Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trying to Remember

Another wonderful swim today in the pool. I had two of the cutest varsity swimmers in the lane next to me, and I felt like I was swimming with dolphins. ( I even told their coach...not the cute part...the dolphin part) as you might know I love to think alot while I swim and today my mind wandered back to the recesses of my childhood memories. Perhaps it was because I had spent last night visiting with one of my favorite cousins, Donna. She was home from Calgary visiting her Mom. Both Donna and her sister make several trips home throughout the year to visit with her. Here we are together after a nice dinner at Athens.

Now back to the pool thoughts. Donna and I are just 13 months different in age. We were close growing up and I was always rewarded with her beautiful hand me down dresses.( and that was a reward...she had lovely dresses) I remember a few high school events with her, and one particular boy that we both liked, some camping trips, and visits at her house. ( my grandmother lived at her house) As I reflected on these few events, it made me ponder other events in my childhood, and quite frankly I don't remember many. So for my posterity here are a few:
  • the schoolyard at my elementary school was divided boys and girls.
  • I don't know who I walked to school with (oops...not memory...but I was wondering...)
  • our neighbors ( Flynns) had a swing set
  • Mike Flynn got hit by a car when he biked down our hill
  • Don Davidson( another neighbor) and I watched Saturday night hockey together and we made Kraft pizza
  • I didn't have many girl neighbors
  • I didn't like the neighbor across the street...he scared me
  • There was a strange looking lady who walked weird and picked up gum off the sidewalk...we always ran when we saw her coming.
  • There was a building close by that regularly blew an air raid siren...and we did nothing
  • I liked to talk to my older people neighbors(Agnes,Ethel,and Mr.Landsburg)
  • There was a boy around the corner named Jackie and he teased me about my name
  • We had two special corner stores...Scots and Munchies ( both on Chebucto Rd) later Potties on Oxford street
  • We wore hats to church...special ones at Easter
  • I shared a bedroom with my two sisters.Julie and I shared the double bed. We had one closet, big enough for nothing
  • Our bedroom was hot all summer, and you guessed freezing in the winter. Heat came up through an opening in the floor and we'd stand over it to get warm enough to head downstairs.
  • My brother Eric broke a bottle ( kicking a ball) in the basement and I ended up with stitches very close to me eye.
  • My Dad didn't like to get up early on Christmas morning ( hangover)
  • Our bathroom was almost as small as my bedroom closet.
  • I had two cats...a ginger colored one named Yogi, and a white one called Endora. I also had a dog called Jip....but not for very long ( not sure why)
  • My brother Eric liked to flick his finger at me...and it bothered me a lot

I took a break there....and it's now a few days later. While sitting in church today I found a photo stuck in my Bible. I don't have hardly any childhood I came home and took a photo of the photo for this post. Today I will finish the post...then I'm going to write to my siblings to see if they can share some memories with me. On to the photo...and my two other childhood photos....

  • This was taken in Francois Newfoundland in the summer of 1961( stamped on the photo.) I would be ten then and while I don't remember much about this photo...I do remember the following:
  • this was the trip that Glenn fell off the ferry boat while we were docked in Burgeo, and Dad rescued him. He was three at the time.
  • I am wearing a skort in this picture...which was a pleated skirt over shorts..all attached..that was the fashion
  • I used to tan well
  • I look pretty skinny....nice to know that I once was.
  • No other recollections about the trip and that chicken in the photo.

This was my only school picture from Elementary school ( Ardmore)
I'm guessing that it might be grade two or three
The dress was a yellow nylon dress.
My mother cut my hair

This is my only baby photo. The full picture has me sitting on  a leather hassock.
I look like a pretty happy baby.( no one remembers their baby days)

Now back to my childhood memory list.....I'm feeling that this is so important to do....I can't get it off of my mind.
  • Nanny Nash stayed with us when Mom and Dad took Grandad to Newfoundland to be buried
  • Mom cooked liver, and I ate it....I might have even liked it.
  • I remember names of school friends from Ardmore...Elizabeth,Jill, Selena,Cathy, Shirley, Dianne,Alan, Rodney,Bobby,Darryl
  • Elizabeth and I got in trouble in grade four during a math test. She mouthed to me...Are you done. I mouthed back yes. She got caught and had her test torn up. She told her mother that I talked too and in the afternoon the teacher, Miss Barringer tore my 100% math test up in front of the whole class.I sure was mad. I wasn't cheating!!!!! Elizabeth grew up to be a teacher like I did, and I saw her not too long ago...we're still friends.
  • My crabby grade five teacher, Miss Harvey got married at Christmas, and after that she was really nice to us all.( she used to strap students if they didn't do their homework....until Christmas)
  • My sixth grade teacher, Miss Wickwire was beautiful and young. She organized square dancing for us and I got to dance with Rodney.He was my first crush.
  • Junior High took me to Westmount school and the Major (J)work class. I did not like this class because almost everyone in the class were kind of nerdy. I really did not feel like I belonged there. It was a three year class for 'smart' kids....guess they needed someone to be the bottom of the class!!
  • I did have some good friends in that class....I walked to school with Carolyn and Rose...other friends were Gloria, Beth, Sharon, Debbie, Dawn, Dianne, Elaine, Gladys,Gerald, Greg, Donnie,Arthur,John, Nancy, a girl with curly hair and glasses. Our main teacher was Miss Clarke, plus we had Mrs. Schneiderman,Mr.Hartling, and some others.
  • I didn't like Miss Clarke...but when I made it to high school I went back and thanked her for teaching me so many good study habits....we are still friends.
  • I made other friends at the school, and hung out with them as much as I Esther, Pat, Mona, Judy, Vicki,Judy L,Linda......I am still friends with them and see them at reunions
  • I got side tracked with all those school memories....perhaps I was so caught up in school ( and I did play some basketball at school) that I wasn't home much!! No it's just my memory.
  • I remember the day that I got my first period...It happened at school and I was wearing my pale blue jumper...and it got one had prepared me for this event...and I was scared beyond. I walked home with my sweater tied around my waist, and I thought that I might be dieing!!
  • My parents took us camping, sometimes to PEI
  • We didn't have a car when I was little
  • We used to make up commercials using foods from the kitchen cupboard
  • Mom bought colored ( pink, yellow, blue,green) bread from the french pastry for our birthdays.She also made peanut butter and banana sandwiches rolled up  and sliced for our parties. We also had rice krispie squares. I don't remember my parties.
  • We bought fish and chips often on Fridays from the Fish and Chip store on Chebucto Rd.
  • My cousins belonged to the Waeg...sometimes they took me with them.
  • I started babysitting when I was around 12....lots for the Flynns. ( they had 10 children)
So my post is getting way too long....but I will revisit these thoughts from time to time. My advice to one and all...WRITE DOWN YOUR MEMORIES.....they won't always be there.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been Busy

So the title tells the tale. I really thought that when I retired I would get bored once in awhile.Well it's been four years and no bored yet!!! Seems like there is always something waiting for me. So lately I've had fun visiting dentists with Laura, baking some new weight watcher recipes, making cards ( myself and with the card club), reading some great books, increasing my activity the pool...1000 M twice  a week, 1500 M three other days, I've ventured into the fitness room a few times, and I use the stationary bike here at home. ( gone over 200km).
I visit teach my three special sisters, and I look in on Aunt May ( frequently).I spend time with grandchildren as much as I'm able...celebrated birthdays for Finley, Emmy and Cooper with Jacob just around the corner.
Do my church callings, and I even taught a Relief Society Lesson last weekend. I continue to volunteer at the Temple, which I love love love!! I do lots of other little things in between, cleaning, know the usual.

I am looking forward to a week in Maine in early April...with Sharon and Linda. I may want to just sleep through the first few days!!! May will follow with Laura's graduation and a trip to Florida with Bill and the Nelson crew. Looking forward to these adventures....Cinderella meets Georgia....a moment to treasure. Of course in the middle of all of that will be the O'Hearon birthdays....34-32-28 and 22!!! Look like good lottery numbers!! Are my children really getting that old!

Last note of the day....the phone rang and I some how got side tracked. I had a great chat with Sharon. Earlier in the day I had a call from Bert telling me that he missed me at the Temple today. That call has been a long time in the making but ever so worth it. Praying for the day when my man returns to the Temple!

As I said...I was side tracked and ended up making the following cards before I remembered my blog!! Oh dear...good think that I retired...can't imagine a day in the classroom again!! I am enjoying  card making....extends my creative juices a bit! I took pictures to remember the latest cards. Blue ones are from last week's lesson with Kathy and the girls. Green ones are from tonight. I'm also posting a before and after of Sarah....she bravely had four baby teeth removed today. She had to be put to sleep to do this and I have never seen baby teeth with roots like these ones. Hope Kathy took a picture of the teeth.( she's still quite frozen in the second one....made tasting some ice cream tricky) All for bike awaits!!

PS...I had a SUPER visit with my friend Jessica and she gave my head a whole new look ( cut) and color. She pampered my eyebrows and has me feeling great. Thanks sweet girl!!!
Also continuing with WW and down about 13 lbs. feels good!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Delicious....with a secret ingredient that slims it down.

I made this cake for my crafty card making friends. It was greatly enjoyed and several asked for the recipe.
I don't normally like sauerkraut....but don't judge it until you tried it!!! Laura has especially enjoyed it, even with her mouth wired shut...she's been sneaking small pieces through a little space. Such a high compliment for me!! Hope that you'll try it.

Dark Chocolate Cake

2C Flour
1 1/3 C Sugar
1 ½ t baking soda
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
( I couldnt find unsweetened..or sweetened...just plain cocoa)
1/2C melted butter
1 ½ C hot water
1 tsp. vanilla
1 C sauerkraut (pureed until smooth)
1 tsp. cocoa

Preheat oven 350 degrees
Coat Bundt pan with cooking spray

Mix together flour, sugar, baking soda and 2/3 C cocoa
Add melted butter, hot water and vanilla. Mix well
Add sauerkraut and blend thoroughly

Pour into pan and bake until tester inserted in center of cake comes out clean…50-55 minutes
Cool cake in pan for 20 min. and then turn out on to baking rack to cool completely
Sprinkle cake with 1 tsp cocoa before slicing.

Don't mention the sauerkraut until it's been tasted !

Charity Never Faileth

Just got in from a great morning of church. Karen was one of the speakers and she did an amazing job. She is just such a talented young lady and I'm proud that she is my daughter. She spoke about Charity Never Faileth and she used quotes from Nov2010 Ensign by Pres. Monson, plus a blog story ( that her sister used in a talk a while back) and she tied them all together so well. The RS Choir sang too today and it was beautiful. Ellisa Fenton did a solo and what a powerful spirit comes through her voice. Adam Thompson also spoke and I love listening to him. He is such a humble man, and his talk was almost the icing on the cake.

The icing actually came in RS, when I got to teach the lesson. The regular teacher called me at 7am, very sick with the flu and asked me to cover for her. I won't mention all the turmoil that this put in my head...just need to say that I'm glad that I did it, and grateful that she asked. ( sorry that she had to be sick) The subject was how could you say I VT her!! Glad that I know who always learnes the most!

I have adopted a new favorite scripture this comes from Philippians4:13....go look it up. It is so true, and it enabled me to teach today.

I actually just want to write about the Savior today. As much as I haven't met him, I do believe that He exists. I love to read of Him and to see pictures that depict Him. He really is such an amazing example of the kind of person that I wish I was. I love seeing Him with children, and that's probably why I love being with children so much. He always looks so happy with them....and I've come to know that feeling so well. He is really someone that I feel like I have met in so many ways. When I am about his work I almost feel Him beside me.As overwhelming as the task often seems, I do hope that I can develop the 'pure love of Christ' is the greatest virtue.

I love being a mother too. I have such wonderful children. They make me so proud, and grateful for the way they have grown. As difficult as it is to see them grow and become adults, and of course leave us, I am very confident in each of them. They have made many wise choices, and they strive to follow the Savior. That gives me such a peace of mind. A mother couldn't ask for much could she!

My heart is full of gratitude today for the abundance of blessings in my life. Besides my children, I am married to a good man who loves me deeply. I had the best parents, and I have very special siblings!! I live in a peaceful country, and there is a beautiful blue sky outside my window today. I can walk safely in my neighborhood, and I have so many opportunities to see the world. I could go on and on.

Lastly, one last lesson that I learned yesterday. As I entered the Temple I was greeted by Brother Webster. I am really getting to know him better since he was called to the Temple Presidency. He has a delightful sense of humor, but I also sense a deep wisdom comes behind that sweet smile. As I entered yesterday he greeted me, asking me how I was. I answered 'Great....I'm here at the Temple....guaranteed to be a great day!' He then looked at me and said...not necessarily....whoa!!!! how so......he said if you have the right attitude...then it will be so very much comes back to the attitude that we carry with us.

Your attitude DOES determine your altitude. ( a favorite quote from my friend Sharon)....she also says....'Fake it 'til you make it!!'

I do believe that we all fake some things to make it through the bumps of life....but when we fine tune our attitude...all things are possible.

That's all for now.....make sure that you read Philippians

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My cup overfloweth

Probably a corny title for this post's late and that's what I was feeling. WOW have my minutes, hours and days been full. Let's see..where to start....
Tuesday.the 8th....pre-op day with the next day

Wednesday surgery, didn't want to leave her that night .

Thursday brought her home ...very swelled up and sore. Mike, Keah, and the girls in town for one year checkup ( a very good checkup) Kathy and the gang joined us for dinner...full house.

Friday running here there and everywhere, plus tending to Laura.

Saturday, Emmy and Finley'd first birthday gathering in Bridgewater. Grand celebration!!!

Sunday church, followed by dinner prep. and return on Mike Keah and girls.(Karen joined us for that meal)

Monday....had Finley to myself for the morning while Emmy went for an extra checkup on some clots. All clear in that area which makes us all smile. Mike and Keah off on a movie date and we had a fun evening with both girls.( even got Finley to bed down in my room for the night.....trying to share the nighttime duties) girls are teething, and not sleeping as well.

Tuesday...  off to Costco, Old Navy and Michaels with Mike Keah and girls. Lots to do in the in between minutes...Cooper's birthday and family gathering early Tues. evening. Georgia and Cooper came home with me for a sleepover, as Kathy had an early morning appt. for Jessica and her root canal.

Wednesday, spent early hours with my sleepover guests, then off to the Temple. A very special day there for my friends, Sharon and Bert Hartling. Ran ( drove ) from there to an eye appt. ( new glasses ordered) Dropped in to check on Aunt May, then home to collapse!!( actually to finish a really good read by Jodi Picolt)

Relaxing evening, making smoothies for Laura and I, working on hospital finger puppets, a little TV, phone time,tidied some cupboards and my craft room...(still looking for a pattern) Running out of steam....enjoy the few photos that I have a few minutes to post!

Need I say room in the cup!!

I must add...I have a very blessed life . An amazing family, extra beautiful grandchildren, terrific friends, and never a dull moment!!

                                                         Sweet dreams!!

PS...Laura reminded me that I should add that sweet Aunt May has been checking on her every day, plus we've( May and I) had some interesting chats regarding the 'nuclears' and disasters in Japan. A lot to take in when you're 98 years young. Nuclear powers were not in her circle of experience. Love my times with Aunt May. Thanks Laura.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...ahhhhhh it's Sunday again

Just home from church and I already need to repent!!
Church was the usual 'all you can eat' feast. Shane Smith blessed his darling little Liam, and gave him a beautiful blessing. Alayna's sweet Charli was also blessed....a double serving of goodness.Testimony meeting followed and for the most part it was very uplifting. I think that my favorite testimony was from Todd Smith. Not sure why....just loved the good feeling that came with it!!
I then headed to the library and it was extremely busy there today. I had a surprise visit from Cory Grinton, and his sister Amanda and that was great. I only got to a few minutes of S.School...but it was still good. I do enjoy the adult class. I endeavored to get to R.Society...but got sidetracked by one of the senior missionaries in our ward. We had a good conversation though, and it was somewhat helpful.
I rushed home to give Laura the car...and she greeted me with lots of excitement about rentals in Calgary. I know that this is her plan, and I'm OKay with that. Of course the practical mother says....well what about a job....and oh the sparks flew. Seems that I always say the wrong things lately. I trust that she's got this well thought through....but I can't help it if the mother juices start to flow....I think that it's more the baby is leaving juices ( no comments needed folks!!!)

So there you go...I apologised, and I've confessed to the blogging world. Life isn't always what we want....
Now on to the rest of the day.....hope I do better.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Guaranteed Good Day

Isn't it nice to know that even before you step out of bed, you're guaranteed a good day. That's what happens to me on Saturdays. I rise early, gather my lunch, and Temple bag and head across the bridge to volunteer at our Temple. I have been doing this for almost four years, and I'm NEVER disappointed. It just doesn't happen. may ask?

Well, the Temple is the Lord's House here on earth. When you walk through the doors, it almost feels like you step into a little taste of Heaven. Everything is in order, clean, and so welcoming. That is especially true of anyone else that works there. It's like a reunion every week with your dearest friends.

I work there from 8am to about 3pm....and the time flies by. The purpose of the Temple is to perform saving ordinances for our family, and to gain further knowledge that we will need after this life. I won't go into details because much of what happens at the Temple is very sacred.....sacred not secret. We believe that our families are eternal, and that through the restored knowledge that we now have....our Families can be Forever. It has brought me great joy to know that my wonderful family  are mine forever. It is also good to know that my ancestors are apart of that eternal link.

In the past ten years Temples have been built in many parts of the world. ( I've lost count...probably close to 150 now) Our church leaders, our prophet wants us to be a Temple going people, because of the great importance of this work.

Within the walls of this great structure the Spirit is so very strong. It reaffirms in me the knowledge that I firmly believe....That we have a Heavenly Father who loves us dearly. We are his children. That we once lived with Him, and that we chose to take this journey here on earth. Coming here was essential in our learning and eternal progression. But HERE is not all that there is....oh no, this is just a short time in our existence. We came here, our lives unfolded....but this is just the beginning.

How do I know this? I know this because God answers prayers, and He answered mine. In these latter days, He once again returned the authority to act in His name. He restored His Priesthood and He provided us with modern revelation through living prophets once again. As a child I always liked to read about Biblical prophets and I questioned many times why we stopped having prophets on the earth. I question that no more, because I have received my own personal witness that prophets are once again on the earth. That means so much to me. The Lord speaks through the prophet, even Thomas S. Monson, and has directed this great work through others before Him.

I am full of gratitude tonight as I write. Yes, this was a guaranteed good day...really it was an awesome day!!
No matter what tests, or trials show up after my work in the Temple, I am all the better prepared to handle them. As an old friend once said...I will still burn my toast!.......Life won't always be perfect....but that's the direction that I strive to focus on.

The answers are there for just have to ask.

Looking forward to Sunday.....another winner of a day!!

PS....On the topic of winners....I am also grateful to have had more success in my weight loss goals. I lost another 2.6lbs, and I'm feeling so much better, and in control. I'm grateful for those who encourage me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blueberries in my soul

I'm not sure quite where I'll go with my blog today but I do feel quite impressed to record. One of my best smiles this week came from a bowl of pureed blueberries, and adorable Emmy and Finley. Keah has done a great job making all of the girls food. They are delightful eaters! Yesterday, before I headed back to Halifax, I stayed to help with the lunch feed. The girls had blueberries for dessert and the pictures say it all....I haven't enjoyed laughing as much in a long time.

Emmy checking things out with her fist...

                                                      She really did eat her bowl full.

Will the stain ever come off!!

She even reached the back of her head with it!!

I do clean up pretty good...thanks for the treat Mommy
It took a bit more to clean me from head to toe!! almost

Now, having shared that, if I could add one other smile it would be Cooper playing in flour...Kathy posted the video on FB....but I'm still abit challenged to post videos. But looking what I did....after posting the block with no pictures...I figured it out and made a successful edit. Here is my darling Cooper

having a ball

                                                     He needs a sandbox!! Video is priceless!!

Now back to some more random thoughts. I went to Bridgewater on Monday and didn't return until Wednesday. It was a great visit and a time for me to clear my head. It's been pulling me down a bit lately, and while I didn't really resolve some things I did come to the conclusion that to gain more peace in my life I have to live that way ( peacefully)....I may talk less about things, separate myself from things that feel negative, have some alone time, and look for truths that will strengthen me and allow me to continue in my quest.

Today I was back in the pool shortly after 8am...I have set a goal to swim at least 1km. each swim....that's 20 lengths...and then I either water run...or just swim a few extra. I'm really no great swimmer, but it gets me in a peaceful place for my head. I think a lot, and organize my day in my head.
Added to my usual things I was thinking today about a talk that I have been asked to give in April. The topic is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This is a huge topic, but it is a wonderful assignment. I find myself very focused on seeing where this plays out in my life, and the discovery is enlightening. I've been especially drawn to the topic of forgiveness, as the Atonement is so all about that. That's a hard one for me, forgiveness, especially when I think that I have been wronged, and why should I have to be forgiving, if it wasn't my fault. I know that I have much to learn on this topic....any comments about it are appreciated.

As I drove from the pool to Weight Watcher meeting, I drove by some signs that indicated that there was road construction ahead. It said that fines double in construction zones, that we would lose a lane, etc.....then all of a sudden it ends....without seeing one worker. So why write about this...I don't know...I just thought about how I anticipated something, the signs were all there, I even adjusted my speed, but nothing!! Don't we often have a lot of anticipation in our lives....then nothing.  I just kept driving, no worse for all the anticipation.

Speaking of Weight watchers....despite some bumps in my week ( those french pastries) I managed to lose another 2.6 lbs. for a total now of 12.6lbs. I'm glad that I have got back on that bandwagon.

Random book thought....I was given the book Annabel for my birthday. Not my favorite read, but the topic intrigues me. It is about a baby born with both gender  traits.. I won't go into the story, but it is apparently based on a true story. The question that troubles me, is why would Heavenly Father allow such a creation?

I think that I have rambled on enough for now. I want to make a card today. ( my newest attempt at talents hidden within!!) If  it works I may post again.
Thanks for checking in on me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to March

So here I am in Bridgewater. I enjoy visiting with Mike, Keah and the girls, and they make me feel very welcome. I try to get down every second week to lend a hand and to visit with them all. This time I came because I needed to have some space. I'm not even sure specifically why, but I felt that I needed this space from many stresses that I feel when I'm at home. I don't really feel like blogging about it right now either. Instead I will post some of the highlights of the past ten days or so....I've had some fun days.
First...a very tired Cooper....too tired to even finish his ice cream

 His head kept bobbing rom side to side.....such a cutie!!!

Then here is Laura as we waited for her friend, Jennifer and Colston to's only 2:30 am....
They finally made it here...
   after...first flight being cancelled because of snow in New Jersey
   after....a not so good hotel stopover
   after...a standby ticket to get them here at 2:30am
   after....their luggage not making it
We had a wonderful visit with these folks...despite the beginning ( the luggage was another story!!!) When it was time to leave another storm cancelled their return flight....and we got to have them for some extra time....good for us, hard for them, as they got rebooked for the next day at ^:30 am...and oh boy that's another story!! They did make it home somehow....these shots are just from that last day. Laura had to work so I got to do the tourist stuff.
       Halifax Harbour
     Theordore tugboat
        Playground fun
       Our sweet Colston all bundled up
                                                             Then on to Bridgewater

            The dancing Mom and Dad.....feeling the love
                 Ready for bed
             Emmy going for the toy...they are both moving so much
                      Finley chilling
              Our Basketball player,,,,she even bounces it
                Getting ready to go for a walk

                     Love the hat

I do have many many great blessings in my life. Sometimes I feel very selfish that I am not content. I know that I am the one who chooses to feel this way, and I have to take each day as it comes. Sometimes I can handle it....sometimes I can't!
Peace and quiet helps.