Friday, May 31, 2013

Reflections to remember

Hello blog....I just came from a minor procedure to check my interior ( nothing major so don't ask) but it has again made me reflective. It always amazes me what can be done these days in the field of medicine, and yesterday as I purged my body for this wee test I thought about how nice it would be to purge lots more than my bowels. But then again we are able to do this through prayer and repentance. Just like taking some of the vile drinks that I did for my bowel, it's not always easy to purge some things from our lives....bad habits, weaknesses, doubts, and the like. It was interesting that as I purged yesterday I followed a set of directions that the hospital had given me. They worked like a charm, maybe not a charm, but they did what they were supposed to do. So what about the simple directions that we get to purge other things in our lives. Well I wanted the test to go well so I followed it to the letter......need I say more!! The directions are really so simple, yet we try to do  it our way and we create more tests than we really ever need.

Secondly, I want to continue some catching up. I've on several occasions just copied Laura's posts from her summarize those days...they were wonderful. It was such fun to have both Laura and Jeremy with us. The house was busy with people dropping in, family gatherings, and even a marathon for good measure. Here are my final photos...





                                       THEN A FAMILY AND FRIENDS BBQ






                                                             BLUENOSE MARATHON






Now I should close this, but I'm go to do one more catch up. The weeks that have followed have been somewhat quiet. I've worked at the Temple ( always a winning time), done some visiting, play days with Olivia, put together a quilt,  wished two more grandchildren birthdays ( Jessica 12 and Georgia 6), made a few cards, had a few walks, attended a beautiful wedding( Todd and Samantha), read some books, taught Sunday School, and that's about it for now.
Beautiful and twelve

Cuter than ever and six

Always so grateful for my wonderful family


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today has been a sunshiny day. The sky is blue, the temperature is comfortable and I've done some good things.( and it's only noon hour) After breakfast, a read of my conference issue, and tidying the kitchen, I headed off for a nice hour plus walk. I do enjoy walking, and just observing people as they go about their day. I'm always interested to see who will reply when I randomly say hello to people as I pass. After making it home, I relaxed for a few minutes then headed to my office/craft room. I checked my email/facebook....then pulled out my Sunday school lesson to work on.

Being called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher, confirms to me how well Heavenly Father knows me. He knows that I struggle to be a disciplined scripture reader/ voila...he makes me the teacher. ( lesson to your scriptures more diligently) Anyway, all kidding aside, I do enjoy this calling, and the discipline that it has given me. I'm teaching from the Doctrine and Covenants, an amazing book of latter-day revelation. Last week we learned about the Grand Plan of Salvation. This week we are discussing The Kingdoms of Glory. Section 76 is a key chapter of study, as are 131;132 and 137. Section 76 is loaded with instruction....137 was my favorite. I plan to focus on the Celestial Kingdom ( and why it is not out of our reach) Now the reason that I felt I should post about this is because of the following quote:
  • Elder Bruce R. McConkie:

“What does it mean to be valiant in the testimony of Jesus?

“It is to be courageous and bold; to use all our strength, energy, and ability in the warfare with the world; to fight the good fight of faith. … The great cornerstone of valiance in the cause of righteousness is obedience to the whole law of the whole gospel.

To be valiant in the testimony of Jesus is to ‘come unto Christ, and be perfected in him’; it is to deny ourselves ‘of all ungodliness,’ and ‘love God’ with all our ‘might, mind and strength.’ (Moro. 10:32.)

To be valiant in the testimony of Jesus is to believe in Christ and his gospel with unshakable conviction. It is to know of the verity and divinity of the Lord’s work on earth.

“But this is not all. It is more than believing and knowing. We must be doers of the word and not hearers only. It is more than lip service; it is not simply confessing with the mouth the divine Sonship of the Savior. It is obedience and conformity and personal righteousness. …

To be valiant in the testimony of Jesus is to ‘press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.’ It is to ‘endure to the end.’ (2 Ne. 31:20) It is to live our religion, to practice what we preach, to keep the commandments. It is the manifestation of ‘pure religion’ in the lives of men; it is visiting ‘the fatherless and widows in their affliction’ and keeping ourselves ‘unspotted from the world.’ (James 1:27.)

To be valiant in the testimony of Jesus is to bridle our passions, control our appetites, and rise above carnal and evil things. It is to overcome the world as did he who is our prototype and who himself was the most valiant of all our Father’s children. It is to be morally clean, to pay our tithes and offerings, to honor the Sabbath day, to pray with full purpose of heart, to lay our all upon the altar if called upon to do so.

To be valiant in the testimony of Jesus is to take the Lord’s side on every issue. It is to vote as he would vote. It is to think what he thinks, to believe what he believes, to say what he would say and do what he would do in the same situation. It is to have the mind of Christ and be one with him as he is one with his Father” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1974, 45–46; or Ensign, Nov. 1974, 35).

    Having read it several times made me most definitely desire to reflect on how diligent or valiant I am. It spoke to me saying....this is what you need to do. How grateful I am to have read this today. It strengthened me to be a little bit better, and it told me that I am loved. I know that my Heavenly Father blesses me daily with direction to find my way home.
    How grateful I am for his Plan of Happiness for us all.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moving right along....

I'm having one of those 'got to finish it 'nights and while the energy is kind of there, I will add another post. I'm happy to say that I did get the quilt that I'm making sandwiched tonight and that was a huge accomplishment.

Back to the after our way too short a visit in Newfoundland we headed for the Cabot Trail. I must say that I was somewhat reluctant since the fog banks had followed us home from Newfoundland. Fog, and some rain just don't make for many highlights on this amazing part of Cape Breton. However I started on the trail and there was no turning back. I'm now very thankful that we didn't by-pass it as the sun greeted us half way around, and even the fog gave for some picturesque sights. I'll let the photos tell the tale.

The best photographer

The other best this pose if I do say so myself!!!
There's our road

Watched this fog bank roll in


A must stop!!!
The very best chowder ever

I could have licked the was amazing

Music makers...lots of fun

I tried


loved sharing this trip with them


The crazy things that I do

Two Du(r)nfords

silly smiles...they were making fun of me!!!

And there she is


Three fine fellows

Aren't they cute


Love her



At the end of the trail we made a quick visit to the beautiful town of Mabou to visit with Dianne and Bill. Some how we neglected to photograph this stop. They took us on a little tour of the area and showed us where they were moving to within the next few lovely.
From there it was a few more hours of driving , then home sweet home.
So glad that we made this trip...two of the prettiest places in the Maritimes.
Thanks for the adventure, kids