Sunday, January 5, 2014


Once upon a time some one told me that I'm one of the 'regulars'. Now they were referring to me being fairly constant at sharing my Testimony at church. I wasn't sure if I had been complimented or what.....but the statement has stayed with me for sometime ( obviously). Today as I sat in church and the time arrived for the sharing of Testimonies ( happens first Sunday of each month) I realized that it was good to be a regular. I can be a regular because I have nurtured my Testimony on a very consistent basis and that has made me a stronger person.

My testimony is very precious to me. As we sang the Sacrament song today ( Upon the Cross at Calvary) I felt such a deep gratitude for the life of the Savior, and what his sacrifice is to me. I don't always have the mind set, or capacity to always understand, but the Spirit has on many occasions, such as with this song, that He loves me and He is my Savior. I needed to share that witness, and I'm glad that I did today.....I'm a regular!!

Looking back on the past few days.....we've had Cooper in hospital with pneumonia, our first real blizzard ( leaving Olivia and Karen with us for two nights), a chilly day at the Temple ( boiler down), then our furnace broke, a lovely dinner and visit with Aunt Julie, Bill, Bert and Sharon at the Haas'. Delicious chowder dinner, a fun game of 99, lovely cake which we turned into a birthday cake, church this morning, a good Sunday School lesson ( first of the Old Testament), inspiring RS.....and a peaceful afternoon ahead of me. Grampy came home from the hospital today.

Last but not least been making more cards and got myself hooked on Downton Abbey.

Card making is so satisfying

Newest Disney Princess....Elsa


 Watching the storm

 Movie watching on a very snowy day

More Cards

Warm cinnamon buns during the storm

Happy Birthday Bert 

 After the storm

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  1. That was quite the storm on Friday :)

    I always enjoy hearing your testimony Jackie, I thought as I was reading this how I wish mine was stronger... I realize I have to share it more to strengthen it... something I plan to work on in 2014 :)