fascinating

Toes in my nose???

Lots of smiles from this Happy Girl

Cousins...Big and small...oldest and youngest

More book time...such great readers and listeners
So that was the beginning of the week. In between I did more sewing ( and if I can figure it out I'll post my latest project) I attended my weekly WW meeting and am feeling great success in this area, as I hit my 10lb loss. Good to be heading in the right direction. To end the week, I had agreed to see a movie with Laura and Karen.Talk about going back in the past.....I felt like I was sixteen again.....we saw the Never Say Never movie about Canadian Singer Justin Bieber. What a very talented young man, and a great story. We all left with Bieber Fever!! Loved the movie and the time with the girls.

The girls all pumped up.

Isn't he a cutie!!
So here it is Saturday again. I'm back at some sewing, a cool new quilt.....and I have some great books to read.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Been a Nice Day

Well this has been a first for me.....well not really a first...but let's just say a first in a long time. I've had a very 'ME' day. The Temple is closed for maintenance so I was able to sleep in today and when I did wake up I decided to read for thing I knew it was 10am and I hadn't even had breakfast! I did a little bit of computer stuff....then typed up the church bulletin ( my one responsible thing today). After a quick trip to the chapel I decided to start working on some Valentines for the kiddies at church. ( they like to visit the library to get stickers.)

Blue puppies for the boys

Kittens for the girls

The insides are all different

Then I started to working on a quilting's still in the working stages.....

Side A

Side B...yes it is reversible

While I sewed, I watched a video that Karen created for me. She has made these for the past few years and they just get better and better each year. The video is photos, and video clips of our family put to music. It is amazing and it reminds me all the more of how blessed I am.

The Beautiful case

Precious photos

such grand memories

treasures indeed


Then Karen ends it with the following.....I couldn't say it better.

sorry...clipped it here....

That is so true!!

Families are Forever
Thank goodness!!

It's been a nice day .

Farewell for now

Yesterday I attended the funeral for a two year old named Ian. He is the twin brother of Evan,and they are neighbors of mine. Ian died a little over a week ago. His parents,Louis and Megan have been understandably in deep grief at Ian's passing.

I felt that I needed to post about this event in my life for several reasons. One to say one last farewell to a precious little boy who had such a short journey here on earth. We will all miss Ian. Secondly, to acknowledge the grief of all parents who have a child die. I cannot begin to fathom the deep sense of such a loss. As people often say...a child shouldn't die before the parent....but that's not always how it works. Third, to affirm to everyone how precious life is and that we should more earnestly strive to be kind and loving to our families and friends. Ian was so deeply loved by all who met him. Life is truly a short journey. Lastly....with my sadness at this experience with little Ian, I once again have been strengthened by the knowledge that the gospel gives me.....there is a plan for each of us, and that there is more than this life. Above all Families are Forever...and I am so grateful to have my family forever.

Despite his short time here on earth....Ian accomplished much. The service began with his father,unfaltering reading the story of young Ian's life. Some highlights from this ( his obituary) said the following; " His favorite sports involved balls-whether they could be kicked,rolled,thrown or carried it did not matter. Favorite pastimes included collecting cars,trains,and dabbling in the culinary arts-he loved his kitchen. Ian's chosen vocation was a race car driver....he loved music and appreciated the piano lessons, at both Grandpa and Grandma's; and at Dave and Crystal's....He loved to help clean up; whether it was potatoes at GG's or grapes at Grandad and Gram's. During adventures in the past year Ian created artwork that hangs on the walls of the most important galleries and refrigerators in the world....he climbed mountains in the Colorado Rockies, dove and swam in the frigid Atlantic, rode a train across the northeast countryside, and mastered his chosen musical instrument- the harmonica.( note here that Ian was born with a cleft palate and had several surgeries to correct this)...Ian gave many pat-pats and toy tosses to his beagle Charlie, who looks for him still. He enjoyed pub-lunches with his Mom, Dad and Evan, and was the undisputed highest jumper in the world.....He made us all better people; was loving and loved, and made friends everywhere he went. He is missed and will be forever missed. 725 and all wonderful" ( I dont understand the last remark but felt that it must be significant and I should include it)

Ian Marc was born Feb.6,2009. I am grateful that I met him along his short journey here on earth.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mental Health

There has been an ad on the TV for the past few weeks featuring an Olympic person ( I forget the sport) but she spoke about her battle with Mental illness. Yesterday was even designated as Mental Health Day in Canada, and so I want to add my two cents.

I think we all have periods, or degrees of Mental Health issues. Mine came several years ago while I was still teaching. I always felt a black cloud hanging over me, waiting to almost suffocate me. I cried a lot and very easily. I usually sluffed it off and blamed some family crisis for it until one day, while sitting in my Dr. office...I just couldn't pretend any longer. I cried and cried that day and told him I just didn't feel like I could fake it much longer. Something very deep rooted was eating me from the inside and I was scared. I had many of the stresses that everyone has, but I just didn't want to handle them any longer. I felt totally unable to......I felt anger,hatred,frustration,unworthiness,unappreciated, and many other adjectives. My wonderful doctor sat with me for some time, calmed me, and then proceeded to help me see that this was something I could handle, if I'd just let someone help me through it. He also helped me to understand that when the body is experiencing this there is an actual chemical imbalance in the brain...leading to the kind of feelings and thoughts that I was having.

This was so scary but at the same time it felt so good to have someone who was listening to me and who knew what was happening. Starting that week I was given anti-depression meds and I began to visit with a counsellor. Both prescriptions lifted me from one of the deepest holes that I have been in. I still have my moments, and this type of imbalance will be with me indefinitely, but what brought me the cure was that I learned how to recognize triggers, and I learned how to deal better with them. I still cry, but the tears are healthy tears, and my black clouds are just passing now. My attitude has determined my altitude, and I feel so much more in control of who I am.

Why did I write this personal tale.First because I needed it recorded in my blog. Second
because I think that it is nothing to be ashamed of admitting.I also hope that it might serve some good to others who are passing through this passage of life, or who have someone that they love who is struggling. Talk to someone who will listen,talk to someone who can professionally work with you. Lastly pray for the strength to overcome.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9.1951-2011

February 9th. Today is my Birthday and I'm posting some events of sixty years ago. I've always known the story of my birth, but today I actually talked with one of the few people who saw me the day after I was born, my dear Aunt May ( now 98 yrs.young) My mother had been hospitalized for one of those pregnancy stresses...blood pressure I think...and with three kiddies at home..she needed bed rest. Interestingly, she(MOM) chose to have me be born at the old Hfx. Infirmary rather than the Grace Maternity ( all my siblings born there). Anyway.....when my Aunt May and Grandmother Nash arrived to check on mom they received the surprise news. I forgot to mention that Dad was home sick with the flu that day, and the hospital was closed to the general public who had been exposed to the flu. As the two ladies visited with Mom, they her keep calling the baby she. They did not know at this point that I was already in the nursery. They found this strange and when Mom said that she wished that Dad had been able to come meet me...they exclaimed.....You've had the baby!! The nurse thought that the Doctor was calling Dad and vice versa. Dad had not received the word, and as I grew up he used to tease me that my birthday should be Feb.10th...because that's when he got the news ! I don't know much more than that...I kind of wish that I had asked mom more about my birth before she died. I wrote about each of my children on their births...and this year I am going to rewrite those events on their Birthdays!!! So are two of the few photos that I have from my early years.

My Baby picture....probably at6-9 months of age.
I was by all appearances a happy baby. I was the fourth child of Jack and Mary Durnford. Their third daughter. I have two older sisters, Julia and Dianne, and an older brother Eric. I had one other brother born six years after my birth,Glenn. I also have a half brother Jack who I didn't meet until I was 50 years old ( but that's another story) My Grandfather lived with our family, and I do remember being treated by him lots until the baby brother arrived!!!

This photo is a school photo from either grade two or three. The dress was yellow (nylon), as was the bow in my hair. My mother tried to trim my bangs for the photo and I didn't cooperate, thus the crocked spot.

Despite a grand party on Fri past....the party continued on. Keah and the girls were still with us due to a blustery snow day on Tuesday. they almost got to stay again today, but with the arrival of some sun....Bill and I returned them to their home in Bridgewater. We returned home to Karen,Brandon, Laura, Kathy and the kiddies and we had a celebratory pizza dinner, and games time after. It has been nice to be remembered.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still celebrating

I think that this is definitely a Birthday that I'll never forget. I woke up today just still in awe of what my family did last night. Karen took the majority of the photos but today I took a few of my own to remember this event forever. Now Remember...I'm still working on the photo stuff

NOW...anticipate the excitement

FEEL my joy

This was the invite

Here is the announcement

The Book of Remembrances from family and friends

Some photos through my years




Flowers from my neighbors

More decorations

Lovely cards ( Karen and Kathy made)

A sweet box of gift cards

An awesome 'must' read for mothers, grandmothers, kids...really everyone

More beautiful flowers and my birthday Badge

A beautiful Willowtree from a very special friend !
( I love Willowtree)

An original Smores Nativity

My Sisters Pillow

Many many cards....with such beautiful messages....I've read through them several times

Some more good reads....oh how I love to read!!!!

My BEAUTIFUL 'Old' lady shawl
Woven by my talented sister
It looks lovely as a scarf too

My 2010 Family Memories well done!!!

The leftovers of the Two delicious lobsters that I enjoyed today
(I actually shared them)

A sweet sentiment that says it all.......almost

I like the second half......with my crown
I forgot to photo the other said.....
60 looks a 90 year old
So I was full of many exciting things...I can hardly wait to add the people pictures that Karen took.
The last few photos are the day after the party......enjoy
We were all a bit tired
(even if the little sweethearts did sleep in until 8:50ish)

We certainly were still all smiles

Until someones mother fed her green beans!
Not too impressed

Or kept teasing us with farley biscuits

But all in all....we were all feeling the love
and very satisfied!!!!
Watch for more celebrations....still to come.