Monday, January 6, 2014


Do most people develop obsessions during their lifetime?

I was wondering that this morning as I looked at my collection of scissors. I have a lot of scissors and I even have a scissor holder on my desk. I have some that are attached to lanyards to wear around my neck when I sew. I have labelled some with JO....used just for sewing; JOP for paper cutting; my little red ones for cutting sticky tape...and a special pair to remind me of my dear friend Connie ( we bought the same pair when I made my first visit to Washington)  These are just a few.
 Ones on the right are my Connie scissors

Obsession two....ribbon. Oh how I love ribbon. My card making has created this well as paper...stamps....punches.... and so much more.

I used to collect baskets too....but that got really cluttered.



I am building a fine stash of homemade cards, as well as saving any homemade cards that I receive. 


I have a fair stash of fabric. 

I didn't photo the Rubbermaid containers....oh look more ribbon 

My old teaching partner has me collecting snowmen

I probably have a few more....but that's all of my obsession confessions

My second thought today is obituaries.....

I will admit that I have a fascination for reading obituaries. I'm fascinated with how they are written and what information families share. Lately I've been thinking that I might like to write my own obituary. I know that is weird!!!! Truth be known I think it's a cool idea. Now I haven't got it officially all written....but it might go like this

Well everyone....I'm on my way. This journey here on earth ended on  ( insert date). ( I'm debating the age and reason for death part....but it will probably get inserted} My life has been a blast. Highlights to my appearance was the fact that my dad ( Jack Durnford) was ill and didn't know that I had arrived for over 24 hours. I came prematurely. Dad was also ill when I married Dad will probably miss my arrival at the pearly gates. I was born to goodly parents...Jack and Mary Durnford, who I expect to have an amazing reunion with soon. I had five siblings...Jack, Julie, Eric, Dianne and Glenn. They have been great kin. I married Bill O'Hearon in 1975, and then again in 1977. Ask a Mormon why that happened! Speaking of Mormons...while I loved my roles as wife, mother, and teacher....I also treasure my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you want to honor my life at all, forget the flowers, and invite two Mormon missionaries to your home.  They will have a very precious bit of news to share with you!! DO IT

I will miss so many of you...most especially my dear children, Michael, Kathy, Karen and Laura....their spouses...Keah, Jeffrey, Brandon, and Jeremy....and my exceptional grandchildren...Jessica, Sarah, Jacob, Georgia, Cooper, Finley, Emmy, Olivia and the yet unborn. You have made being a mother the most rewarding calling on earth. To quote my amazing mother....Be kind to each other.

That's all for now....See you on the other side!!
( please note revisions may come ...if I don't die first)

So I went to add a photo or two....and discovered a photo obsession....took 47 since grateful for digital I'll insert a few above and then just add the rest....most photographed kid in the neighborhood !!!

 Bedtime snack...we had a back to school sleepover
sneaking in some Downton Abby...obsessed...maybe


 Sleepover movie time...Snow White....she giggled out loud every time that the dwarfs appeared

 Oh the wicked witch!!!
Hooray the prince arrived and the kiss worked

 Monday morning smiles and hugs


Smoothies....good to the last drop 
YES...I am adorable

So is this cute girl in the mirror 



Wasn't true love with Aladdin....just tasting him for the stew pot

Have a wonderful day...and tell your family that you love them

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