Friday, August 19, 2011

Climbing the Devil's Tower......this isn't for those with fears of heights

Time to see some more sites, and these past few days have been full of them. Before we head on to Canada Bill wanted to visit the Devil's Tower. ( and I'm glad that we did !!) Apparently it can be seen in the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It is an amazing piece of nature with some interesting legends about it. After parking our van ( still a minority issue) and greeting lots of biker friends....we headed to the mountain. Once again the photos tell the tale.....
                                                      The Devil's Tower Wyoming

                                            Forest Rangers flirting with the bikers

                                                           Here we go folks...come along


                                                      See the scratch marks

                                                      It is all so big
                                      Loooook way up...can you see the climbers

                                                                 Not that way Bill !!!
                                                       Taking a break on our hike

                                                            Magnificent Indeed


                                                            See there are climbers

                                                        Doesn't look tooooo hard!!!

                                                          Here we  go....I think I can
                                                        See me up there
                                     Safely back on the ground...and look more new friends

                                                   Isn't that trike the coolest bike....another bike bug bite

                                                         Chatting with the  forest ranger
                                                Found a field of these little guys
                                              Some new bikes arrive...real choppers!!!!
                                               As we leave this is the line-up coming least a mile +

That's all today folks...we head on into the sunset and a little closer to Canada

In my other life

So if you read my first Westward're waiting for this one. Actually it looks like hardly anyone reads this...but that's's my memory that needs to be recorded!! On we go. We had a great visit at Mount Rushmore. It is such a great sight to do it NO justice...we enjoyed it lots. After a good night sleep we got up to continue on our way. ( note here...Comfort Inns have great free breakfasts)As we loaded the van, still surrounded by bikes....the biker bug bit me.....and here's what I did....

                                               Yes...that's me in my biker 'do-rag'
                                          what a great feel to finally sit on one of these babies
                                              looking pretty good.....I could enjoy one of these
                                                    my first biker friend...Mark
Geared up and ready to go......without me (:

Anyway, I got back in the van and we hit the road....just for a short while as we had some more amazing Rock to go visit...I'll let  the photos tell this next chapter
So here are some of the flat lands all around us and make note...still lots of biker groups on the road

                  Amazing scenery on all sides...and then  we made a stop at a Wyoming information place

  and the bug Steve from California...he was such fun to meet and full of biker.stories

                                                     Photo booth time....they're wild out here

                                                               He needs that cowboy hat now!!

                                                  From the amazing did they do it!!
                                             Wild waters photo booth .....too funny!!!
                                      and then along came John...what a sweetheart!! ( cute too)
                                         of course I'd love a ride with a complete (but cute) stranger!!
                                            Ready to hit the long Bill
                                                   off we go.....what a rush!!!

                                      Darn...he brought me back!!! another photo shoot moment
Oh, yes...we are off to the Devil's Tower....there it will be my next post!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What did you do this summer.....famous back to school question....

The journey westward...or better what two old retirees did in their  free time!!!

 It all began on Friday August 5th....or no really it began several years ago when we sent Laura off to EFY Calgary...and now several years later she has graduated from Dalhousie University and one week later( from Grad) started work at the Foothills Hospital as a CT tech..The van that you see in the first picture is loaded with her rubbermaid containers and is Alberta  bound.

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Border crosssing
We headed off on our journey and made it as far as Bangor the first night. We could have certainly gone farther, but stopped for a visit with Becky Buxton and family.Next photo is one of our Comfort Inn rooms.

What Ben and Jerry's in Freeport
Then we ventured on through New York, and Pennsylvania and the Pocono. This area has many events including NASCAR racing, and if you land there when it's race time this is what your room may look like.....our rest stop sleeping accomodations

Early wake up call .....that's am...Bill wasn't too comfortable!!

                                                   We saw many many sites along the way, miles of highways, freeways, farmlands and big cities

We were also impressed with the multitudes of wind farms.....groups of twenty or more at a time.

One special stop that we made along the way was in Storm Lake Iowa to see our friends,Roy and Michelle Grant and their sweet family of boys. We had a wonderful visit, BBQ, games night, and rest.The boys have grown into fine young men.Here is the youngest, Evan who is an amazing mathematian, and lots of fun playing scrabble, and blurb. We was so friendly, and made us feel so welcome

Here are Tyler and Ryan....all grown up indeed. Tyler just finished some university time and is waiting for his mission call, Ryan is in high school and works with some special needs groups in the summer.

Here are Mom and Dad just before Dad heads of to work at the hospital. Michelle is doing an amazing job raising her family ( and teaches early morning seminary) It was great to visit with them!!!

Continuing on north westernly ( we are really headed for Calgary)...we were warned that we were heading into Sturgis celebrations. ( remember what NASCAR did) You might want to google that word is quite the event for those who enjoy motorcycles.....10,000 plus indeed!!! Here are more scenes along the way... first....corn corn corn....oh how I have such a new appreciation for those in the farming profession....yours is a love of labour indeed and you make our land so beautiful.

We also saw lots of soybean farms coloring the fields in coats of yello...but this on close discovery was actually sunflower plants

and of course there were bales and bales and bales of hay

Bill's buffalo thanks

I couldn't leave out Wall, South Dakota...this drugstore is the best advertised place on the just have to visit there!!!

                                     Bill catching the western he didn't buy the hat

So on to Sturgis...we actually avoided this town on our map, and took the first hotel that we could before Sturgis...Rapid City South Dakota. Bill experienced Buffalo Burgers at Casey's Cafe in Chamberlain SD. After checking in to our hotel, and a yummy dinner at the Pizza Ranch we headed to view Mount Rushmore...a good one for your Bucket List. On the 30 minute drive there we started counting motor least 400 hundred on the way there....and hundreds more in the parking lots when we arrived. Our van looked very out of place.  Back to are a few of my million photos!!!!

                                                          Driving through Keystone

                                                                        almost there
                                                      Entrance to the Rushmore Pavilion
                                                  AMAZING....simply too hard to describe
trying to photo shop my head in that space next to Lincoln

                                                    Happy to be there indeed!!!

                                                                        side profile

More blog to follow.........Jackie becomes a biking Momma!!!