Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Reflections

I was doing some dinner preparations, and decided it was time to take a wee break. First I thought that I should have a power snooze ( really need one), then I thought of a book that I'm trying to finish, then I passed the computer....a few emails rest and no book. I am feeling somewhat reflective though and I'm not sure if I should write or not. You see, I'm feeling abit low and I'm having trouble getting past it. We've been admonished to create 'Homes of Holiness' and I'm having trouble doing this. I try to be peaceful, and thoughtful to those in my home. I even do without things the way that I'd like them, but still everyone gets so short with me. I feel like no one cares to hear how I feel. I always feel like I'm wrong.

There I expressed that...and I really dont want anyone analysing my state of mind...we all have our moments and I guess this one is mine.

Now from the other side of my moody mind....I am quite excited that my cousin in Nfld. was baptized on Friday. My sister Julie and hubby Bill attended and the pictures that she sent me were beautiful. My cousin, also Bill...has truly studied and pondered the gospel for some time...he was very active in the Anglican church, sang in two choirs...and takes this very seriously. His wife and daughter joined sometime ago. It was interesting to see that his Anglican choir came and sang in the program, and his Anglican minister attended.

I am also grateful to have spent Saturday the Temple. Oh how I love being in the Temple. There is just such a sweet peace there. I also have some dear friendships there with the people that I work with.

Today in Relief Society the Sister teaching ( one of my fav.teachers) taught from the recent conference issue. One of the stories that she shared made me really reflect on how blessed my life is....especially because of the Gospel. I feel so fortunate to have been one to have been prepared for the missionaries. Thank you Elder Peel and Elder Barker for being inspired to find me.

That's all for now. Hope if you read this you will reflect on how blessed you are, and that you will be mindful of others.

Friday, November 13, 2009


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I'm not sure how to set up links but go to my page and find her in my blogging friend's just another fun thing about glad that I know her!!! Have fun.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Beautiful Temple

I feel very impressed to write about our Temple. When I joined the church many many years ago no one really taught me much about the Temple. I considered going to the Temple to be married but a variety of circumstances, and my lack of understanding kept me from doing this. Shortly after Michael was born Bill and I made our way to Washington DC and had our marriage sealed, and our son sealed to us. This event became a seed in my understanding of the need for the Temple in my life and the life of my family. It was kind of like having the experience and then finding out what the experience was called.

Now, thirty-two years later I am in awe of the purposes of the Temple, and the great blessings that the Temple affords us all. I am able to attend the Temple every week, sometimes more. EVERYTIME that I attend, I learn something, or better still, I receive inspiration for my life. I have gained so much understanding for why I'm here, and where I'm going. When I study my scriptures they make so much more sense to me, and I value prayer so much more.

It took a long time for this to happen....I don't want others to have the same experience....I couldn't get back to the Temple very often....but my children don't have that problem. I know that many things do get in the way.....but I will suggest to them and anyone who reads this that setting Temple goals will bring many wonderful experiences for you. You can't get these once a year....or every six months....SET a routine time...once a month, every second week. One of my dreams/wishes is to attend the Temple with my children and husband on a regular basis. I also want us to do our geneology better. I don't know how to make this happen....but I needed to state this, to have it on record.

Our Temple was a beautiful gift that we were given here in the Maritimes. Some days that I work there the attendence is very low. That really breaks my heart. The Temple can give you the peace that you seek in your life. There are millions who wait for us to come to the Temple.
I know that the Temple is the best choice that we can make. I know that it is the House of the Lord and He comes to the Temple.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Farewell to October

I changed the calendar the other day and I stopped and thought what happened to 2009....the days just seem to be flying by. Before I let much more time pass I HAVE to post photos of my kidlings at Halloween. They all looked so cute and I loved having them Trick or treat close by!!!Thanks Kathy and Jeff for bringing them over. It was a perfect day for the whole event...very fallish!! So here they random order... Mis Georgia...our fearless lion!!

Followed by our forever princess, Lady Sarah.....

Next is Count the eyes

And then our kindly witch Jessica posing with CM Cooper ask..our chunky monkey!!! He is so darn just want to cuddle him forever!!!

So that was farewell to October.

It was a busy month.....Cooper company, ELLA work contract and the travels that come with it, Temple work, sewing, reading, swimming, sleepovers,....and I know much more....

Now on to November...I'm still doing my D.of Ed. project for two more weeks. I have some doctor's appointments, Christmas planning,more Temple work ( how I love it) and lots more.

Closing reflections on this entry....I'm fighting a little battle with myself. No matter how hard I try I'm losing the battle. I don't really want to talk about it...but it does occupy my mind a lot.

I also want to say that I have had an increase in my faith about prayers....they are heard...I just wish that I was better at remembering this simple truth. I am also very full of gratitude because everyday I have had so many beautiful blessings. I feel so blessed to live in this fine country, to have the precious family that I have,to be loved by many, to have most of my health, freedoms, and sooooo very much more. This is all part of an amazing plan, and I'm grateful to have the truth and knowledge that I do.