Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1st, 2014

One day gone in the New Year already. I managed to stay awake to welcome in the New Year...all alone ( as usual). I tried to face time the Saskatchewan crew but got no answer. I read for awhile and drifted off to sleep. At 2:30ish am. my phone gave a jingle and I knew that Laura was on her way home from work. We chatted as she walked to her car, and cautiously made her way home through the snowy weather. I should turn off my phone, but I have to confess that most times I don`t mind the wake up because I love to chat with her.

Once she was safely home, and sending me a photo of her late New Years kiss I rolled over and tried to fall asleep. That`s usually not a problem....I read and drift back to sleep. Well, hoping that this isn`t a peek into 2014.....I tossed, I turned, I ached ( my legs), I got up and walked, I put lotion on my feet and legs, I read my scriptures, I prayed, I read some more and finally at about 5:30am I found the world of sleep!!! None the less, I didn`t wake toooo early...9ish.

From there the day went like this:

talk to Bill`s Mom,Lil
pop laundry in
drive to pick up Lil
deliver a pie to Melissa
visit at the hospital with Lil ( Mal`s been there since Saturday)
Return Lil home
visit with Aunt May
return home  and make a late salad lunch
check laundry
make a few phone calls
work on cards while watching Downton Abbey
make dinner for Bill and I
visit with Fraser family
work on more cards, and more DA
chat on line with my wonderful daughters
download some photos and write my first day of 2014 blog.

Here are some photos of today.....

 Cooper.....feel better little man

Neighbor Zack and his family

                              Baby Marlow and Big Brother Julien

 Building up my card stash 


Happy New Year from my blogging inspiration


A challenge that I`m inspired to try !!
Not the most exciting day....but One day done in 2014
Hope that your day was good.
Who kisses and snaps a photo at the same time!!!
Happy New Year

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